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'Any Further Delay Is an Injustice': Given Green Light by Cuomo, Rep. Richard Neal Urged to Request Trump's New York Tax Returns Immediately

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/any-further-delay-injustice-given-green-light-cuomo-rep-richard-neal-urged-request

I’m free to consider the probability that Trump businesses laundered Russian oligarch money; I’m free to accuse him of corruption, until he turns over all his tax returns, Federal and State.
And I’m free to think anything I choose about the Mueller Report until the full report is released…not AG Barr’s redacted version.

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Anybody else seeing a pattern here with democratic committee chairmen?
The new York state assembly did their job (and they should be commended) to hold the president accountable, will the 3 chairmen who can request the taxes, do theirs?

Sadly, no. Edit: Common Dreams - please allow the smileys which are included as an option in the ‘edit box’, through your filters. Please?

Allow me to clarify, I’m assuming from you’re past posts you’re answer is to my second question, if so we’re on the same page. If not, please explain.

Yeah, sorry ReconFire, my answer was a response to your questioning whether the chairmen will do their jobs. I’ve been a bit lazy with using ‘quotes’ lately. I should probably start using them again. ; )

No need to apologize, I thought as much, just making sure I “assumed” correctly.