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AP Files Suit Against DOJ For Refusal To Come Clean on FBI's 'Fake Reporter' Operations


AP Files Suit Against DOJ For Refusal To Come Clean on FBI's 'Fake Reporter' Operations

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following public outrage expressed when it was first discovered last year, the Associated Press took legal action against the Department of Justice on Thursday for the FBI's failure to come clean about details surrounding its decision to impersonate an AP reporter as part of a covert investigation.

Along with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, AP filed the suit after the DOJ repeatedly refused to respect open records request for documents related to the case.


The FBI can probably do the FBI shuffle around criminal charges. Can commercial/civil proceedings be filed for trademark infringement or some such thing? That may be the way to go for this case.


Does James Comy seem like the kid that sat right in front of the teachers desk and wrote down the names of the kids that talked when she was out of the classroom?
Now he's in charge of the FBI, writing down everybody's name that picked on him at recess.


The FBI has agents show up at new conferences acting as fake AP reporters? wow... next thing we know, you will tell us that the whole 9/11 thing was a false flag, a way to gin up support for the war in Iraq and middle east in general all to protect and maintain access to diminishing oil supplies, just like the PNAC document, eh? And BTW the Project for the New American Century is now the Foreign Policy Initiative. But obviously that couldn't possibly be true if we listen to the corporate TV media. The TV never lies.


You obviously didn't even read this article which is quite short btw. The suit is about the FBI posing as AP reporters when they published an article as part of an investigation and used AP's name. The issue being that when we read something in the press how do we know that it is from a reporter. AP's and the press in general have lost credibility.


You trivialize an important issue. Moreover you camouflage the reality for people by giving them the wrong impression about the director of the FBI. He said that he considered that this type of behavior by the FBI was lawful which is certainly not kid's stuff.


This is a Joke, right?

The MSM has no credibility at all after selling us on WMD's in Iraq and causing another fake war for Wall Street. The government plants stories in the AP wire and nobody verifies a single thing that goes out on it. They even paid reporters like Judith Miller and others to run false government stories (according to Ted Rall.) The fake babies thrown on the floor of the incubator room in Iraq was a prime example.

Then there's the CIA agents in every news room, according to the admission of it's own people. It was called Operation Mockingbird and is done all over the world.

The FBI caused countless tragedies, like stalking MLK and "Anarchists" (Labor Leaders), covering up the missile that downed TWA 800 (according to stalked NTSB investigators who were not allowed to photograph charred skin of the aircraft or peices of the crash on the bottom of the ocean), supplying explosives to the Boston Bomber, etc, etc, etc.

With a Federal "Police force" like this, who needs terrorists?


Even Walter Cronkite I'm beginning to wonder if he was part of this cabal/matrix we have running the show.


This reminds me of that Holiday Inn commercial where some chump--taking himself for very smart for having selected Holiday Inn as his vacation choice--poses as a doctor, or what-not.

Imagine if FBI 007-wannabes start posing as Gynecologists, family counselors, and surgeons? Imagine all the fun! And chumps like Comey will of course assert their "right" to do so... all under the guise of fighting terrorists when it's the ones who have fabricated the war on terrorism who are most guilty of that very thing.

When authenticity ceases to matter--up to and including food that only simulates its "substantial equivalent," then the power of Truth to radicalize--during this phase of adulteration--is muted.


Not a bad insight... if only you could spell! As a former English teacher, I'd put you at a 4th grade reading & composition level.


This is an interesting video. It also could serve as Exhibit A to how the solidarity term of WE is being used for purposes that undermine the collective ideals of humanity.

Mr. Donahue sponsoring Walter Cronkite is presenting a case for a World Court--like the one that currently has no enforcement powers--that would hold those who make war at their pleasure accountable for THEIR acts. And he specifies this.

The "New World Order" that Bush Sr. and Jr. (along with the whole neocon team) promote is one BASED ON military might. And with it, the control of populations down to spying on their private lives, undermining established Civil Liberties and inventing enemies to murder sans judge, jury, or legal representation.

These are 2 radically different visions. One is based on a community of nations fostering a climate of justice that makes war impossible. The other is an authoritarian command that subsumes all dissent into its own vision of world domination THROUGH force. It enforces uniformity, conformity, and obedience like all soldier-based social orders.

Like the Alpha and Omega, or Yin and Yang: the code of Creation, the very biological language of life as shown in DNA's double helix... the term WE must speak of the TWIN sides of "the force."

I have observed the covert ways that the WE term is used to conflate what is done by Mars-ruled mad men (and a few token women equally enamored with the sort of absolute power served up by the Mars-ruled MIC state) with The People just as the derelict acts of corporate predators are equally generalized to include the great amorphous sea of humanity.

If language and its frames didn't matter, there would be no such thing as propaganda and propaganda always serves a power elite. In former times it was the church, then the state or church-state hybrid; and now it's the corporation with each of these entities using armed forces to make THEIR will the will of the land.

Decent people should not readily embrace the we-frame when too often it's used to bring forth the 2nd vision--one that is diabolical, against Creator's gift of Free Will which ONLY operates within an authentically Democratic system, and murdering people on a daily basis.

That WE does not speak for good people! It arrogates to itself the right to speak for all and uses the threat of force to conflate its goals and agenda with the alleged consent of the governed.

Coercion is not free will.

Eliminating alternatives (or thwarting them) is not consensus.

Propaganda and lies told often make a false case for the consent of the governed.

MadSheldon deceptively conflates one--the vision and efforts of peacemakers--with the other: dangerous proponents of endless war and the ecological implications for a DEAD planet that their bankrupt ethos produces. The New World Order of the neocons would be to a just world court what the military tribunals are to "war crimes." All war is a crime!


Interesting madashellron,

I knew Walter was anti-war but am unfamiliar with that group he is addressing (World Federalists???) Some think that the Vietnam war was finished once Walter announced that it "Couldn't be won". Maybe that was after Daniel Ellsberg's "Pentagon Papers" leak, I can't remember now.

I think it is naive to think that bigger is always better. The One Percent may support a Global World Order on the pretense of "Justice", but what they really have in mind is continuing to destabilize local democracies in favor of their borderless Empire. The One Percent will concurrently give to the Red Cross at the same time they are funding arms dealers and fomenting lawless militias all over the world.

The Romans did exactly the same thing. So I think that Walter was naive to think that Globalization was going to result in Justice to locals. Our experience is just the opposite. Non-locals never act as stewards of the Earth, but rape it into submission and steal it's resources.

But it sounds like Walter was in the One-World-Government Club before he anchored the news. They have a real old-boy network going, don't they?


Please don't reinforce his disinformation.

Ask yourself--why would Donahue be tossed off his T.V. platform for DARING to be the sole voice to challenge the run-up to the already planned Middle East wars if he supported THAT version of a New World Order?

Donahue is an astute thinker. Like Bill Moyers (who also radicalized--in terms of his Truth telling--over time) he's had the opportunity to interview some of the world's greatest thinkers, visionaries, and activists. He knows that Walter Cronkite sees the Truth!

Madsheldon is conflating the sincere efforts of those working for peace with the corrupt agenda of the Bush Family and its global elite partners in crimes against humanity!

THAT is disinformation and as I will continue to assert: it's a JOB that covert entities finance in forums just like this one. Total Information Awareness AND Control. THAT is what this is all about. In this case, PLANT suspicion about those doing the work to dismantle the make-endless-war-state.


What are you calling disinformation?


Why is it C.D. allows you to post personal attacks?


I'm not able to watch this video yet. But apparently Walter Cronkite was linked to the CIA.



Is that Phil Donehue in that video? The youtube quality out here is so poor, I didn't recognize him. I agree with you about Phil Donehue and his courageous opposition to the War.

Like I said, I'm not familiar with "World Federalist Association" at all (which in 2006 apparently changed it's name to Global Solutions), and I can't find out much about them on line. They are supposedly a Woodrow Wilson group? pre-internet and I'd probably have to dig into the Darknet (which is real hard to do.)

Here's all I could find:

The World Federalist Movement (details of Movement's former names) "evolved out of a series of organizations and efforts that started in the 1930s as a response to the failure of the League of Nations. At the end of the violence of the Second World War, numerous citizens groups formed across Europe and North America to address the need for effective mechanisms of ensuring international peace and stability. The groups started working independently of each other, publishing newsletters and pushing for reform and monitoring of the newly formed United Nations. By 1947 these independent groups recognized the need for unity in their movement if they were to achieve unity in the world. They agreed to meet in Montreux, Switzerland in August 1947 to work on forming a cohesive and effective group...

"At first, world federalists sought fundamental revisions of the United Nations Charter. After 1965, however, it became apparent that any political will among the world’s national governments to change the Charter had dissipated. Later world federalists continued to propose reforms of existing institutions to make them more effective and democratic. Many focussed on the effort to transform the General Assembly into a world parliament that can enact world law instead of merely making non-binding resolutions. In addition, world federalists made proposals for new United Nations institutions and international organs, such as the Commission on Sustainable Development, International Development Authority, and International Criminal Court (ICC). In 1983 the Institute for Global Policy was founded to support research and writings about world federalism." [1]


If that's the right group. The U.S. one had almost nothing on it except this:

Citizens for Global Solutions has its roots in a 1947 convention in Asheville, North Carolina,[citation needed] when World Federalists, USA merged with four similar organizations to form the United World Federalists.[1][verification needed] Membership was open to any American "except persons Communist or Fascist oriented".[1]

So I'm still uncertain what that video was all about.



Ah ha! I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The truth will out... Oh she of the red marking pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fear you mortals as she approaches (yikes teach is at the head of our row).

Ahem... run on sentences madam...ahem.... double plus ahem!!!


J.J you definitely don't work for the Pentagon or are a paid troll. Thank you for all your excellence on point comments.However I'm not to sure about a few of the other regulars that post here and I won't mention any names. "Control Opposition"


World government... hard to think of anything closer to Hell. He even mentions in his drivel something about government being close to the people... then argues for world government?!?!?
The closest thing we have is the UN - about as just as the mafia.
The crowd can always rebel against tyrants and hopefully find some foreign support. What happens when the tyrants are absolutely unreachable behind a global and militarised police force? World government = global fascism.