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Anyone Know This Fascist Clown?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/02/08/anyone-know-fascist-clown


If I were the Dem nominee, I would brand Trump with a nickname that calls out his fakery:

Spray On Don


Spray on Don is good. I like Don the Con. There should be a naming contest.


What the heck is with this guys face.? It looks like he was soaking it in a toilet bowl and the guy before him did not flush.


I’m getting really sick, and tired of seeing that ugly, evil hideous face, around here Fuck Face is the name of lame orange cretin.


Looks like he was in a Three Stooges pie fight and they ran out of lemon meringue so they used orange meringue instead.

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Can you imagine what his soul looks like? Eeew.


My name for Trump would be: AGENT ORANGE.

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Best President Ever!!!

LOL, good one (but next time, I suggest using the “/s” symbol to alert readers to your sarcasm).

Interesting how much Trump hates blacks and yet tries to have fake melatonin. This orange mask is definitely not an improvement on his looks.

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Hi GuildF312S:

LOl, if he has a soul I laughed and laughed, and then remembered that he appears to have no soul. Although, per the photo, he makes a lovely MrsDumpsterfire,

And in this case ‘it’s’ (the orangubrat) poisoning all of us!

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I actually think he looks a lot like his mother in her older years.

Orange Julius Caesar

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Hi wolfess:

On my —yes he does look like his mother and her bouffant hair helmet! : 0

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