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Apocalypse On-Demand

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/apocalypse-demand

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Many brick and mortar stores that have survived until now will not be able to continue when the current restrictions abate.

Although there has never been an actual shortage of toilet paper during the past month, panic has resulted in bare shelves and more TP than ever being delivered by UPS and Fedex.

Inconvenience, perhaps. More like what Purgatory would be like.

Well, demise and ascent are not apt to be the only useful categories here, not even if one posits a continuum of quantitative stops between them.

What comprises ascended technology? We have seen technology “advance” for centuries, at least arguably more to our detriment than advantage. SImilarly, why might ascent, once we get it defined, not be tied to a demise of some aspect of this society?

I am quoting Bill Mollison now, but we ought to get that technology related to care of people, care of the earth, and return of the surplus of our activities to those ends. We might do pretty well without ascending anywhere.

There is no app for clarity of communal cognition

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The most notable effect of this pandemic, after the immense human death toll and another great depression, will be the destruction of the North American fossil fuel industry.
Russian leadership carefully planned this crash in crude prices to occur during an election year. They know that no incumbent President has been re-elected after a stock market crash, a recession, or crude panic/gas price upheaval. Now the USA is going to get all three, plus a COVID-19 slaughter of the elderly.
As a bonus, born-again Yankee Quislings in Alberta, Canada will watch as the Tar Sands is revealed as a giant, bankrupt, Ponzi fraud. Government stats show the 24 operating companies accumulated losses to 2018 are more than $122 billion. Provincial report ST98 (2019) states that mining operations need WTI prices of $80/bbl, and, in situ Solvent and SAGD operations need $50/bbl to breakeven. Today’s price for Western Canada Select is less than $8/barrel on OilPrice . com. These prices won’t keep the lights on, pay for the pipelines, or cover the cost of light crude / pentanes+ condensates used to make the bitumen flow.
I love seeing charts that show pollution of all kinds has dropped off considerably, and wildlife has returned to cities.


What are you talking about? Technological ascent is what got us here.

this post may turn out to be way too optimistic - if the virus persists, reinfects, then fragile supply lines, especially on food and medical supplies will start to unravel. Food shortages could soon to lead to armed gangs looting first the stores, then the houses, then each other. That won’t take long if things start to fall apart and Zoom, stock market portfolios and on-line streaming won’t help for long either

There is a longstanding plan to globalize and outsource potentially millions of jobs at all levels in high wage developed countries to temporary labor in the developing world. The argument goes that we’re throwing huge amounts of money by paying over high wages. This initiative is also tied to a schame to privatize virtually all public services. That is, unless they meet an exceedingly narrow definition of "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority…

This process actually began >25 years ago. And now its rolling forward fairly rapidly, until coronoavirus? Funny, I dont think so, I think they hope to exploit it to claim businesses cant afford American workers any more.

I think they will try to use this to amp up the use of temporary “movement of natural persons” provisions in trade agreements.

Guest worker arrangements, which because of the trade connection, lock in for good once begun.

Coronavirus should be meaning we dump these arrangements which are claimed to have enabled the trading away of a potentially unlimited number of jobs.

what can we do- we need to get a national discussion going to withdraw from these deals otherwise they will require gradual privatization of public services and huge job cuts, replaced by commercial private sector companies, and eprhaps vouchers for the poorest among us, with time limits of approximately ten years to transition to completely private for profit replacements.

However it’s unsustainable to live without incomes if the safety nets are dismantled as planned. Millions of Americans work for an hourly wage or are professionals whose jobs could be done forr a fraction as much by temporary movement of natural persons, however that does not mean it should be done.
Few of us will be able to survive if our jobs are outsourced to whereever without a safety net.

Now that the candidates who might have done the right thing (they would have had to but we still dont know, which is a red flag for me) are out of the race we need to be demonstrating because the default path is privatization with no further action required.

they just need a president who wont stop this plan, which has been kept quiet by multiple successive administrations. My guess is neither would stop it. They just wanted to stop Bernie.

The fact is, bernie would have had to get us out of the GATS, so that would have needed a huge movement like Bernie had supporting him. Because its an international thing. All these countries having been promised jobs would have to be convinced to relinquish their claims on them.

neither candidate is empowered to or likely to do anything positive unless we get out of this agreement first, and its already clear neither would do that. So we need to speak out and get this reality out into the open. They have misled us very badly and noting can sugar coat thet.

We need to get out of this scheme , which is called the GATS agreement and not look back. Because right now this huge disaster is all on autopilot. This video gives a good idea of what its about and what to expect… Its 20 years old but its been totally right, the speaker really was perceptive, and this is all still happening and its caused a lot of politician dishonesty.


When they outsource and offshore the now-well-paying energy, construction, civil engineering, green etc. jobs, I hope people realize that it’s been planned for years, since long before this epidemic.