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AOC Wants to Change the World Through Action. Nancy Pelosi Wants to Do It Through Pithy Phrases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/09/aoc-wants-change-world-through-action-nancy-pelosi-wants-do-it-through-pithy


Nice article. I am hopeful that AOC and her bright and energetic young congressional colleagues will inspire more of the same to seek office. We need fresh voices that are not steeped in cynicism as is Pelosi’s. It may be ironic that a septuagenarian (Bernie) is a driving force allied in the truly progressive direction, but there we have it.
Bernie 2020 along with those he inspires!


Totally agree, very important essay, the 4 women Reps., so proud of all of them for their stance, their courage, and, their genuine humanity, WOW, would be nice to vote for all of them, and their like minded colleagues! So, Nancy Pelosi, still like her a lot, but it is time for her to retire and find the rocking chair on the front porch and enjoy the sunrise.


Pelosi, unfortunately, is not a relic. She is very much the soulless kind of party hack that dominates and runs the Democratic party. Equally sad, but true, is her statement that the progressive activists in the party are a small minority in the party. Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC and all the other corporate hacks in the party will insure that that the only things the Dems have to offer in 2020 is that they are not Trump. At this point, despite the loud presence of AOC and a few others, the Democratic party is in no danger of being reformed.


How the hell are the progressive cohort that Pelosi so casually dismisses going to gain traction in a caucus that can never hold a House or Senate majority without lots of Blue Dogs?

The power Pelosi has is the cudgel called “party unity.” And that’s just the code words for STFU progressives, and remember you have nowhere else to go besides our big d-party tent where corporate interests are served and hippies are punched.

Fuck that tent. Fuck the cowardice of progressives too afraid to subvert the system that renders them meaningless. If these four progressive women, and 10 other true progressives in Congress, formed the same kind of “our way or the highway” voting bloc as the conservadems who routinely get away with voting with the Republicans, I might sit up and take notice. Until then, they’re Nancy’s pawns.

The author of this piece, BTW, failed to mention that the $4.6billion immigration funding bill passed in Nancy’s house with more Republican votes than Democratic votes. That’s party unity under Pelosi --unity with Mitch McConnell’s party.


Well lets see…
A not-pelosi-woman dehumanized, ridiculed and dismissed by Petosi, I mean Pelosi

  1. probably sees no value in repeated plastic surgeries on her face
  2. would make a point of listening to everyone very carefully and living with that information
  3. might be struggling with keeping a roof over her head - something of which Pelosi is completely ignorant except as an easily dismissed set of statistics that are ignored for “real politic” (representation theater veiling stunning array of the sordid )
  4. values strength of community and discernment rather than power as configured by a post-Citizens United Congress, which by definition is a usurpation of the ostensible representative democracy - ( we’re getting harsh lessons on what that REALLY means)
  5. Is struggling with forms of debt configured, structured and implemented by a legacy class clawing back every thread of integrity and dignity from the majority through the branches of government and the PRIVATELY held Federal Reserve overlords designed to IMPOVERISH so that ALL areas of the Citizens United corporatocracy and political construct can point its perverted finger at the victims and claim, I mean project, its incompetent and immoral machinations.

In other words - keep doing what youŕe doing Petosi, I mean Pelosi, and stay deep in the mine if you really want to experience reality.


AOC will be 35 in October 2024. (Like I’m counting…)

If we’re still having presidential elections.


Headline sez:
“AOC Wants to Change the World Through Action. Nancy Pelosi Wants to Do It Through Pithy Phrases”

A bit misleading to suggest the Speaker wishes to “Change the World,” regardless of how we might feel about her methods.
To boost the Democratic™ Party’s market share of political “donations” (sic) is the extent of the change she can believe in.


Agreed. But this “soulless party hack” also represents multitudes of “soulless” citizens who prefer her style. Check out the NY Times letters in response to the Dowd article. Literally millions of Dems who think Nancy is a savior.


You see the roster of NYTimes op-ed writers: Not a leftist in the bunch. That’s not the Times’ demographic.


Contrary to the suggestions made that Ms Pelosi was not always this way and was once a champion for Human Justice , I am going to suggest she has not changed and that her early stance on issues relating to AAIDS and the gay community was opportunism used so as to get her into power. I tend to find peoples concerned with social justice do not flip flop on the issues of social justice as they age. If they believe in these things they remain true to these things.

Contrast that with a Bernie Sanders as example who has spent his entire careeer committed to this issues. Now as I have stated before, I do not think Mr Sanders a socialist and I am not with him on every stance he takes , but when it comes to advocating for Social justice I see him as being sincere. I have never seen Ms Pelosi as being that way.

Ms Pelosi is very much like those Liberals whom over Coffee Latte at Starbucks speak of their concern for the Homeless but when a Homeless shelter to be built in the neighborhood in which they live they protest as to how this will lower property values and put their children at risk.


So, if we change things, where are these millions of Dems who support Blue dogs gonna go? back to the Republican party where they came from?
Good riddance!
I’m tired of fighting against people who claim to be friends while they shaft me every chance they are given.
I’d rather lose sticking to my understandings and beliefs than win by surrendering principles, values and beliefs for unity with those I despise.


And, I would suggest, therein lies a significant element of the problem with our current society, that along with the multitudes of those on the right, loving these MAGA times, we have an equal measure of similarly smug diehards on the purported left, who believe all is well, or nearly so, if only they could just maintain the center.

Increasingly I feel the only chance of a shift along the civic fault lines will come only if there are sufficient numbers participating in the rigged system of our electoral process. A long shot, at best, I realize.

That we now have at least a few who represent an alternative perspective is encouraging, and I take some small solace in that.


Good article, but the headline is off slightly.
“AOC Wants to Change the World Through Action. Nancy Pelosi Wants to Do it Through Pithy Phrases.”
Nancy and the rest of the DINO’s don’t want anything to change, they like things just the way they are.
For the rest of us, this is the problem. Michael Moore is right, AOC is the Dem leader in the house.


Agreed, and why would she want to change the world, since its working so well for her and her class?


Yep. Typed my reply before I read your post.

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I don’t’ think Nancy wants to change a damn thing. She’s making out pretty well on the Status Quo - and on the backs of the rest of us

And Biden has said it out loud


I did the same to GoebbelsSez, it’s good we all picked up on that though.

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Sorry GoebbelsSez, didn’t mean to step on you’re post.


Geez I did the same thing to all three of you!

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