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AOC's Superhero Inside Us


AOC's Superhero Inside Us

After her laser-like questioning of Michael Cohen to prep for going after Trump's taxes and other financial misdeeds, what better day to reveal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force, a comic honoring the fierce AOC - a big comics nerd - as the standard-bearer for diverse young lawmakers promising a progressive "new party." With a cover featuring a triumphant AOC, a felled elephant, and an anxious donkey, the project from Devil's Due Comics above all celebrates AOC as "a jolt of smelling salts to a comatose system.”



Cool! Love this energy and humor.

We can order at the link in the article.



" After her laser-precision questioning of Michael Cohen"

Extreme leftist leaders are known to have been gifted with superpowers and extensive knowledge. Kim Jong Un apparently can control weather, could drive at age 3 and has extensive knowledge in every other field known to man.

As long as she takes it in good humor and doesn’t start believing it herself she’s OK.

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In fairness to AO-C, her questioning of Cohen was free of the grandstanding that marked much of the questioning by the rest of the committee. She yielded time back to the Chairman.

And the comparison to Kim Jong Un was gratuitous as hell. Or in your eyes, you see her as a brutal autocrat?



She is to grounded for that.



I love this girl. She is an inspiration.

We can’t fall in the trap of letting a good leader do all the work and take all the heat.

No leader. All leaders.

Direct Democracy