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AOC Holds 'Impromptu Session' for Constituents on Solar Panels at Rikers After Town Hall Event Overflows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/aoc-holds-impromptu-session-constituents-solar-panels-rikers-after-town-hall-event

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Speaker of the House. She isn’t, but she is.


Now we are talking. Lets get a move on.
They may even have room for some wind generators.


Can we please make an exception and start cloning Alexandria Ocaisio-Cortez?


Thank you! This is a great idea for land use. Rikers Island has had an awful history. Changing the land to benefit people is a wonderful idea. I think you should call it the,

“LET THERE BE LIGHT PROJECT.” because shining a light in dark places is wonderful! : )

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez knows no more about Solar Panels than she does about garbage disposals, economics, history, government, civics, geography or any other subject!! Ask her what Solar Panels are made of and how they have to be disposed of after their 25-year life!!! Ask her how many acres 25% of Rikers Island is (she can’t even do simple math)! Ask her how much power each panel can generate and how many she is suggesting to use! Ask her ANYTHING about any statement she makes. She makes the most general statements without knowing ANYTHING about what she says. The general public doesn’t know any more than she does and they believe the crap she spews. It SOUNDS good. She is Don Quixote chasing windmills! She is an IDIOT!!!

Are you an expert on all these subjects? If you say so, I believe you. I will stipulate it is true. In that case, what are you waiting for? She can benefit from your genius. No doubt you are the one to step up to the plate, the universal expert we all have been waiting for on all these subjects, to instruct her and all the rest of us humble ones. She is only a tribune of the people, elected by them to represent our interests. But she knows one scientific fact of which she and I are both equally confident: there is nothing in the laws of physics and chemistry precluding the residents of Newark near Ironbound from breathing air as clean as the residents of The Hamptons. The challenge of making that happen hinges not on the expertise in any of the subjects you mentioned, but in applying them to the political realities under which we are living, and organizing ourselves to make it happen. The latter is precisely her area of expertise.