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AOC and Other Top Progressives Urge Biden—If Elected—to Deny K Street, Wall Street Execs Top Cabinet Posts

But governments that signed trade agreements like GATS also agreed to not let any “measure” - which includes all laws - policies, and even other obligations, violate them. One of the GATS rules is progressive liberalization which means that budget cuts or policy changes that deregulate lock in. So that has the effect of a one way street where they can only make things worse, not better.

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So few people understand what is going on.

They have to deprogram defectors from North Korea. They now have to deprogram Americans.

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Hi Shantiananda:
I thought that HRC and the DNC promised Bernie and then ignored him. I truly believed that they said if he worked with them things would change. Bernie has spent his life working for We the People-----and I truly believe that he’s working with the Squad to keep those great ideas alive. If Biden is a yes, man ike Obama— then I guess someone will whack him and then Harris get her chance to be a We the People supporter----and if she too is another posturing Ioser, --------but America might be over by then. : (

An endless number of years trusting Duopoly politicians will get you that result.

Stardust: Do you really Bernie, a lifelong politician who knows how corrupt the DNC is… is that naive?

Rand –

Right now, as I’m seeing the far right support for Trump, I’m struggling to find a
way to get them to talk – open up.

The world was in love with the idea of the United Nations to guarantee peace in the
world, to limit armies – and to clearly establish Universal Human rights –

but very quickly, Elites controlling government here and too many of our institutions
began to challenge and threaten the United Nations –
Soon there was an assassination – See: Dag Hammarskjold –
This is the only way the right wing can rise anywhere – it’s Mafia style – threat, intimidate,
bully – and in the case of the United Nations withhold funding. Beyond that, try to throw
them out of NYC as GOP did.

When Elites can pay slave wages – it is slavery – and it threatens all labor –
and this has been going on with threats to jobs since immediately after the death of JFK.
First, forcing retirements – until they worked their way to “downsizing” – and mass layoffs.

Why doesn’t LABOR simply unite country by country for the universal benefit of labor –
Borders are one problem – anti-union laws another – languages – locations – but it might
happen one day and I’m sure Elites have a plan ready for that, as well.

What are the working class issues of Trump supporters – I might guess – but don’t really know.

One of the last things that Trump supporters do is respect the left –

I doubt they even understand that if they don’t like liberalism then they don’t like democracy
because it is a liberal concept. And you know … they’ve been taught to think of democracy
as mob rule. Right wing has everything blanketed with propaganda which needs to be undone.

I have been trying to use LABOR as a hook – no Trump supporters have responded as yet.
And I doubt they will. They ignore anything they aren’t familiar with as they fear it – they’ve
been taught to fear anything that might undue their religious beliefs, put them in the way of
the devil. Though it seems their violent thinking often does that for them.
Same as Trump tells them constantly – FAKE NEWS.
And they believe what Trump tells them – or are simply happier hearing it – ?

The present came to be by moving fascism from Germany to American and setting up that
move immediately after Stalingrad when Elites here and internationally realized that their
recruit/Hitler was not going to rule the world for them. Higher up’s in Hitler’s military began
visiting our Pentagon and “making deals.” It’s believed now that Hitler was let go with much
of the GOLD/$$ by the US in betrayal of world justice. (And yet much GOLD was still found.)
Plans for CIA and CIA operations were being drafted by 1943 by Cord Meyer/later CIA.
Plans to first, take over our free press … Mockingbird
Second to bring 200,000 ex-Nazis into the US to found the CIA … Paperclip
Third to allow only right wing governments to rise … Gladio

We likely know about maybe 100 CIA operations – there may have been a thousand.
But very definitely NAZI experimentation continued on here – see MKULTRA
And our government was quickly infiltrated by ex-Nazis –
What followed very quickly was McCarthy Era – based in use of HUAC which was
diverted from its original goal of tracking the Nazi movement here in the US to
purging all liberals from government.
Cold War

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why do we bother with the laws?
why do we care?
why do we go along with the plan?
how deep is the brainwashing?
how come some of us are not effected?
why does the powers that be want to be in power?
why wont the powers that be set us all free?
what words does a person need to hear to stop going along with the plan and start living the life we all know we deserve?
do we know what we deserve?
why wont we unite?
this is the perfect moment.
and the powers that be are taking control back. and we are letting them. why?
why are we not all rent striking?
why are we afraid to not pay our bills and just say no?
why wont we all start doing what we need to do to help each other?
why wont we unite?
what are we missing? they key? to connect us?
why dont we use the social media?

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Hi Shantiananda:
`LOL, Bernie is diffferent than most politicians—and that’s why the Squad and he work so well together. I am sure that Bernie is very aware of the political bizarreness that we have—but remember, Bernie is the first one to remind us that FDR did some impossible things too. I was living in CA at that time, and many of us do believe that Bernie won CA–I was knocking on doors and registering people to vote—and people were excited… I think that the people voted for Bernie—but that the hillary people had the electors…it is really insane that we vote and yet the electors decide--------- : (

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I can only comment on what I read. None of your past comments or accounts are relevant.

Yes, even though I had no use for her, how about Hillary getting an estimated 3 million more votes than Trump in 2016? And here is our nightmare: I would argue that Biden is worse than Hillary!

Hi Elcil:
I think people are waiting for the movie. : )
There was an old movie called NETWORK—and that one got people to thinking and acting.Movies show possibilities and we need those now more than ever.
I think that peopIe are aIso afraid of being fired—especially today with so many lost jobs…but sometimes too, something happens where people have to stand up and demand change—like the murder of George Food, and the lack of care and truth about Breonna Taylor.
I also like YODA as he said “Do or do not, there is no try.” I think that is a very strong point—people see that what happens to others, both good and bad---- sometimes "try’ just seems to be impossible—but that is what is changing as more and more people are seeing possibilities of WHAT IF? Otherwise, people become like the characters in , “Waiting for GODOT.”…they keep saying let’s go…but they never move.

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I get it. I allude to it. Make the media useful again.
Instatwit bookgram friendface connections.
Nobody wants to be the only one to show up.
Parties have to be coordinated.
When? (and) Where?
Who is coming?
Everyone is invited and everyone must show up!
We need to know we are together.
We need to know we have each others back.
We need to be safe.
Springtime in America!

I feel the need to quote a hero of mine.

“Hack the Planet!!”
Cereal Killer-

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Hi Elcil –

When citizens don’t have a higher perspective on government, it is impossible
for them to understand the controls over our lives which “politics” brings –
“Politics is the shadow cast over our people’s government by Elites/wealthy.”

Average people found it very difficult to challenge wealth – they were told it was
based on MERIT –

they found it difficult to question Capitalism as an economic system at one time used
worldwide – what would have been their basic knowledge to do that?

they too often only knew what the press was telling them about Capitalism – and that
it was the opposite of Communism.

The press certainly wasn’t telling the public about the constant failures of Capitalism –
“failures” like the Great Depression Market Crash which further enriched the already wealthy.
How could the public know the details of what happened unless the press told them?

Where would the public have gotten the world view to understand how Capitalism was being
used to steadily move wealth and natural resources into the hands of the rich?

How many even were given enough information to properly understand THE WAR IN SPAIN
as what it truly was – a war against Spain declaring itself as a Republic/a Democracy with
Separation of Church & State and to STOP funding the Catholic Church in Spain. Why?
Because the Catholic Church underpins Elites/wealthy and the peasants in Spain were suffering
for it – and had been protesting against the Catholic Church in Spain for 75 years and more …
until Spain finally responded.

How many kids in their classrooms told that Our Founders had created a democracy here
actually understood that they had actually created an Elite/Patriarchy here for their own benefit?

When Our Founders are presented to youth as striving for “equality for all” where do they get
the information/knowledge to question and challenge that idea – especially if they know that
our Founders saved and supported SLAVERY here for the benefit of themselves and their
fellow Elites?

How often has our press actually challenged our government and its lies?
How often has our press pointed out to the public that the real reason for the CIVIL WAR
was SLAVERY and our Founders support for it?
How often has our press pointed out that the very basis of this nation being divided today is
because Our Founders were engaged in SLAVERY as an economic system as they saw it –

and that GUARANTEED the Civil War which split the nation in half – and still echoes today.

Our press has always been owned by the wealthy –

And Elite lies and propaganda – right wing propaganda – has always worked –


Well said.

Why are some of us resistant to the effects?
A genetic (ab)normality?

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I need to find the magical word or phrase that breaks the spell.


As long as there is money.
Nothing will change.

Star Wars- These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

I am Old Ben Kenobi breaking the spell in such a manner.
Is it working, yet?

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