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AOC Calls for Ban on Revolving Door as Study Shows Two-Thirds of Recently Departed Lawmakers Now K Street Lobbyists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/aoc-calls-ban-revolving-door-study-shows-two-thirds-recently-departed-lawmakers-now

Hard to port!


AOC has more huevos than any of those sellouts in government. God bless her and protect her from the oligarchy, the system and its useful idiots.


Long enough to rein in Tom Daschle, king of the Dem swamp?


AOC knows this has no chance of passing, as should the voters, but there’s nothing wrong with educating the public about the subject and letting them stew over it. Keep up the great work AOC.


Tom is a senior equity partner at DLA Piper the largest law firm in the world with over 4000 lawyers — most of whom work in DLA’s largest practice “Government Policy” — they write the effin Constitutions of corrupt countries that want a loop-hole heavy Constitution for the UHNWI of the world and their global corporations that these Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE corporate-states use to hide the effin money by the $ trillions!!!

Global ‘Wealth Reform’ is the only answer that will scare the sheet out of the UHNWIs


Tran, you must be a sailor, eh?


He’s at Baker Donelson now, getting his fingers into smearing supporters of universal healthcare.


Ah, the refreshing smell of courage and truth in action.


No, grew up with houseboats on beautiful Midwest lakes and rivers. Wanted to be a Naval Aviator but I wore glasses, so I became a pacifist instead.


This is so very depressing.While in Congress, many sell their souls to corporations, and when they “retire” they get a bigger payday by finding new ways to disempower We the People.
I actually don’t think they should own any military stocks----maybe no stocks , at all , as so many are so untrustworthy already—
NO MORE sell-outs engaging in the selling off of America!


Great work, but I have to say, I really hope the rumors about AOC endorsing Warren are not true and are just more propaganda being leveled against Bernie. Doubly given that Warren could have helped Bernie by endorsing him in 2016 and didn’t.


Way,way, past time the ship turned from starboard!

Holding public office should not be a wealth building position, before, during, or after.


Will persistence in grudge keeping and close mindedness about Warren serve the Country in the next election? I understand the emotional satisfaction in insisting things be “my way” … but where will that attitude lead if you write off every other Democratic candidate because of failing to support Bernie last time.I am
a Bernie supporter.


Hello Eoin Higgins and Everyone, If that passes then I hope that the minimum is similar to a judicial sentence of 25 years to life! Personally I believe that there should never be a job that allows ex lawmakers from becoming a lobbyist. If they desire to become a lobbyist then they need to visit a hotel or motel and stay there.


Hello natureboy, I feel that the term useful idiots is an insulting term. Useless idiots, morons or mentally defective/challenged or something else would be more appropriate to reflect their failure(s) in thinking or if they do think at all?

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How could you conclude I am close minded about Warren, based on what I said? I simply don’t like AOC potentially endorsing her at this time, especially given that she would be doing for Warren what Warren didn’t do for Bernie, and given that it could massively negatively impact Bernie’s campaign. I think that would hurt Bernie and I think he has been instrumental in her getting into politics, which she has said herself. I also don’t understand how you could say I am insisting that things are done “my way”. I simply have an opinion on the matter, which you seem to think is unfair or wrong. I am guessing that if I agreed with you, your opinion wouldn’t be you insisting things were done your way.

Once again, how could you logically conclude I think this way based on what I said? I like Warren, and would prefer that AOC let the process play itself out organically. Do you always argue with other people by putting words in their mouths and attributing ideas to them that they never articulated?


Exactly. I’m not too happy that AOC is even hesitating, but I get it, the mainstream media is casting Bernie as another Kucinich (What’s that make her though?). Bernie brung her to this dance – he’s the one she should be dancing with. I’d be perfectly happy w/a Bernie/Warren ticket, but that means Biden has to exit stage left. Both Bernie and Warren want (and need) AOC’s endorsement, she has, last I heard 2.4 million followers (supporters) on Facebook. Who else in Congress has that? A: No one.

In a perfect world Bernie/Warren win in 2020. Bernie is good for at least four years and may step aside and let Warren lead the ticket in 2024 w/perhaps AOC or another strong progressive as a running mate. But first we’ve got to get Bernie in the White House, just think of all the appointments and cabinet positions he could fill to undo some/much of the damage of the past 50+ years. Warren, if not Bernie’s running mate, would be an excellent replacement for Mnuchin – she could actually be more effective as Secretary of the Treasury.

Note: Warren knows how to talk the talk, but as for walking the walk – I’m not so sure she’d do it, ie, sure larger print and/or reduced to one page credit card rules is nice but it doesn’t put food on the table. Bernie (and AOC) are pushing for real change, not the hopey-changy Obama/Biden/Hillary seem to think is all that’s needed.


I thought you liked EW.