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AOC Is the Trump-Era Hero We Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/21/aoc-trump-era-hero-we-need


If AOC wanted to lift the great weight she has on her shoulders, she could advocate for direct or liquid democracy by Blockchain secured cellphone voting, the same as our troops overseas use to vote.

AOC is a very intelligent, passionate, and strong person. She is doing is doing great and inspirational work in Congress. However, I think progressives should challenge the notion of heroes. It implies an anti-democratic paradigm of a power structure with one, or a handful of people , leading large masses who defer developing a vision, programs, and actions.

From studies I’ve seen of mass movements they are more likely to be successful when large numbers of people take leadership in the their own ways.

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but that requires effort, sacrifice and commitment. voting every 2 years for saviors is so much easier! /s

I like what AOC is doing, because she speaks for a lot of people who are usually neglected, you know, like the “deplorable,” in the Hillay mind. Or for some, AIPAC is more important than America for Schumer. It’s no wonder Dems lose as the long time in office people don’t seem to have imagination, and excitement and purpose.
Besides, I think many in the party don’t like AOC because they are living as if they are seniors in high school and as AOC is a freshmen, I think they think, she ,“doesn’t know her place,” Which is all pretty crappy thinking for a supposedly democratic republic!


I have to disagree with the comments so far – I don’t think it is appropriate, for any reason, including the news cycle, getting ahead of Trump, push one’s agenda, etc., to obfuscate the nature of a horrid tragedy, or to abuse that tragedy, such as Ocasio-Cortez appears to have done, regarding the holocaust. See the link below. She states, "The United States is running concentration camps on our Southern border … I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that we should not – that ‘never again’ means something…”


Clearly, gassing large numbers of prisoners to death; barbaric experimenting on prisoners medically and otherwise; prisoners sorting through clothing, jewelry, teeth, hair, and shoes of other prisoners killed or soon to be deceased; prisoners digging graves for the dead and throwing hundreds of corpses in, and other untold tragedies, clearly, these horrors are not occurring at our Southern, or any border. Ocasio-Cortez has essentially, horribly, unprofessionally, and unethically, minimized one of the most devastating times in the World, one in which many of our own relatives died as soldiers. I think it is disgraceful, and a comparison unsuitable for a representative in the US. We certainly have much worse, long-term problems, some affecting the World, yet to be resolved – FGM (mutilation); poverty; climate issues; ours and other troops near the current Ebola outbreak; lack of potable water; threats to our freedom of speech and First Amendment rights; a criminal justice system very biased and violent, with innocents being legally put to death; Amazon tree cover disappearing before our eyes; gun violence; drug usage and violence, as well as multiple armed conflicts world-wide, to name a few… What is Ocasio-Cortez doing about any of these?

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I disagree with you. First of all, how many bases do you think a brand new congressperson can cover at one time? Give this young woman more time and you’ll see what a dynamo she is…a leader this benighted country badly needs.

Second of all, AOC used the term “concentration camps,” not “death camps.” Look up the definition of concentration camps—it fits what Dump and the Orange Cabal are doing. They haven’t graduated…yet…to the atrocities of the worst of the Nazis, but the conditions innocent refugees and especially children are being subjected to are horrific, inhumane, dangerous, and already costly in terms of human lives. AOC appropriately says “never again,” a poignant reminder AND warning for mostly somnolent Americans to wake up and try to reclaim their humanity and overdue consistent…consistent…outrage.

If these migrants were living in neighborhoods that got flooded, burned in fires, or devastated in tornadoes, humanitarian brotherhood and assistance would out. But because they’re being demonized by a pathological Dump, Miller, et al., and herded like diseased goats, they’re being treated inhumanely. We still have SOME brakes on the perpetrators in ICE, CBP, etc., but how fragile are those constraints? And the Nazis started at a one, not at a ten. It Can Happen Here. (Aside: the No Mas Muertes group in Arizona…did you see the videos of CBP goons gleefully destroying the jugs of lifesaving water left for the migrants trying to cross the brutal desert…that has cost the lives of over 8000 migrants? Tell me that’s not akin to any Nazi goon.)

I salute AOC for her brains, her courage, her instinctive skill, her vision, and her potential.

I decry the the thin-skinned complainers who attack AOC, for whatever their shallow hypocritical reasons, for semantics instead of “getting it” about her point and activating to do something to rectify a shameful set of behaviors toward vulnerable refugees.

Would you want your kids in any one of these camps, especially separated from you and each other? Would you want them living in those filthy conditions? Deprived of proper food and hygiene products? Injected with psychotropic drugs? Sleeping in crowded cages or on cement floors or on gravel ground? AD NAUSEAM?


The entire point of Ball’s article is being missed by doing the very thing that AOC doesn’t fall for: going on the defense when she is attacked. She takes the offense by using the term, “concentration camps,” the right accuses her of grotesque exaggeration and she doubles down rather than become defensive when attacked from the right.

This is the tactic Trump.effectively uses nonstop and she is beating him at his own game.


My advice for AOC, Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib is that you’re time in DC may be short (hopefully not) so “go for the jugular,” and never, ever back down!! It may be exhausting but for “true” progressives no change will ever come unless the truth is finally told and those who support the “status quo” are challenged at every turn. And I mean challenged on both sides of the aisle.

And in the end, they will be remembered as people of courage hopefully paving the way for others to come forward in the future.


We have all that. And now the USA also runs concentration camps.


Very good commentary, Krystal, on this articulate and inspiring young Congresswoman leader!
I’d love to see AOC as Speaker of the House!


The concentration camps are real. I live in New Mexico right down here where they have those camps. You are very ignorant to say that there is no comparisons. We are locking KIDS in these cages and you say it’s not close. You people who are getting their feelings hurt. Should just be real about what is going on. The JEWISH people got treated in a way that no human being should every I MEAN EVERY be treated. Yet these children are being exposed to the same kind of evil and all you can worry about. You think ACO is out of line with her words. Get the fuck outta here with your BULLSHIT!


Thank you for your thoughts. It’s a tough issue to even talk about … Synonymous with the Holocaust is the term “never again”. Some of the follow-up strategies, such as other articles also referring to the definition of “concentration camp”, appear to be attempts to back-track after the complaints about her original verbiage. These attempts at justification or explanation only encourage further upset because to many, they indeed highlight this incongruity, and further appear to minimize the Holocaust. One can agree that there are issues with the border, or certainly can agree that one has a right to say there are issues in those regards, but frankly, it turns many people off when a very serious time in history is downplayed – and that is what it very understandably looks like to many – in order to make the border situation appear worse than it really is, and/or to further draw attention to that issue (and/or perhaps away from other matters, maybe Trumps efforts with criminal justice??). To mention the two issues as in any way related, is truly an affront to history, to all those victims, prisoners and in cities, and to our WW II soldiers. I also think we have dedicated workers in the US, including many at the border, and I do not believe that any of these people would allow such conditions that could, in any way, legitimately be compared to those horrid times. It should not have been a point of reference, at all … Just as I disagreed with what occurred in Florida after the felon votes were restored (Republicans voted that they had to pay their court costs as well, which many cannot afford), I take issue with a number of other things regarding these border complaints, some of which I mentioned above. A group can divide their interests, so that some work on border concerns, some work on the criminal justice system (a huge problem which thankfully Trump has made progress with and wants to improve – is this a problem for Democrats? I hope not … Work together, offer to help with that? It is an opportunity to make big strides and to push reform in these regards), etc … Frankly, as a Representative of the People, and concerned about the related border issue, these folks should offer to help as much as possible regarding the criminal justice system, something that greatly and severely affects many more people, and all aspects of our society.

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Just curious why her name is being abbreviated rather than written out like anyone else writes their name? I don’t see NP for Nancy Pelosi or KH for Kamala Harris or JN for Jerry Nadler. I also find it a bit disrespect to her as a Latina that people feel the need to shorten/abbreviate her name. If I’m not mistaken, this abbreviation nonsense started with the far-right. They were whining about the authentic way in which she pronounces her name in español and from that point came the initials. Tacky.

" First of all, how many bases do you think a brand new congressperson can cover at one time? "

First, all people in congress are congresspersons, both House and Senate, since the congress consists of both bodies. She’s in the House so she’s Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and can cover many basis at one time, just like the rest of us have to do in our lives and in our jobs. These days it’s called multi-tasking. There’s no need to make excuses for Representatives or Senators. They’re paid well to multi-task, so get on with it as any of the rest of us would be ordered to do in our jobs, otherwise there’s the door and we’ll find someone else who can.

Very rude, but I’ll respond in hopes you learn something. You say cages because they are in areas enclosed with metal grating instead of walls? And what would you then say if they were in rooms (with walls), but no one could see what was gong on, and something horrid happened? What if they were not confined, got into trouble elsewhere, perhaps something horrid, or someone got to them? You would then be yelling louder, and cursing more than you are now … It is not an ideal situation, the kids didn’t ask for this, and it’s not a vacation. I am glad they have a place to go, for whatever reason their family decided to do this… Their parents, or whomever, chose to go to these “concentrated” areas along with thousands of others – but that is not really what Ocasio-Cortez meant – she said “never again” – and I am sure Trump will gladly close them all down, if that’s a problem … As overburdened as our healthcare, health insurance, criminal justice, and other systems are, people with valid, exigent situations will always have refuge here.

We can agree on one thing for sure: there’s no dearth of issues to tackle and educate the American populace about.

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I’d say she IS multi-tasking…very well. You sound as if you don’t like her. Well, I do…very much.
I guess FDR should be insulted? SRK?


Robert, I wouldn’t use your language, but I agree with your points. I’m from the border, too, and the situations are criminal. Furthermore, I can’t support Dump in much of anything…I’m glad he “pulled the Iran bombing at the last minute” if that’s even true, but I sure don’t trust him. I’ve not read any reports on any of the “detention” facilities that sound humane. That crap of holding people under the bridge in El Paso…despicable. The raids scheduled for tomorrow? No parallels as the Third Reich started their plans? Right.

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“Every time I talk to a potential Democratic donor, I get an earful about how terrible AOC is for the party.” ???
You must be talking to Repugnants!