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AOC Slams House Republicans for Spending Their Time Trying to Overturn Trump Loss While 'People Are Starving'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/aoc-slams-house-republicans-spending-their-time-trying-overturn-trump-loss-while


Growing Republican support for Trump’s flailing effort to overturn his election defeat comes amid worsening public health and economic crises that have left tens of millions of people across the U.S. desperate for relief.

Yet Biden and other Corporate Democrats still don’t get it. The Republican party must be crushed, or the country has no chance.


That is the key to understanding the magnitude of this mess.

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lEGCH9_gvE&t=23s

The Hill Rising, Crystal shares a video of Biden illustrating his attitude. At his core, Biden sees himself as Ronald Reagan. The reality is that Reagan’s spirit now inhabits Biden’s body. But ultimately the attitude is one of sparing nothing to help the elites with trillions in bailouts while the unemployed, the evicted, the sick and the poor are seen only as a drag on society whose misfortunes are their own fault despite massive evidence to the contrary. In a nutshell, Biden does not care.


Soulless maggots, prepared to do anything to survive, I might understand and condemn. But the 74 million people that voted to slit their own throats, I will never understand.


The problem is that the policies that would crush the republican party, that is, policies to ensure basic human rights which are immensely popular with the majority of US Americans, those policies will NEVER be implemented by the democrats, who work for the donor class. Hoping for either party to correct this mess is a fool’s errand. The wealthy will never give up their stranglehold on both parties and this country without it being ripped from their grasp by force.


For nearly a half century the Democrats have been letting the GOP get away with ever more egregious crimes with each passing year and are therefore a long way from crushing the GOP.

Unless Biden launches Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice the GOP will become more powerful than they have ever been, the Democratic Party will spiral downward faster than they ever have, and the 1% will get the neofeudal empire they have pursued for so long, at the expense of the 99%.


America stands for nothing except Greed.

I see absolutely nothing to make me proud to be an American.

A Shining City On A Hill, maybe for the Bigoted Reaganites and the Racist Trumpsters.

Charles Dickens was talking about the Republican Party and the Corporate Dems when he created the character of Scrooge.

I hope you Greedy Bastards have a Merry Christmas, especially the Phony Evangelicals who voted for a Philandering Bigot.


By the picture it looks like people are running out of gasoline too. What good is food when you can’t afford gas at the station?

I hope that the people running the food distribution networks allow the drivers to turn their cars off while waiting in parking lots, and then they can be called or waved in when there’s room to load their groceries. Better, have people stay at home where they can stay warm without idling the cars and then they can be called in at the appropriate times to avoid this traffic jam.

No, none of this really solves the hunger problem.


I’m currently designing an oversized baby stroller with a refrigerated false bottom section and an “easy drop” hidden door.


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Now there is no doubt. “Conservatives” are not honorable people with a legitimate philosophy. With the last slate of judicial killings ordered by Trump, supported by the 6 “conservatives” on the Supreme Court, we know we are ruled by homicidal psychopaths (there is a colloquial name for this condition, more apt). You are right about the trials, but we won’t have them, will we? Just have to remember the true essence of the country we live in, when you see our smiling overlords in their red ties and black robes. Run while you still can.


You cannot fix addiction to hatred. It binds them together.


Correction: American Government Represents Greed.

All of us mindless Zombies enable two political parties that promote it.


Parliamentary systems are better than what we have here, at least a group of parties can form a coalition and be heard if no one party gets a majority (the next time Canada has an election, look at all of the parties running candidates). America has been, is, and always will be a two party nation, because our “exceptional” system guarantees it. No other democracy in the world follows our lead. Third parties have never had much of a chance here, and that is unfortunate. But, since stupid can’t be fixed… (oh, wait, that is what revolutions, or better yet, constitutional conventions, are for). Our system of government needs to be scrapped.


While revolution is a good move, a Constitutional Convention in the current environment, would accomplish nothing. Reasonable people from all over the country would be out-shouted by the MAGA crowd.


Ocasio-Cortez feeds on ‘half-thoughts’ in the sense that she criticizes social inequality, global warming, etc., but refuses to say anything about the social and historical conditions that produce these maladies and the political forces responsible. She proposes curing inequality by supporting the Democratic Party, one of the two parties that promoted it. She proposes to attack the wealth of the rich without attacking the social system upon which this wealth is based.



Dickens was even more accurate in the American chapters of his novel Martin Chuzzlewit, which portray typical MAGAts so thoroughly, you’d think he had a time machine.

They were, in fact, based on his actual experiences while travelling in the U.S.


Yes, but to call it a an American, party is a misnomer because the Greedy Old Party is really a fascist cult of treason; for the average American citizen! They need to be destroyed as a legitimate American government party. They are a dinosaur, just like the Whig party of the 1800’s.


More than half of the House GOP caucus has endorsed a likely doomed-to-fail Texas lawsuit seeking to undo the results of the November presidential election.

If those 106 GOP members who are terrified of Trump are not committing treason by endorsing the lawsuit to over turn a legitmate election…THEN I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD CALL IT!


When drumpf and all these republicans that have signed on to this cowardly coup, and that’s exactly what this is, they immediately became and were in violation of their oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Nothing short of demanding that they all immediately resign and face charges of treasonous behavior is acceptable. When these people swore an oath they all agreed to the rules. And just because they see themselves as part of drumpf’s cult does not excuse them from the consequences of their actions. Justice is demanded here!

Further, it has become all too apparent that the most dangerous organization in the world has become aware that there is the real possibility should drumpf end up going to prison where this psychopath belongs, that his cult will collapse and with it their power will go too. Which is why they are willing to fight tooth and nail to stop that from happening. We’re watching a bunch of power crazed junkies realizing they’re about to lose their fix.

And, my one question for all these Americans finding themselves in a fix now, how many of you vote republican?


The rattlesnake entered the lodge of the European invaders in the 1930’s, when FDR allowed a cabal of GOP rich bastards to go free after they plotted to overthrow the government instead of hanging them at dawn, exiling their families, and confiscating their assets. He wasn’t a traitor to his people, but he was to everyone else. He convinced the 1% to throw crumbs to the starving and ready-to-revolt people, just enough to keep them in the trap of hope. And it worked, once he got us into WW2. The SCOTUS ruling in 1937 along with a GOP controlled Congress was dismantling his programs of crumbs leading to another recession.
The GOP was fat and happy during the 1950’s, with corporations being given lots of tax money for various and sundry projects-Interstates, Space Race, Arms Race. Dems were no better in the 60’s.
Now the rattlesnake has multiplied, with a colony of them residing in the lodges of the descendants of the invaders. We have no one to blame except ourselves…