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AP’s Clinton ‘Victory’ Story Breaches Journalism Ethics and Public Trust


AP’s Clinton ‘Victory’ Story Breaches Journalism Ethics and Public Trust

Bill Boyarsky

The Associated Press’ early crowning of Hillary Clinton as the “presumptive” Democratic presidential nominee thrust a news organization into the middle of the political process with a story that suddenly, and without enough explanation, emerged from the mysterious methods of today’s journalism.


There is no democracy in the "greatest democracy in the world".


Clinton reached the 2,383 mark Tuesday without the help of the superdelegates

WTF!!!!! When will this line go away. UNTIL THE CONVENTION IS HELD, NOBODY HAS THE NOMINATION. Hillary may think she has the super delegates in hand, and she just may, but as of TODAY, she DOES NOT HAVE THE NOMINATION. If she did, and it's a done deal (emphasis on DEAL), WHY EVEN HOLD A CONVENTION? Just bring out the crown and we can all kneel before her highness.


"Clinton reached the 2,383 mark Tuesday without the help of the superdelegates."

This is wrong! Would you do the math for us Mr. Boyarsky? The figures I saw were delegates including superdelegates 2,780, however subtract the superdelegates of 577, that equals 2,203, not 2,383. This writer is the third I"ve read in the last two days stating she won with pledged delegates. Am I missing something.

Edit: Clinton: 2,202
Sanders: 1,809 According to John Laurits


Thinking people are justifiably angry but should not be surprised at cynical, outrageous behavior of the DNC and media giants. Democracy Interuptus defined, what happens when the will of the people is squashed to protect the real owners of this country.


In essence he does the very thing he accuses the media of doing. As such this appears to be the type of article that uses the old tactic of repeating the same lie over and over again so it accepted as a truth.

In order to deliver this to the target audience outrage against the media is used.


It use to be.. that when you were trying to support a position .. to defend something you thought worthwhile to cite a non-mainstream source was considered unreliable. BUT now that we see that the Mainstream Media is a Circus Barker for the Plutocracy.. Citing the AP, New York Time, CNN, MSNBC.. blah, blah, blah... stands as an illegitimate source.
Throwing the baby out with the bath water to support a Banana Republic? Laughable .. MSM has become one Big Joke.... And.. it will be more than apparent as funding evaporates in the coming years.. You hammered your own nails into your coffins.. RIP


Because superdelegates are not PLEDGED delegates there is zero value in a poll that counts them. Unlike pledged delegates, they have the opportunity to change their minds up to the date of the convention.

"People who don't read newspapers are uninformed.
People who read newspapers are misinformed" - Mark Twain

If Twain were alive today he would update that statement to include media that appeared after his demise.


The media took sides in the candidate's race for nomination. Instead of reporting the news, NBC, MSNBC, AP CNN became the news, and reported themselves as news. That betrays journalism, and is not taught in ANY school of journalism.


The Link to the Exit Poll Gate Article shows what a complete joke and Rigged farce our election process is. AP CNN NBC MSNBC ABC and the rest are just pawns in the power wheel to keep fair and open elections far away from the Ignorant sheep who watch their madeup for TV news. I believe that their Biased Propaganda News is no Different than that of any Illegal Dictator who is working for a leader who is paying their salaries. The Truth and Transparency are the farthest things from their objectives. I believe they should all be charged under the Rico Statute for Racketeering, and slanted and untrue coverage of the political process. Their Licenses should be revoked. What do you think?


Bill Boyarsky is part of the problem. What a farce.... call out AP for their breach will doing the same thing yourself! Add up the delegate count....idiot.

"Now it will complicate Clinton’s efforts to build a united campaign against Donald Trump following her big and conclusive primary victories Tuesday night."

POOR POOR Hillary..... I can only hope that NONE of Bernie's supporters fall for her crap....


While Mr. Boyarsky makes a lot of noise about who called the super-delegates, from his opening statements, it's clear that he's anything but neutral.

Note the TONE of this comment and its embedded assumptions:

"It fed the hostility and cynicism of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fervent supporters. Now it will complicate Clinton’s efforts to build a united campaign against Donald Trump following her big and conclusive primary victories Tuesday night. And it possibly influenced voters before the primaries in California, New Jersey and New Mexico. Why vote if you already know the score?"

Using the term HOSTILITY is a loaded word.

Suggesting that the Sanders supporters "complicate" Clinton's efforts pushes the subliminal message that she is THE ONE. In other words, that the score in fact IS already known.

Feigning a naive stance about WHY this "news" story was released right before the important California primary is another weak position. I don't buy it for an instant.

The focus on who called the super-delegates makes THAT the seminal issue. It is not. There should not BE super-delegates if and when they violate the will of the majority... as is patently the case.

The real story would expose the hidden agenda of these super-delegates and who it is that they truly serve!

And describing Sanders' passionate supporters as "hostile" is a way of demonizing those of us who see past the old Washington Machinery and are fed up with its resource-decimating, job-busting, war-making business as usual!


Did you ever see Kevin Nealon immitate "Mr. Subliminal" on Saturday Night live?

He'd SAY the thing he wanted to see happen while then pretending it was never said.

90% of the U.S. Press Corps is operating like "Mr. Subliminal." No matter how many times it's officially stated that the super-delegate COUNT does NOT YET factor into the math... EVERY pundit speaks as if it's already computed, a done deal.

This whole thing is so full of mischief, deception, and foul play... yet due to the inherent primacy of the MSM, it will repeat stories that forever muddy the waters.

Note how the disastrous WARS based on Fixed Evidence are now described as "mistakes made." So in instances of outright cheating to obtain the results preferred by the 1% donors... the TRUE narrative will always remain hidden from the public. And only those (still a minority) who eke out their news from sites like this one will know the Truth.

The Truth will remain drowned out by "fair and balanced" discussions that act as if what's honest and what's fraudulent deserve equal time, mention, and consideration.

Bill Clinton's deregulation of the media brought the U.S. to this dark moment... when Truth is so easy to eclipse!


How does a big mistake like that not get caught? Perhaps TruthDig doesn't use editors to review articles before they are put out on the Web. This is simply a case of very sloppy journalism. Also, NBC did the same thing as the AP, they surveyed the Superdelegates and reported Clinton had surpassed the threshold. Amd, Trump was declared the nominee after a survey of the AP of unpledged delegates. So the for both parties the presumptive nominee was declared after an AP survey, not after votes were counted.


She did not get the pledged delegates needed to clinch the nomination or Bernie would have conceded. I'm sure it was the massive Clinton machine that called for the early crowning given she sent out emails the night before that were created the weekend before. It was collusion with AP to do this, obviously.
This is why we should never vote for her. Her power is that of a dictator and it's so entrenched that she scares me more than Trump.


The "Clinched" story gave them Cover as they Hacked and Suppressed the vote.


"After Schultz blamed the Sanders team for failing to condemn his followers’ protests at a party convention in Las Vegas.."

No. Schultz condemned Sanders for issuing a statement that failed to sufficiently condemn the non-existent violence at the Nevada convention.

DWS: ""When there is a 'but' in between the condemnation of violence generally and after the word 'but,' you go on to seemingly justify the reason that the violence and intimidation has occurred, then that falls short of making sure that going forward this kind of conduct doesn't occur in the future."

Then, Bill Boyarsky says, "A mass movement had been born, and those in it would take every setback, every vote-counting failure by incompetent or overworked election officials as evidence of a conspiracy against Sanders."

Apparently Nevada, where numerous videos were taken showing voice votes intentionally called for the side with less votes, passed beneath Bill's radar, along with the false allegations of violence and chair throwing.

Apparently he missed the voters who mysteriously dropped from the rolls in New York.

Apparently he missed the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico claiming the Sanders campaign requested fewer poll locations.

Apparently missed the instructions to poll workers in California to not tell Independent voters they couldn't vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate unless they requested a Crossover ballot.

Yeah, that's us Sanders supporters: Hostile and cynical ("hostility and cynicism of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fervent supporters"), " fervid" conspiracy theorists.

Thanks for all the help Bill.


Licenses revoked ... AND some possible prison time for those responsible for this SCAM.

No, ... WAIT! ... This was MORE than a Scam; this was a Frontal Attack on our Election Process. Trial for TREASON might not be unwarranted.
— they have done FAR more long-lasting damage than some fanatics with a bomb!


Most American's are aware of obvious voter suppression or election fraud. Senator Sanders has received more individual contributions than anyone in history, police in California said one of his rally's drew approx 60,000 people, there are numerous marches or parades in his behalf, Bernie signs are plentiful, Telephone calls reveal that out of 200 people called 145 voted for Sanders, the DNC's actions and that of some of our elected public servants makes one wonder why they want to push someone on Americans who is under criminal investigation. They know by now we know the truth So their false statements repeated on media only cause more lack of trust for them while they openly disrespect naive Americans by pushing untruths. Millions of republicans, democrats, and Independents are wise enough to know that Senator Sanders is the honest leader and role model we need to inspire the next generation! 86% of citizens in his home state voted for him based on his integrity. character, competence, and wisdom! He will put an end to the shady pay to play and other schemes going on among our so call public servants! They need to step down and out of our government affairs before they destroy our country! Support Bernie! Berniesanders.com