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Any Generic Democrat Will Do! Poll Shows Unnamed Dem Beats Joe Biden in Beating Trump


Any Generic Democrat Will Do! Poll Shows Unnamed Dem Beats Joe Biden in Beating Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new poll out Wednesday reveals that a generic Democratic candidate has a better chance than former Vice President Joe Biden of beating President Donald Trump.

The new Morning Consult/Politico poll (pdf) shows that if the 2020 election were held today, 44 percent of voters would choose Biden, while 37 percent would pick Trump, giving the former vice president a 7-point edge.


At least Mr. Master Card told the truth!


“Biden, who’s stressed he’s “not Bernie Sanders,” has said he’d announce by January whether or not he’ll be running.”

Thanks, Joe, we already knew that you’re not Bernie Sanders. You’re Hillary, only without the weird burlap outfits. Just go away.


Fact is, once any Dim is named, they’re screwed. They’ve existed as as a “ghost” opposition for decades.


BINGO! Any Democrat that is named, will be selected before they are elected.


And Biden is your current front runner. Tea Cup Democrats–cowering in corners for four decades…


Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?


If anyone in the Obama or Clinton Administration or their families run for POTUS, Trump will be re-elected. I also believe if Oprah runs, Trump will be re-elected.I wish a 3rd party would replace the Senators & Members of Congress & the POTUS.


If the senator from MBNA gets the D nomination, expect the Rs to hammer him about his role in making student loan debt no longer dischargeable through bankruptcy—grossly hypocritical, of course, but they’d be right (and, again of course, for all the wrong reasons). However, no mention will be made by either side of his role in the public trashing of Anita Hill.

We could (please?) be witnessing the last gasps of corporate Ds, of whom Biden is one of the more loathesome.


Joe Biden is the pervert who put the pervert Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.


No he’s really H Clinton in drag. As I always said about Obama after his first year in office, “he’s just a black Bill Clinton”. “Hope and Change”, not so much.


Well at least if Biden runs he probably will be “better” than Kaine, Booker, Coumo, Hickenlooper, Gillibrand or any other of the corporate Dems.


I’m sure the DNC can find a generic Democrat!


Great, another potential nominee that has a lot of baggage (and that includes his work on student loan debt), but has an appearance that doesn’t really match his actual record. He will get strongly critiqued from the left, and that will matter. Biden is the same age as Sanders, so he’s not a young pup. Unlike Sanders though, his support will be from the Clinton types, probably generally older people, and while he might do decently well in some polls or in some primaries, there won’t be a huge groundswell for Biden. Energy behind a candidate is really important. The gap in that regard between Clinton and Sanders was obvious, and it ultimately mattered a lot. We need more than he would be offering on policy. Is he better than lots of other “centrist” Democrats? I guess so. From my vantage point though, and when it comes down to it, I am guessing from the vantage point of others, not nearly enough and not really in step with the times, similar to Obama on policy.


They’ve found worse. They found Joe Lieberman.


He won’t get out of Iowa if past is prologue. And, then NH; the primary schedule will have to be changed.


Funny you should mention that. I remember Slick Willie being touted as the “first black president” because he could blow a few decent notes on a saxophone.

And so it goes…


Who says there’s going to be an election in 2020?


Another distraction from the election this November. Anything to waste time and not get down to work.


There will be an election in 2020.
The question is how rigged it will be.
The one percent will get together and select who would be acceptable to them.