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AOC Wants to Change the World Through Action. Nancy Pelosi Wants to Do It Through Pithy Phrases

Remember when LBJ said the utterly corrupt president of south Vietnam “may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch”? Well, that’s how rank and file democrats feel about Ol Nancy these days. She may be a Nixon republican, but she’s our Nixon republican.
It helps explain how a Donald Trump is in the White House, and why democrats do nothing to stop the erosion of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, abortion rights, etc. To paraphrase Gore Vidal, there is now only one political party in the USA, and it is a flightless bird with two Right wings.


Obama confirmed what the DNC definition of “change” is with his 2008 “hope and change” motto.

“Hope” plus two bucks bought a cup of coffee and “change” is what you left in the barista’s tip jar.

By the time Obama left office in 2017 that coffee was costing closer to three bucks, leaving less change.


Ummm, as long as Trump is in office, neither “action” nor “pithy phrases” will change anything. So work together to remove Trump, reverse the harm he has done, and move forwards from there.

I agree with the sentiment of your post, but that quote was uttered by FDR in reference to Somoza of Nicaragua.

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Obviously these Ladies do not have the Donation power that Pelosi and the Corporate Dems respond to.

It is still all about the Donations/Bribes that rule to Congress.

It is the large Corporate Donors that call the shots and the people Pelosi and those immoral Dems who sell their votes kneel before.


In Murka the question has always been: how much justice can YOU afford to buy, and how much democracy can YOU afford to buy ?

Check out Shahid Butar for congress if you want to really send Pelosi a message

I like AOC but I like Pelosi too and admire her ability to persist in getting a lot of good bills thru the House and getting the investigations of the Trump regime underway. The GOP has demonized Pelosi for a very long time, not the least because she is a women and represents a city associated with gay culture, I suggest not falling for the GOP propaganda.
As for the immigration bill and impeachment proceedings, given the real choices, reasonable people can disagree.
And the headline is very destorting, Pelosi is about getting actual bills passed and AOC s about feel-good aspirations like the Green New Deal which have no teeth.
We need both of these women to improve things.

Onward, progressives. Pelosi does not speak for you or us. There will be many more to join us. We need the future, we have had enough of the past.

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We’re going to run the train on some Persian girls thanks to the Pelosi-Trump alliance.

I was referring to the comments from people like us. Agree the writers are not progressive by any means, but on some occasions the commenters are very progressive and critical of things as they are. However, and this was my point, when it came to the Pelosi story, the conservative Dems really came out of the woodwork on that one. Their support for Pelosi was over over over whelming.

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I wish that Rashida Tlaib was my representative instead of Tim Walberg, then I would feel like I was really being represented in DC!

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Same boat here. But if you live in a district with 65,000 more registered Republicans, it’s tough.

Great article Michael. I am in agreement