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AOC, Bernie Sanders to Introduce Resolution Calling 'Existential Threat' of the Climate Crisis an 'Emergency'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/aoc-bernie-sanders-introduce-resolution-calling-existential-threat-climate-crisis


The “immigation problem” is a complete hoax drummed up by conservatives trying to scam the government for tax dollars- border wall, privatized immigration detention facilities, security apparatus.


And it will be met with a collective yawn from most Americans. You see, Americans are just too goddamn stupid to get their heads around their potential extinction.
We see the cheese. We see the trap. We see the giant spring-loaded lever hovering precariously over our heads. We see the crushed skulls of many a dead mouse littering the room. But still we say “Fuck it! We’re hungry now!” and dive right in.
C-Span is playing on the tv. With our last ounce of energy, we use the one eye that wasn’t jettisoned from our head as it was smashed by that large metal bar, and stare at some pretty little Latino girl that appears to be saying something about “global warming.”


Probably won’t get much support in Congress; do you think Nancy and Chuck will support this bill? Not a chance.


This is at the same time that Trumpo the Klown has already stated that he has no intention of working for tougher regulations on the energy cartels because it might hurt their profits. This POS from the “Offal Office” is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. His recklessness and the fantasy world he lives in are absolutely appalling. How can ANYONE take this Orange Pustule seriously when he used his shameless “Trump of July” speech to tell us all about how Gen. George Washington helped win the Revolutionary War by seizing British airports!!!
Thanks to the ineptitude, recklessness, and fact-free bankrupt ideology of this colossal asshole we are now seen as even more of a pariah of a country and an international laughing stock. The French have it right when they teamed up in the background of the attempt to report the U.S. Women’s team victory and yelled out “Fuck Trump” again and again.
Of course, there is no way to break through Trumpo’s egomania. He just dismisses everything that makes him look like the “loser” he really is by claiming that it is all “fake news”. I was hoping that the Epstein sex trafficking scandal would help bring him down but even that I have doubts about. What I do not have any doubts about is that in the early 90’s Trump raped a 14 year old girl at one of Jeff’'s “sex parties”. Trump is truly the most monstrous POS to ever be president. Every day he is there makes me more despairing for our future.


In this 33-page paper (https://www.academia.edu/39328067/A_Road_to_Survival_1) I offer a private-sector “solution” (assuming that there IS one!). The problem is to find entrepreneurs who are “clued-in” about global warming, which MAY be a problem!

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As James Howard Kunstler has said - Americans are not likely to give up on their “Happy Motoring” lifestyles. I’ve noticed that when gas prices go down Americans go out and buy more SUVs. My take on SUV is that it is an acronym for “Stupid Unnecessary Vehicle”. I’ve also noticed that almost every time I see one it only has the driver inside. Our lust affair for these global warming machines on wheels is pathetic.


It is always heartwarming to see true leadership, it’s a damn shame they have so little power. Let’s change that!


An endorsement for Bernie from AOC would be nice. I dont see how a DSA member can fail to see pretty sizeable differences between Warren and Sanders, and it would likely give him a boost. This issue and single payer are the two big issues with me, and there are a bunch of economic issues wrapped up in those two broad issues.


The subject of this article (thread?) is: ‘Existential Threat’ of the Climate Crisis And what Bernie and AOC are trying to do about it.

Hi brucebennett:
Sex scandals/??? Nah—they don’t do a negative thing to any getting elected—Bill Clinton proved that. On the other hand, an Arkansas woman got $800,000 and a nose job out of her Clinton claim----- Sadly, Bill did F**k all of us by getting rid of Glass-Steegall----We need to have a woman president to see what kind of debacle she could get into----aren’t we all tired of the male debacles? Although, you know, I’m still voting for Bernie and Tulsi : ) Ideas for peace and war! : )
Maybe we should have all government workers and CEOs as androids programed to emulate the best and fairest minds that the world has ever produced—maybe that way we would have a real democratic republic Besides these androids would never stray, or have a need for a giant mansion or a need to chase after others for sex and power. I bet they would be unimpressed by money too. I think I would start with a download Nom Chomsky writings , and add some Soujourner Truth for strength , and some Socrates for seeing the world as it could be, but I would leave the religious leaders out only because there might be some prejudice inbred there anyway. I like Solon from ancient Greece too, and maybe some Eleanor Roosevelt too… we could combine man different brain ideas so who would your best American android president be? : )


The mindset of the Donald
is known to none but he,
allowing close around him
only those who do agree,
that such ranting counts as wisdom
where the POTUS is concerned
where nothing now must stop him
from denying all we’ve learned.

That the climate is no longer
our kind supportive friend,
and the planet has a fever
in the blight of humankind,
where our atmosphere is warming
with our growing fevered heat
and is likely to get rid of us
by the storms that we create.

Instead he treads a different path
where fascist seeds are sown,
by consorting so with despots
where brutality is the norm,
and all must heed the ruler’s word
or find themselves in cages,
with the protests of the people
that echo down the ages.

Where oil can have no limit
and coal must be fast burned
to create the wealth entitlement
we are told is ours to earn,
so we must extract and use it all
to make the stuff we need
which must go on forever
for this is the leader’s creed.

And the force that powers nature
must be to man entailed
lending truth to craze’d doctrines
that higher powers will prevail,
to stop sea levels rising
and the Arctic turning green
where our world goes on forever
supplying all we need.

Nothing may be mentioned
of all that threatens us
by those who stand around him
with smiles obsequious ,
as he signs away our living
uncaring of those who die
as our glorious planet
becomes cash based property.

Now the planet that we live on
is now mere real estate
where business and trading
have all care displaced,
with debt the lot of many
in want and direst need
being told that shiny objects
will their children’s children feed.

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Reading comprehension might be something to look into;
In comment to The Guardian , Blumenauer’s office said that the congressman “decided to draft the resolution after Donald Trump declared an emergency at the U.S. border with Mexico so he could pursue building a wall between the two countries.”

And the billionaire class knows we are finally on to them. They are in for a fight for their lives and are using all their weaponry, including an evil president willing to do their bidding.


If this passes, it will be because the R’s have come up with ways to co-opt its intent and turn it toward anti-environmental ends. For example, the “emergency” will be used to justify a give-away to keep coal companies afloat in the form of gov’t $ for allegedly urgent research on sequestration. Or the “emergency” will be used to justify suppression of free speech by methane pipeline opponents since methane is called an essential “bridge fuel.” Etc. My recommendation: Don’t go there.

Get behind Sanders now, forget the others (cabinet?), this guy is the person that will beat the bastard.


That’s because they locked hand in hand with the major polluters, they don’t want to alienate the hands that feed their campaign mouths.

There is a bright side on the food front. I caught this segment on one of the programs on PBS. Check out impossiblefoods.com Be sure and read the science section. I figure if Bill Gates has invested $100 Million it must be a real deal. They say it should be on Grocery Store shelves by year end.

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So accurately concise and illustrative. Thank you.

The Mafia buys the cops, which makes murdering free. Republicans and Trump got CIA Billy Barr running the DOJ so nobody’s is coming after these psychopathic thieves while they burn down the house. Global Warming is going to make Believers. But in America, mass murdering oil thieves are heroes. Everything is upside down. Perhaps this is our destiny to go around turning things right side up. Whatever you call it, we’re not in the game. We don’t count. We’re watching through a window mumbling about our victimization and consequences of our inaction.
JFK was going to change things, release us from our national security state, reduce the military, leave Nam, control the CIA. So, the CIA led by lawyer Dulles put a bullet in his head and the Texas governor Connelly, I think, was also killed because the mob does not leave witnesses. Four bums in the center of the road picking up trash, CIA kill team. Gone. CIA wins. Global Warming, however, can’t spell. We are betrayed. peace.

I got a poem:
Oil Boys
Oil Boys ain’t greasy no mo,
ain’t got no patches,
no po house woes,
Oil Boys ain’t greasy no mo
ain’t wrenchin no cam
ain’t lubin no gear
Oil Boys ain’t drinkin no mo watered down beer
Oil Boys ain’t greasy no mo
cause dey got the shaft dat go down slo

The Trump Administration is criminal. It should be dealt with as criminals who literally are stealing our dreams and aspirations and we should express our discontent. Choose wisely!