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AOC Slams Lindsey Graham for Comments Akin to '1950s McCarthyism' as Battle Between Progressive Dems and White House Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/15/aoc-slams-lindsey-graham-comments-akin-1950s-mccarthyism-battle-between-progressive


Graham wishes to be Trump’s “lap dog lover boy.”

He has lost his mind seeking approval from where none will come.

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Wait, what? Lindsey Graham still has a soul???
Yeah, naw.
And Lindsey dear, flinging McCarthyite ogga boogga communist boogers is beyond stupid.


Ah, who couldn’t see this coming after the 2018 mid-term election results? I didn’t see the messenger necessarily being Sen. Graham; but the right wing message, it’s been getting louder and clearer by the month.
Whoever requoted, updated and ( properly ) corrected, " the last vestige of a scroundel is not patriotism, it is the first " had the noted Republican members of Congress in mind, here. There are plenty enough Dimocrats who are more than willing to backfill the political death trenches of the young progressives singled out, as well.
The Uniparty Consensus is to take the 5th on this batshit craziness playing out before us? Who knew it would come to this so soon?
The deep doodoo hole is beginning to resemble The Grand Canyon in size and scope. Falling in could mean never getting out, too.
Double " Yikes! " all around, then hide the bottles.

PB, I think you’re onto something. Don’t anyone try to tell me nothing went on in private, maybe private, moments between Roy Cohn and Dump, two incredibly disgusting “men.” Graham vying with Pence …who’s better …at…well, you know… Because of Pence’s right-hand man, no pun intended, Marc Short defending Dump’s racist crap about AOC and colleagues, I looked him up on wiki. Best emetic since salt water…

We need a YUGE can of Raid in DC.

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These are your Bedfellows Ms Pelosi. How Nice you Look Together.
Shall we clap for you as you clapped for the Drumph.

Lie down with dogs get up with fleas. In this case MUCH WORSE.

Bellwethers are Great…Let’s See…
If Lindsey, Pence, Pelosi, Biden, Collins, Romney, Steney, Hannity, & Fox, are for it.

Then By God, I’m Against It.


I think it’s " go golfing with dogs on the weekend, wake up with sand fleas Monday ". But, you’re right.


I think these…these…these…people have some organism A LOT worse than fleas.

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Still waiting for the little alien creature to pop out of someone’s chest.
Then we would at least recognize it as a horror movie, or would that be a whorer movie


Actually sand fleas would be preferable to this group.

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Graham clearly has no soul, & when McCain died he lost whatever conscience he had.

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Sometimes I get paranoid and wonder how the woodwork can hold so many cockroaches AND sycophants and decide that all these heretofore-considered-human-beings are actually being blackmailed and threatened by what’s left of Dump’s mob connections.

As a former student of biology, I’m amazed at how so many bipeds can walk around without losing their balance since they constantly have one hand over their anus…how do they manage?

The Days of Our Lives… As the World Turns…

“I certainly feel a number of these new members of Congress have views that are not consistent with my experience and not consistent with building a strong America,” said Romney.

Says the white guy from a racially homogeneous state!

Nonetheless, Collins added, “the president’s tweet that some members of Congress should go back to the ‘places from which they came’ was way over the line, and he should take that down.”

Yeah Sen. Collins, that’ll teach him!
You better take that tweet down you big bully … or else!!

“This man has lost his damn mind and revealed his soul,” tweeted Glaude.

I’m sorry Mr. Glaude, but Sen. Graham’s mind was always blowin in the wind and he lost his soul after Sen. McCain passed away.

Graham, on Sunday, told Fox Business Channel anchor Maria Bartiromo that the country should not release migrants held on the border in bad—and growing worse—conditions. “I don’t care if they have to stay in these facilities for 400 days,” said Graham.

So says the Chmn. of the Senate Judiciary Cmte. - we don’t need no stinkin’ badges
Due process is for pansies, I’m a rough and tough hard liner - nothing gets past me.
(except for a plethora of high crimes and misdemeanors)

They broke the law before, I know they did, and I know they’ll do it again. We can’t just let 'em go.

Judge, jury, executioner!


He sold his soul. It’s gone.

" A roll in the bunker, also called a sand trap, could dirty your white robes and give you the clap. "
Something like that, mayhaps?

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You’re much closer! Is that a quote from you or someone else?

“This man has lost his damn mind and revealed his soul,” said one commentator of Graham

Oh my…

The comments on Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube of Graham’s vocal diarrhea outbreak were brutal today. Two themes, interesting enough, emerged: people saying that Dump (or mob buddy) has some really good dirt on Graham and is blackmailing him OR that Miss Graham is posturing in her closet. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if those latter cracks were homophobic or just disparaging of Graham staying in the closet instead of being honest about who he is. (It turns out A LOT of people think he’s a closet case.)

Someone or some people in the Rep/Trump party must have some really hot stuff on Lindsey Graham. Other than being blackmailable, nothing else explains the 180-turn undergone by Graham since 2016. It’s entirely likely that many other Rep pols are equally blackmailable, hence equally malleable in their views, equally docile in their support of a “president” set on ending democracy in America and installing himself as dictator in perpetuity.

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Ah, a hero of mine named Calvin Trillin, made me do it.

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