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AOC Is Right About Pelosi and Schumer

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/17/aoc-right-about-pelosi-and-schumer

This line is getting attention but it’s no different than what AOC has said before. She also followed up by saying there’s no alternative to Pelosi.

-Aaron Maté, actual journalist


This column stinks of LOTE.


This article is propaganda which is designed to protect so-called “progressive democrats”

so that they do not take a stand against the corporate corruption of which they are a part.

AOC and others have increasingly used platitudes to cover over the fact that they are

part of Pelosi’s army of fakes.

There is NO good reason for them to support Pelosi for Speaker when she regularly uses them

to help enable the majority of what the republicans support. When they support Pelosi they

are hurting the country (such as it is a country) and they are reinforcing what they say they oppose.

Jimmy Dore has clearly laid out how they have a chance now to force Pelosi to bring

Medicare for All to a floor vote

while this corrupt, deceitful article is trying to help them stay safely within the corruption and

avoid taking a stand for the benefit of the whole society.

If the so-called “progressive democrats” do not take this opportunity to get a floor vote

on the record - NOT a “voice vote” - then they are no better than Pelosi and her republican allies.

In fact, by not challenging Pelosi, they will be proving that they prefer to be captured by corporatist

dogma and fraud.


Progressives must fight the DP establishment now even if a progressive replacement for Pelosi is not obvious. Now is the last chance for 12 years, thanks to next year’s Republican gerrymandering and the Biden-Harris dynasty which together will give control of the House to Republicans from 2023 through the foreseeable future.


Jimmy Dore says AOC is gaslighting:


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It would be better for America if AOC and other members of the Squad were to lead an exit on mass from the Democratic Party and start a National Workers Party. A political party manned by America’s working classes would out number both the Republican and Democratic Parties combined. Things such as universal health care and education would become more than Socialist dreams. At the same time we could teach
working people not to fear Democratic Socialism!


That is understandable because she and the rest of the so-called progressive caucus

are always denied what they tell us they want by Pelosi.

Now they have a way to turn the tables and put Pelosi (and every congress member)

on the spot. This is good political strategy, but so far, the so-called progressives are making

lame excuses and will not commit to using the only strategic option they have had in years.

Pelosi is a republican corporatist in all but label.

She needs to be put on the spot and, and if she doesn’t get pushed by these supposed progressives

NOW, then they are no better than Pelosi.


I’d like know what con job “Mamabear” pulled on AOC.


If the left wing of the Dem party cannot push for Medicare for All now it will be lost for decades. AOC should have the courage of her convictions and act like an opposition not humbly seek committee posts–which has been the hallmark of social democratic opportunistic sellouts for decades. We are in the middle of a pandemic and M4A has massive support in the country.


I agree! And the only way to make M4A a reality is to abolish the filibuster. That should be an early indicator of how serious Democratic congressional leadership is about “Building Back Better.”


The neoliberalism of the elite in my beloved Democratic Party begat trump. I have to believe that they know that.

I thought that in view of the terrible damage done to our institutions by the outgoing scoundrels, and the challenges in the face of a pandemic, that it wouldn’t be business as usual.

That these extraordinary times would make an extraordinary man out of a very ordinary one. The majority of his cabinet picks would suggest otherwise. I’d hate to think of what such a betrayal will spawn this time, considering what happened last time.


Awesome. Thanks.

Why doesn’t somebody like Pramila Jayapal run for the speakership? She’s been there a little longer than some of the other notable progressives. I don’t see her winning, but it would be interesting to see how many votes she can get.

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AOC Is Right About Pelosi and Schumer

And Jimmy Dore is right about AOC.


This is AOC and the squad desperately trying to deflect from the fact that they are being exposed as fake progressives - they refuse to use the only leverage they might ever have as a caucus to bring medicare for all up for a “yes or no vote”.

Saying Pelosi needs to go isn’t the same as saying you won’t vote for pelosi unless she brings up an M4A vote. And guess what - if you were the real deal, you would put the same test to whoever wants to be the speaker.

Put up or shut up - fake progressives. They lied for your vote and now they carry water for pelosi and schumer.

… and to those who say it will never pass so what’s the point. The point is it might just assuage progressives from believing the squad isn’t full of Shit - if they punt this opportunity, that’s exactly what they are and they will be done…

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I do not know if they begat rump like the saying goes. The underlying parts were there. Sure bummer made it inevitable. But these dems are not an opposition party, unless you are progressive.

Where AOC is on point is the need to elect more progressives, as only two things that matter in American politics is money and votes. Everything else is noise at best.


I actually think that Hoyer and Clyburn need to go before Nancy Pelosi. They’re so old, they’re starting to smell bad.

Did anyone listen to the podcast?

Many of the names I see commenting are our enemies sent to divide us.
The Koch operatives are working overtime on this story.

Use your ears and your mind. Her vocal inflections tell a story.


I enjoyed listening to the episode of Intercepted (my first, to be honest.)
AOC is on from 6:00(ish) - 44:00 and she says stuff about the powers that be, the voters, how congress works inside, wall street connections. All the stuff we talk about here is brought up and aired out.