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AOC Takes Brave, Lonely Stand Against 'Unconscionable' Covid-19 Relief Package That Doesn't Sufficiently Help Those Hurt the Most

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/24/aoc-takes-brave-lonely-stand-against-unconscionable-covid-19-relief-package-doesnt


Why did AOC vote for the other “covid relief” taxpayer giveaways to predatory corporate monopolies? What’s up with that?


It is likely Miss Nancy convinced AOC ‘we will take care of the peasants next round’.

After ‘next round’ still no relief for the peasants. AOC: Miss Nancy you said we would do it this next round. Miss Nancy: I meant the next, next round.

After next, next round and still no relief for the peasants. AOC to Miss Nancy: F*** You!


What’s good enough for folks around here? What do people here even want from AOC, anyhow? We’ve had a few days of comments (in general) something like “Princess AOC keeps speaking out against these giveaways, then she votes for them.”

Okay. She finally voted against this one. Now the complaint is: What about those others she voted for?

In AOC you’re looking at our future, it seems to me, such as it is. Because she actually represents flesh-and-blood human beings she’s a Malcolm-like threat facing similar personal and political dangers, 24/7. They’re preparing a white-woman bankster (from imperial central casting) to challenge her seat. Meanwhile, even AOC can’t seem to evade our collective urge to tear down everyone in sight.


What more can be said for the Democratic House.


I merely asked a question. A logical question.

There is no logic in a representative opposing one corporate giveaway but approving other, much larger giveaways.

Perhaps there is a logical explanation and I’ve missed it. I am frequently wrong, encause my mind is human.


Your comments here are uniquely profound and valuable, imho. I’m just getting tired of people taking shots at AOC, and you happened to get caught in the crossfire. (In context, as the first response in this thread today, it’s a little annoying.) Please don’t take it personally.

Reflecting a little further, your question might seem a little over-innocent. I think you know as much as anyone to explain AOC’s previous votes.


Among “The Squad,” Representative Tlaib used to be my favorite. I haven’t heard anything about her position on all these taxpayer gifts to big businesses. I think she’s still my favorite mammal in the DC swamp, though.

AOC was the only Democrat voting against it, with 4 from the other side who don’t think the government should ever spend money on anything. There was one “present” vote – I haven’t heard who that was (possibly that Hawaiian who loves to vote present for some strange reason). Today is a gift. That’s why they call it “the present”.


Speaking from the experience of having been in an elected office, AOC is navigating rough seas and rough seas require a little slack.

Recalling a proverb that has been around for more than 300 years: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

She gets it !


Sanders and AOC would have made a great ticket in my opinion. Too bad the devils run the show.


Too bad there is no 12 step program to help “the devils running the show” shake corporate money addiction.


Take note AOC . after the CD crowd threw their hero under the bus for breaking his fast and eating , your next .
You will never be able to be the perfect progressive hero , here or anywhere , cause it’s not your responsibility to baby sit those that haven’t figured out that politics is a symptom and not a solution .
Solving life’s problems on the level of the problem never works.


Instead of all the trillions in bailouts it is time to write down the public debt, state, local, mortgage debt and personal debt. Time for a change.


The severity of this pandemic rides on the back of political decisions based on neoliberal economic practices. What it has done is shine a light on the game of greed satisfaction at any cost and the cockroaches feasting on the corruption scattering for cover from the realization of their infestation. What has been done over the last 40 years will take time and sacrifices to correct and those who created the problems are definitely not the ones to solve the problems. America never investigates the soil from which problems grow they just blame and victimize others for the fallout.


This brave and principled leader is standing nearly alone in the midst of corrupted, sold-out politicians, domination of great wealth, and a Party that is as much to blame for our internal rot and corruption as the trump regime party.
Trying to navigate corrupt party politics and pressure from the feckless cow Speaker - Alexandria deserves great support and praise from the nation! Pelosi by contrast deserves having a house fall on her worthless craven corrupt self!

Even given the difficulty of being heard in this pandemic time and corporate media, AO-C stands her ground and manages to get her voice heard, unlike the complicit DINO frauds and co-conspirators of the professional sellout party who either dominate or are too cowardly to buck the system and speak-out!.

Where the Hell are the leaders in this nation that once were? Today’s pathetic bunch of failures too full of fear of party leaders and their death-grip on that private corporate-dominated entity now fraudulently called the “Democratic Party”, to do anything but cower in their fear and shallow highly malleable morality as they toe the line dictated by contemptible pelosi, mr milquetoast schumer and all the cogs in the DINO wheels!

BRAVA to Alexandria!


That saying applies to Bernie, he fooled me and so many other Progressives in 2016 when he had to know he had no chance and told me to throw my support to the Wall Street Walker " because we cannot allow a Trump presidency" . I said a long time ago Biden had been selected by the DNC and Bernie had no chance in 2020 and was just being used as a sheepdog by the DNC.


I read an article by Newsweek trying to defend the US Governments response to the pandemic. What they did was make a list of what respective Countries were paying out (Converting to US dollars) and then comparing.

The US was the very lowest of all the Countries they listed with its one time 1200 payment but they then suggested that the US program much more generous then it appeared because they also had benefits via other policies (expanded duration of UI as example) When they made this statement they did not include all of those other Countries added benefits as in all of those Countries also have added programs such as rent relief, tax relief, debt relief ,increased Child benefits and so on.

AOC has it exactly right. The richest Country in the World with the largest number of Billionaires in the world focused all of that relief on their richest and left the masses with one of the least generous packages when compared to other Countries all in a Country that does not have health care for all.

Again those payouts to the working class will not even cover added Cobra expenses as health care from work lost.


We need way more AOCs in Congress.


and the other so called progressives.

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