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AOC Smashes The Overton Window


And many of our local dyed in the wool Hillbots just gush at the thought of a Clinton…any Clinton running for POTUS.



Yes, all of that, and I would point out that the long, hard right side of the Overton Window had already been shattered two to two-and-a-half years ago by the election, inauguration, and early actions in office of Donald Trump.

I think the backlash against authoritarianism and corporatism had already begun well before the 2016 election. Even Trump’s most ardent acolytes understand that they’re being screwed and that something has gone seriously wrong with their country, even though most of them are confused about the nature of the problem and who is responsible for it. Trump was a significant response to that backlash, and AOC et al are another, as well as a response to Trump himself and what he is doing.

At bottom, this being tax day, a lot of people got a big shock about his “tax cut,” and about half of them were Trump supporters. A certain wag summarized several of the “Ten Principles of Economics” by the author of a popular introductory textbook as “People are stupid.” Then he summarized the next one as
“But not THAT stupid.”

We are in a state of technical chaos (cf. James Gleick and others), meaning that all bets are off. Now, with the thin left side of the window shattered at least as drastically as the right, there is at least a chance that some of the chaos may fall in our favor.

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EXACTLY!! It’s why Sanders was able to ‘explode’ onto the political scene. The
Overton Window metaphor is an adult version of a child’s bed time story. If you don’t believe in something it will never happen. But Sanders did believe. He took the platform he was able to get and advantaged that by having the audacity to push the issues that are exceedingly important to the population. Not manufactured issues formed through biases and baser instincts. The real progressives like AOC can do it so readily, so freely because they’re not political ‘wonks’, there’s no con jobbing. They know what needs to be done, to be planned what direction has to be taken. And the public can see that. The people can see them as their honest, rational, hard working representatives and not some detached human impersonators. They’re human and they act that way. They have the sense and understanding that the public is quietly screaming for their support. They know the dry tinder has been building and building. It merely takes honest, rational adults to apply the spark. So much of the public is ready to jump out of their skin for this to get rolling. That’s why it’s growing and explosively so. And why the AOCs of society will be embedded in history’s honor roll.



Right on webwalk, Bernie opened up the range of debate and now Tulsi Gabbard and AOC and more are widening and enriching the discussion. Peace dividend now, fair wages, right to union, invest in medicare and education, stop the stupid bases and warmongers. These are the lead candidates. Biden is a baseless grub.



Like they say, “dialog” is cheap.

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You want her to keep counting- then keep talking about her. The DNC needs to stop the superdelegate platform that got this witch to run.



Wonder what drugs they are taking?



I just want to say something here not to anyone in particular but I will say it anyway. Think about this- yes, we progressives hate what has happened to our government policies- but I see posts basically from older people here who are retired or near so.

  1. Did you get up this morning?
  2. Can you walk, see, hear etc?
  3. Do you have people who care about you?
  4. Do you have a roof over your head and food in the fridge?
    If you answered positively to these questions then we are doing better than a lot of people in this country and certainly in the world. Be happy, smile a little, Sometimes I too have fallen into some negative posts and that happens- but also remind yourselves:
    When we were younger- stores were closed on Sundays, and often at night. What happened? We collectively got comfortable.
    What do we really want versus need?
    It’s easy to imagine change or to remember the "old " days as in the song , but now what?
    We barely ( if at all except when there is an attack or a holiday) hear about our soldiers and veterans. What can we do for them?
    Finally, what is our COMMON purpose?
    Advocate for government service to be done by all who are able ( separate from military ) remember what Kennedy and others before him said? Not only will work be done ( such as someone who has a landscaping business contributes his/her time to do work instead of letting our roads and bridges crumble).
    Also, besides your own personal life, how do you want to spend your remaining years?
    Just something to think about. Peace.
    Perhaps especially if you are retired Organize your own CD or groups in your area. Maybe drop off food to food banks. I’ll bet many of you do that now.
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Just go into your efforts knowing who it is you’re up against:



I guess actually doing something beyond goals is still too far outside the Overton Window for the gatekeepers to mention it? Well E-Sharp the gatekeepers.

Off Fossil Fuels Act of Tulsi Gabbard.



I agee with another comment, several political figures have transformed the terms of acceptable political debate. However, we - you and me - merely commenting to articles online or signing petitions online are not supporting those political figures. They cannot do it alone. We, all of us, need to mass in the streets to demand changes to the system. Look at the Algerians, thousands in the streets demanding change. They convinced the military to step aside for a civilian government, and still mass demanding the old politicians resign to make room for a new government.

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The Window has only been inched over a bit; now the wall needs to be broken open so we can relocate the entire window. Civilization can’t survive without massive, immediate and radical changes in energy, agriculture, forestry and industry, and to get them and support the people making them we need to revolutionize democracy, economics and more.

One origin of the Green New Deal was in The Climate Mobilization and the writings of Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins of the Transition Town movement, Ezra Silk, Margaret Klein-Salomon and others who contributed to it. We need to look to the details and suggestions in those iterations of it to move forward.

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Hi theoldgoat: I wanted Bernie for President—and the Hillary was just scary and so arrogant. How the Clintons both disgust me—let me count the ways!

Bill Clinton: Mr Zipper de do da.****** The Hillary: Cruella de Sleaze.
NO one wants to hear from their icky daughter either–but we would all really like to know: what did the Clinton Foundation do with all that money?



If Clinton, Obama, Chuck and Nancy, Reid and Nancy, Michelle, Rahm, even Bill The BJ, had 1/2 the integrity, brains, decency, fire and honesty of AOC, the US would be the great beacon of Democracy we always claim we are. But alas, the Neoliberals lined their pockets with Wall Street and Saudi oil money and said about us, where else they got to go? Well, where else?

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REmember, that shithead is a republican, he said so himself. AFTER campaigning twice as a hope and change leader on the left. The man is lying cheat and I’m embarrassed that I ever believed in him.

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Me too



Plus the pol he admires most is Rayguns.



Yea, that was the point of my post. He worked for Obama not for you and me. Actually, he worked for Koch industries but he did so for the benefit of Obama.