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"Apocalyptic" Fire Raging at Canada's Tar Sands Ground Zero


"Apocalyptic" Fire Raging at Canada's Tar Sands Ground Zero

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A raging wildfire in a Canadian tar sands town has forced tens of thousands of evacuations and destroyed several residential neighborhoods, offering a bleak vision of a fiery future if the fossil fuel era is not brought to an end.


Karmic blowback writ large and hot.


The "tar sands" will be shut down. The only questions are: When? Under what circumstances?

That is realism.

Cars and airplanes will stop. The only questions are: When? Under what circumstances?

That is realism.

War will end. The only questions are: When? Under what circumstances?

That is realism.

"Realists" who assert such statements are "unrealistic" are the delusional ones.

Wake up.


It isn't karma it is cause and effect. It is science and simple facts. If you heat the planet things happen as a result. You change weather conditions and the changing of the seasons, rainfall patterns are disrupted and insects migrate to areas where they were not known before. No karma just facts. The bad karma should be for the fossil fuel company executives and corrupt politicians who allowed these facts to continue past all logic and reason. The homeowners, farmers and local people like barbers and tailors and restaurants etc haven't earned bad karma... They are the ones suffering from it. My guess is that the tar sands execs don't live in the area, so what karma are you talking about? Your quickie comments just to be first again? Consider a lack of empathy in psychological terms and next time put a bit more thought in what you write before you say something...anything...just to be first.


"Karmic blowback" is a phrase that I coined. If you use it, you should acknowledge that.

And your tag team pal, "Wereflea" chimes in with this... as the great metaphysical teacher that he is:

"It isn't karma it is cause and effect."

Karma is spiritual cause and effect; and anything that is spiritually true, holds true to its biological and thermodynamic counterparts.


This is Eaarth. The trees are turning into dead sticks because they can't pull up roots and walk to a better climate, nor can they swat the new bugs away, then the apocalyptic fire comes by, and next the permafrost underneath the forest melts, allowing the bacteria to create vast amounts of atmospheric methane.


SR asserts:
"Karmic blowback" is a phrase that I coined. If you use it, you should acknowledge that.

webwalk replies:
Oh good grief, run a web search engine for the phrase "karmic blowback" and find many thousands of hits, none of which trace back to you.


When I was young I fought forest fires and know first hand the awesome danger they pose. I spent days in a rain of ash and risked my life in doing so. You are so full of this metaphysical con game astrological numerological hocus pocus hokum that you are out of touch with reality. You are a phony lady and becoming deranged by paranoid delusions and a narcissistic obsession with your own self importance. No one tag teams against you dear, simply because nobody cares what you ramble on about. Good luck. You should seek therapy.


Strange though how the karma of the truly evil people (like the bushes) tends to blowback on the lesser people (like Iraqi children). Any "spiritual" explanation why the effects of this "karma" happen to get so misdirected?

Why should the ordinary folks have to pay the "karmic" price of the oligarchs' greed?

Clearly, there is no justice in this concept of "karma".



Hi, Siouxrose11! Your comments on karma give me to understand that you know that it is not just "an eye for an eye" by a different name.

What I've come to believe that karma is the the universe maintaining equilibrium. A big disequilibrium, like our abuse of our planet and the life we share it with, will bring a deep, far-ranging, and sometimes sudden (like an earthquake) and violent correction. Blowback, as you call it.

I don't know if you agree with the above, but I look forward to reading more of your comments. (I just started posting here.)


The karma (if any) has nothing to do with either the town, the Mounties, the tar sands nor the liquor selection. There is no karmic blowback but there is an environmental blowback. Enough of this dumbed down nonsense. It is science. Global warming is not karmic it is a scientific formula. This much greenhouse gases equals this much increased global warming which results in this much disruption and change in weather patterns and so forth. Forget the mind mush karma baloney. If you are trying to escape that fire and you get stuck somewhere in its path you will die... badly. You could be a fucking Saint on Earth and a blessing to all you have ever met but you will die badly just the same. If you are a fossil fuel company executive who bribed politicians to keep using fossil fuels etc and you live somewhere else in a mansion far away from the tar sands and the fire, your karma ... Doesn't do shit!


I lived up there from age 14 to 23 and recognize many of the neighborhoods that burned down. Two of my nieces lost their homes . The third that has a home up there is not sure yet as it was standing when they left. My understanding is two now in a campsite North of the city and the other made it to Edmonton.

When I first moved up there there was only one small plant producing 20000 barrels per day. I left before the huge expansions started. That part still untouched by man is remarkably beautiful but even where there no plants operating the hand of man is ever more visible with the forests cut up into sections by cut lines and the like as they search the region for other resources.

Now forest fires are natures way of renewal and while not denying Global warming and Climate change takes place the role of the Forest industry has to be noted as well. These fires are magnitudes worse because naturally occurring fires are always put out so as to protect the timber for the forest companies. This of course leads to more deadfall on the forest floor leading to ever larger fires as there more fuel.

Just as a side note the NDP was only recently elected to power in Alberta after decades of Conservative rule. This is already being blamed on them by some.


methinks that Siouxrose sometimes displays a sense of humour which gets missed.


Since you are familiar with the area, you might be interested in the piece by Scribbler. Make sure you go to the comments as there is a lot of information by the well informed commenters there.




And there are countless creatures that are suffering and dying----too many articles to cite about all beings threatened by human induced warming and destruction of ecosystems.
Here is one of many:



Scribbler's blog is one of the best sources for science based climate news. And I agree, the comments section has a lot of info as well.


And the Himalaya is burning too.


I agree with most of what you say. But I would not call global warming a scientific "formula". It is a phenomenon that can be analyzed using tools of science. Human causation of global warming is a scientific "theory" for which there is ample evidence.

But I think you and I agree that the "karma" bit is nonsense.



Arial view (might want to tune down the drama music)


Agree, Robert's blog is one of the best science based blogs----nice to see you there. He is quite the moderator of comments keeping it to facts and mitigation efforts.