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Apartheid Is Great: Whatever It Takes To Secure Our Profits


Apartheid Is Great: Whatever It Takes To Secure Our Profits

To help launch Israeli Apartheid Week 2016 in the U.K., activists with London Palestine Action just plastered hundreds of "subvertisements" in 500 subway trains holding millions of passengers to highlight the U.K.'s rarely discussed military and media support of Israel, from British-funded prisons to arms trade to demolitions as collective punishment. Zionist officials proclaimed the posters "awful smears"; others declared they showed "Palestinian reality."


Good idea. Keep it going. I would like to see something similar here in the US which makes clear the many ways the legacy of slavery and genocide continue.


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What Israel does to Palestine is a horror equal to South Africa or Syria and yet it still goes on. What is wrong with this world when one of the Democratic candidates for president has promised Israel much closer bonds, devotion and money? Clinton has assured Bibi that if she is elected there would be not a hair separation between the U.S. and Israel. How comforting.
She also supported the coup that removed the Democratically elected president of Honduras and now we have Honduran children at our border.
How can anyone vote for this hawkish woman, she's a killer like Madeline Albright.
If the world would come together and shun Israel and boycott items made in occupied territories they would be forced to stop but no, we support them. Like we support Saudi Arabia. We need a foreign policy that works for humans in this country that still feel and sympathize with other humans. This is a terrible state of affairs. We need Bernie Sanders it seems like he still has a pulse.


If anyone has a mind to you can track these creatures from the beginning in Eden where the two seedlines are discussed. The first person that hit the ground in Eden was Cain and Jesus calls them the sons of Satan and this is who we are dealing with. Kenites is the term to look for and all through history this tribe of people co-opted everything from the keeping the word of God pure, to the banking of today. There is four hidden dynasties that control the world and they are: economic, (power to create money out of thin air and usury for enslavement) political, ( if the politicians are not kissing Israel's ass they don't have a chance) education (the dumbest graduates in history) religion (which religion can you not criticize?) They are the seedline of Satan and they own this world. Fact.


Unfortunately, when it comes to Israel at least, I'm not so sure that Sanders is much different.


The presence of only four comments (but only two strictly on topic) is telling. Has Palestine-fatigue finally hit the US? Israel must sure be happy if it has....