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‘Any of the Journalists Present Could Have Been Arrested’


‘Any of the Journalists Present Could Have Been Arrested’

Reed Lindsey

As residents were evicted from the Oceti Sakowin Camp where they had gathered to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, filmmaker and journalist Reed Lindsay posted this update on the continued assault on the First Amendment faced by independent journalists covering the #NODAPL struggle.


Corporate fascism definitely not compatible with the First Amendment, 'democracy' and a free press. Remember the 'embedded' press during the Gulf War?


Not the death of compassion. Compassion cannot be killed. It lives in all hearts. Those who have hardened their hearts have merely locked it away. There is a key that unlocks it for each of us, different for everyone.


This is what terrorism looks like up close.


This is completely illegal but the cops absolutely love doing this crap. They are the criminals and they need to be exposed. Notice how they covered their cowardly faces while doing this.
Creeps, Criminals, Bullies, Nazis, Organized-corporate-crime == Cops.


"What is the state of our democracy when journalists are arrested for “obstructing government functions” and their cameras are seized “as evidence”?"

Um, your question answers itself.