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Anything Can Happen


Anything Can Happen

Charles P. Pierce

here’s a lot to be said about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s earthquake of an upset in the Democratic primary to represent the 14th Congressional District of New York. The 28-year-old Democratic Socialist ended the career of Joe Crowley, a 14-year incumbent who was even-money to be the Speaker of a Democratic House one day. It was a stunning demonstration of the energy in the progressive base of the Democratic Party.



Man I hope the Democratic Party Establishment doesn’t corrupt this lovely lady.


Under anything can happen: Ocasio-Cortez is as close as you can get to a perfect progressive Democrat in the U.S. on domestic issues. However, she has been silent on international issues except for Puerto Rico and immigration.

The US. is the largest, most powerful global empire in human history – and the most evil and destructive. As U.S. representative, she must declare where she stands on the empire (of which she is now a formal part), militarism and their relationship to global peace and domestic austerity.

The U.S., its government officials, and its citizens/residents can no longer pretend that Permanent War Against Humanity can be separated from our political-economy and social fabric.


With only the mildest surprise, MSNBC this am was already dowsing progressive fire with claims about the “extreme left” and “free stuff” that the government can’t afford.

Huh, really?

How much imagination does it take to say higher taxes on the wealthy (such as MSNBC execs and hosts) to pay for a fairer, more just and civil society?

As many posters here on CD have said, the US is a center-left country–not center-right as FOX news perpetually claims.


I pray that this Ocasio-Cortez victory is a sign of things to come. It truly is a bright light in an otherwise dark and gloomy political landscape. Will it serve as a wake-up call to the Democratic party establishment, as some have claimed? It should, but I doubt it. If the past is an indicator, it will more likely further entrench corporate Democrats, especially for the upcoming mid-terms. It will take a long time to remove big money, corporate Democrats from power and they’ll fight all the way.

With only a mere four months to go to the midterms, there is no time for the Democratic party to rebrand, itself and even if it tried, it would face a huge credibility gap. More victories for progressives like Ocasio-Cortez, though, could very well have an effect on the party in time for 2020, but even that is remains a long shot. Still, at this point, I’ll take any good news I can get.


I won’t go so far as to say impossible things can happen, but at least this underscores that highly improbable things can.

For some reason, I can’t link directly to photos, but check out the flashback photo from just a few months ago at the top of this thread:

What odds would anyone have given her of accomplishing this back then?


I basically agree with you, but would note that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the rare COURAGE to call Israel’s massacre of Palestinian protesters, including targeted assassinations of reporters and doctors, a “massacre”.

Increasingly people are acknowledging, as President Jimmy Carter has, that America is no longer functioning as a democracy, but as an oligarchy. Things that large majorities want done are not being done, and things that large majorities want not done are being done. This is all due to big money, which has captured the press and the politicians.

Just as the colonists of 1776 revolted against the big money of Britain, Americans today need to revolt against the big money behind Israel. A succinct history of this corruption and its immense ramifications is given in
“War Profiteer Story”


And yet there is an open checkbook (and a non-stop printing press of money) for the military industrial complex and tax cuts (corporate welfare) for the big corporations.


My apologies to Ocasio-Cortez for having said she has been essentially silent on foreign issues/policy. Clearly she hasn’t. For a New Yorker to speak these words without fear in the face of the Zionist lobby is both courageous and a truly progressive thing to do. As with her statements on Yemen. She may be young, but I think I am the impatient one in all this. It’s good to be humbled when you’re wrong.