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Any Hope for a Quick Recovery Off the Table Unless Congress Acts Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/any-hope-quick-recovery-table-unless-congress-acts-now

Problem is no one really has any incentive to do jack right now. A GOP Senate needed the bump before the election, when the Democrats–in their own quest for power–wanted it the least. Now the tables are turned, and Obstructionist Mitch ain’t got any motive to do squat, unless it involves a payback to his masters over liability. Short of that, he’s far more incentivized to let the economy crumble on the watch of a Democrat to set his party up for a full takeover of Congress in the midterms, which will likely happen.

I detest providing liability cover for businesses like Tyson–after all, they were literally deadpool-ing their own employees!

Yet reality says that’s going to be the price of any relief for ordinary people, and if this is the case, the Democrats could charge the moon for what Mitch wants most (and, frankly, a lot of Democrats wouldn’t object to, either).

My solution? Give Mitch what he wants. It’s not like you can’t deal with it later anyway if it goes that poorly. But charge him an arm and a leg for the privilege. A monthly income bump for everyone. Fixed incomes, workers, and the unemployed. As things stand now, the unemployed are making a ton of enemies out there by being the only recipient of any largesse at all, and while this resentment is obviously misplaced, it is serving to make enemies in the working class for unemployment programs in general (which I suspect is the point–to turn people against the very idea of unemployment insurance).

A UBI for immunity. It’s likely the best deal we can get. Our people need it. Our masters want to be protected from court. We can even create a compensation fund for victims of corporate malfeasance that can be handled administratively, in which case the only people screwed are the ambulance chasers.

Put pressure on the pols, people. I work with republicans in my “job” who are terrified of the economic situation out there. The votes for such a package are there in both parties, providing the donor classes get what they crave.


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I don’t disagree with your plan, the only problem being your asking (D) leaders to do something they are very ill-equipped to do, tough negotiating. Since this pandemic started, McConnell has mopped the floor with Nancy so far.
Some how, some way, they will end up with very little for the people, cities, and states, and turtle boy will still end up with corporate protection. Even though it’s badly needed, I have zero faith they would walk away from the table with UBI for the people.

Can we please stop pretending the published employment numbers are accurate, and start calling this situation what it really is, a full blown depression?

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I certainly agree with this, as you know. I just figured I’d try to be a bit more “constructive” this morning…hee hee. It’s probably a result of legislative wrangling for my own cause all week long, so I’m in sort of a horse-trading mode which probably seems out of character for me as a poster.

you doing okay otherwise? we just probably lost an adorable pomeranian to frigging puppy covid, if you can believe that. it’s been a brutal week here.


If our moronic congressfools had any sense they’d see now is the best time ever to right some of the wrongs against the poorest of Americans. Expenses have increased substantially since COVID. A basic income should have been enacted months ago, each month, to those with incomes below a certain threshold. The reality is, our elected officials really don’t care.

And not everyone is feeling the pain. Millions of Americans had the means (and foolishness) to travel by air over the thanksgiving holiday. Black Friday spending hit record levels.

Black Friday hit a new record with consumers spending $9.0 billion, an increase of 21.6% year over year (online sales hit $7.4 billion on Black Friday in 2019), according to Adobe Analytics data. It was the second-largest online spending day in U.S. history, coming in behind Cyber Monday 2019.


I like the idea, just not who would be fighting for it.

Yeah, I’m good. I’ve been staying with a 81 year old family member who fell and broke her leg. She is in the covid high risk group (X3), so I only leave to get groceries. The amount of covidiots here without masks is off the charts, worse than this summer, imagine that. :))
Sorry to hear about the dog, hope your still safe from covid and other problems.


sorry to hear that. we’re pretty sure we’ve had the 'vid at this point. for the dog to get it, one of us had to give it to her. granted, that’s not firm, but I, too, live in a maskless hellhole. it’s pretty impossible to avoid the 'vid here short of barricading ones self inside. for us poor folk, we’re just all assuming we’re getting it, have it, or had it. it’s a losing battle here.

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From Public Citizen:

Percent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID:

Japan: 100% for small businesses; 80% for large firms

Netherlands: Up to 90%

Norway: Up to 90%

Germany: Up to 87%

France: to 84%

Italy: 80%

United Kingdom: Up to 80%

Canada: Up to 75%

United States: 0%

(Via Scott McLarty)

The wealthiest nation in history is the most miserly to its own citizens.

The U.S. ‘government’ has many wars to wage and many corporations to subsidize, so it can’t be bothered helping the very people who make it exist.


Probably the best option. If only we had a real opposition party that wanted to help us. But then, if we did have a real opposition party, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

So, good, creative solution, but not going to happen.

A quick recovery to what? To the way it was before the pandemic? To only 30 million without healthcare coverage versus the 43 million now? To only 34 million people living below the poverty line? Back to only 1.5 million homeless children? Sure, let’s return to our glory days.

fake “UBI” is a sham, just like fake “public option” Truth matters. no new “Like” financial service that could compete with banking or insurance/ loans/commercial retirement/disability/health insurance can be created and those not “existing” (already) in feb 1998 have to be eliminated or reduced in scope if they break the very narrow exceptions that allow them… This the the USA not Scandinavia, we made promises to developing countries to open up, and that is likely WTO law. the “stand still” The emergency in 2010 is now almost ten years behind us so we likely have to dump the ACA because it was likely a protectionist measure, only allowed because of the 2010 emergency. Look at what we promised at G20 in Hangzhou, in 2015, our protectionist measures must end.

Watch what they DO, not what they say.

Thay are also trying to claim that we only have 1 out of 4 children going to bed hungry but it was that years ago before covid, its probably 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 now.

*When people are starving there is so little fat on their bones that their anus becomes permanently open and a hole opens up. Their hip bones rest directly on the ground, there is no more cushioning to sit on as their body eats itself. Their skin becomes incredibly dry and big dark sores open up and become infected as the flesh starts to die from lack of protein. Starvation causes a characteristic dull look in the eyes and the hair becomes reddish gray and lifeless… discolored patches appear on the face which last their entire remaining life. They have to be fed food very slowly so the body can regain its strength or they may die from eating food too fast.

This is my recollection of a first hand account by a friend who survived a famine.

people died by the side of the road and nobody picked them up until the corpse gatherers came. People were eating children and the dead to stay alive.

They would be happy to give people the usual help, eviction negotiations, divorce assistance, homeless shelter, child protective services and adoptions, (churches make huge amounts of money from selling the poors children)

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The only way tot avoid a two year malaise (two years at least) the US government, along with all of the states, need to implement the single largest infrastructure project in human history, making the government the employer of last resort and more directly injecting not only capital in to the market, but the building of an infrastructure that promotes a constant flow of capital in the future. That infrastructure must include high speed Internet to every home in America. A completely carbon neutral society, starting with localizing America’s power grids by placing solar panels and turbines in every neighborhood and expanding geothermal when possible.
Just those two projects alone will take many years, trillions of dollars, and tens of millions of well paid workers to achieve. Add a single payer healthcare system to the mix and this now floundering nation could re establish its place as the worlds leader in technology as well as re invigorate entrepreneurialism to levels never before seen in America.
However, being an American, and knowing Americans intimately, I can tell you those things are just simply not possible in this nation.

Is what you’re suggesting mean that government spending would discriminate against firms and worker from partner countries, that are cheaper?

(I’m not talking about private spending, or of minor amounts of government spending, such as individual small projects, just ones that involve several thousands of dollars or more, I’m talking about
measures affecting trade in services including measures in
respect of
(i) the purchase, payment or use of a service;
(ii) the access to and use of, in connection with the supply of a
service, services which are required to be
offered to the public generally;
(iii) the presence, including commercial presence, of persons for the supply of a service in the territory.

“measure” means any measure by any kind of government, whether in the form of a law, regulation, rule, procedure, decision, administrative action or any other form of governmental powers. and decisions of courts and administrative authorities, but it also covers practices and actions of governments or non-governmental bodies with delegated governmental powers. Examples of measures would include legislation, by-laws of a municipal authority, and rules adopted by professional bodies in respect of professional qualifications and licensing.

Also how would your proposals be compatible with

:black_small_square:* a principle of “technological neutrality” whereby
commitments would extend across all energy sectors regardless of the fuel source or technology, denying regulators the right to distinguish solar from nuclear, wind from coal, or geothermal from fracking;
Rules that reduce states’ sovereignty over energy resources (regardless of measures articles of any kinds elsewhere declaring otherwise) by requiring states to establish free markets for
foreign suppliers of energy related services thereby removing the right to nurture infant industries and ensure domestic economic benefits from exploiting energy resources.

Supranational rules that shift political power over energy and climate policies from people usin their governments for shaping fair and sustainable economies to global corporations using for restricting governments from regulating energy sources, markets, companies, and industry infrastructure?

Are we becoming hostages now?

the Republicans do not want a quick recovery–in fact they are showing they want no recovery at all --why??so they can blame the state of the country on the Democrats again–and since the Democrats are unwilling to make any of the changes that would obviate that blame we will have another Republican as president in 4 years—the Dems just keep being played like old drums by the Republicans–

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