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AOC Smashes The Overton Window


AOC Smashes The Overton Window

Miles Mogulescu

Hillary Clinton, with her focus group-tested moderation, may have failed to break the glass ceiling. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her fearlessness, outspokenness, and mastery of social media has broken another piece of metaphorical glass – The Overton Window -and transformed the terms of acceptable political debate more than any Democratic political figure in recent history.

Regardless of whether or not AOC moves on to a higher office, or is even reelected to her House seat in 2020, she may already be one of the most impactful Democratic office holders in recent memory.



"Progress, not Con-gress."



“AOC Smashes The Overton Window”

Indeed she has. AOC is a breath of fresh air in a room long filled good old boys and stifling smoke, aka Congress.

To keep up the momentum Sanders must win the democratic nomination and hopefully beat Trump (I believe he will). If Biden is selected – little will change, and he is likely to lose to Trump.



AOC has only been on the national scene for a few months and she’s blowing up the status quo. The ideas have been percolating for years, waiting for a mouthpiece. Corporate politicians are headed for extinction. AOC - you go girl!!!



While it is absurd to attribute such a shift in public discourse to a single politician, if any single politician deserves “the credit” for opening the Overton window a lot wider to the left, it is Sanders in his 2016 campaign for the Democratic nomination, with his blunt unapologetic talk of an oligarchy of the billionaire class and a rigged system.

The Sanders campaign, the fiasco of the DNC/Clinton campaign, and the Trump electoral college victory set the stage for a real change in public discussion. And AOC was an organizer for the 2016 Sanders campaign.

Plus it would be accurate to note the origin of the GND was in the Green Party. Lots of work for many years goes into such a “sudden” shift in public dialog. Look at the many years of tireless work by hundreds of activists with National Nurses United and Physicians for a National Health Program, laying the groundwork for Medicare for All.

i just don’t like laying such power to shift public consciousness at the feet of a single individual.



If it’s an honest Democratic nomination process, and an honest national election, President Sanders will be #46.

Of course with an honest process he would have been #45, so we shall see.



You are correct, I believe. Many people that would have voted for Bernie would NOT have voted for Clinton. And so, went for Trump, the extreme candidate. Bernie should capture many of those voters.
On the other hand though, I don’t see any voters switching from Left to Right.



Nailed it.

And while I most definitely applaud the shift in the Overton Window, I caution liberals to pay close attention to how talk on the issues translates into action on the issues.

Let’s for instance, recall that Bernie ended up playing the sheepdog while seeing literally nothing for his efforts. AOC, et al, may find themselves in the same position: Corraling hapless fools into a d-party that’s been moving right and punching left since forever. If that happens, we’ll be moving further from our goals than closer.



If Clinton had even half the of this newcomer Trump would not be prez. She is saying what Obama was afraid to utter a whisper about.



A thousand times better to try and fail than to never try at all. Remember we are on a literal deadline here, incremental just won’t work. Vote for the righties and Corporate America will eat all your meals. Vote for the left and take a chance at a viable future.



Biden is a moron with little intelligence.

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Obama is a coward.



Well, it could be argued that “what Sanders got” from his 2016 campaign, was a major leftward shift in the “mainstream” political dialog in the USA, and the status of early front-runner in the 2020 election. He might not count that as “literally nothing.”



Hi PonyBoy! That’s a wonderful way to phrase it! Thank you! : )

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Why we have the twisted interpretations about the Citizens United case. Hillar Clinton took them to court for this movie. Something worth seeing, considering and keeping in mind, because Citizens United has become weaponized and has taken off like F-35.



The woman is gone- off the map- don’t bring her back.



Obama did what Obama needed to do for Obama. He’s not stupid and he is not and never was a public servant.



Thank you Stardust.



Thanks for the movie, Goat.

It was worth a watch.



Her foundation and the DCC still haven’t received any consequences for their cheating of the 2016 primaries. They are going to do it again, so no she isn’t gone and his story will be repeat itself come next year.