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"Any 'Her' Will Do": Due Process for Boys Like Kavanaugh, But Feinstein Latest Target of Trump's "Lock Her Up" Chant


Under our constitution, states have a lot of power and small, agricultural, more conservative states were given lots of power specifically (the Senate). It’s not just a money thing and what polls say. A lot of people can be for something, but the institutional veto power can outweigh popular demand. It’s why the New Deal was only successful in so far as it did not overtly challenge Jim Crow. So I don’t really think it’s a fair comparison except in the most abstract way, but maybe that was your point?


This is a tactic that Trump uses very well. He whips his base into a frenzy about a public figure they likely know nothing about, we progressives / leftists waste our time talking about this and end up being put into a position where we are defending destructive war-mongers & reactionaries like Fienstein and the Clintons.


…as I said. Nothing abstract about it.


The Feinstein Fiasco is going to cost some Democrats some votes; but she doesn’t care- it’s not going to affect her.


Trump aka POS, can’t stand anyone speaking out against him. Thinnest skin in the world today.


Just say it; There is a political coup being run, and possibly a government one as well.


Post-reconstruction era all over again, when repressive state governments, backed by the Supreme Court, disenfranchised newly freed slaves and undermined labor rights. It’s why I urge all progressives that live in swing states and districts to think hard about the way they vote in November. Voting got pretty hard to do in the South unless you voted the “right way” post-reconstruction.


And her fumbling of Ford’s accusation arguably aided Kavanaugh.


Back in the day, Paul McCartney would shake his head and give a wild scream/shout a few times per song while on stage. I think that was the spark that created the Beatlemania.
Trump’s way of firing up his crowds is to be a smug, disrespectful, emotion pimp.