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'Apologia for Authoritarianism': Trump Lawyer Argues President Can Do Whatever He Wants to Boost Reelection Chances

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/30/apologia-authoritarianism-trump-lawyer-argues-president-can-do-whatever-he-wants

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Is it just me or does their argument seem to be that this is NOT the United States of America but rather is actually North Korea?


What Dershowitz was saying in essence is that a candidate may commit any crime they deem necessary in order to win, especially when you the candidate believes that your winning is the best outcome for the nation, and for yourself.

It reminds me of line from the infamous pre/post apocalyptic film “Mad Max” when a frustrated and pissed off police commander told his officers “as long as the paperwork is clean, you can do what you want out there!”
Sounds like a good mantra to chisel on to the front of the Capitol building, White House, and Supreme Court.
Reagan’s wet dream of a libertarian America is here.


Hey Alan, check your bar exam certificate. I believe that it is past its expiration date. Either that or the ivy has been growing between your ears too long. Nurse!


President Can Do Whatever He Wants to Boost Reelection Chances

Really.? …Liberty and Freedom without ethics and morals is like an NHL Hockey Game played in a lights out arena with the referee’s sitting in the arena ticket holder seats. Rules are a must…just like lights and referee’s!


Headline should read Dershowitz Argues Rule of Law Not A Thing.


Derschowitz seems to yearn for the days of the Third Reich. Gosh, I bet the corporate media is gonna start pointing out that he’s a “self-hating Jew.”


That is consistent with the kind of presidency the Republicans want to have. They want a king…as long as it is a Republican one, now if it is anything else then he should be impeached for using tan suits


The basic premise of his stepping stone argument is not true.

It is not in the public interest for any person to run for office or reelection.

At the time any given person runs, it cannot be known if that person will act in the public interest.

The professor is pouring food coloring into water and calling it soup.


When things get this weird the actors are clearly reacting to something NOT being recognized in the scheme of things; something that is flowing downstream as per the military admonition. If I look at the impact of Citizens United, Ecological crisis, monetary madness of a national debt 400% over any systemic carrying capacity, wealth inequality and IMF/WB/FED parasitism …

Weŕe looking at an immanent “CORRECTION”.

Buckle up kiddies the ‘big one’ might just be on its way. Join food coops, become familiar with bitcoin/cryptocurrency principles and how that functions. Join with local organizations in city and municipal government, love your neighbors and cultivate a healthy sense of humor.


Whatever the outcome I think Trump’s presidency is near over. Just the fact that he can no longer trust his advisors and confidants must be driving him batty. There’s always the chance with the next ‘betrayal’, it’s the firing squad.
Anyway, let’s really begin the cleanup with ridding Washington of lobbyists and corporate money influence.
Bernie 2020.


The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo / The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest / The Girl Who Played With Fire probably exemplifies the response levels of more people to the poison of the corruption than anyone might care to consider.


I’m stunned.

I bet you never imagined that there was gambling going on at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.


If that doesn’t worry you I just don’t know what to say."WHAT? Stop the machine that’s what is needed–total, rolling, non cooperation: Withdraw all your cash, no work, no school, no rent payments, no bill payments, don’t use transportation just your legs and bicycles, fill the streets, courts, jails. This should start in the large cities across the nation, surrounding communities help support the strikers until it spreads across the entire nation. Hurt these criminals where they understand.


So having seven nations simultaneously investigate your seven political opponents or you’ll sanction them is now cool?

Fuckin A.


I think he got his Law degree out of a Cracker Jack box.


I guess the Repukes are gonna’ start singing “God Save The King” now.


Can we please stuff a sock in this guy’s mouth?


Deceitful Der”SHOW”itz’s insane argument is not simply an endorsement of an ‘Apologia for Authoritarianism’ — but far more dangerously an 'Apologia for EMPIRE & EMPEROR TRUMP’

What the spawn of Harvard Law School is arguing for is exactly what EMPERORS throughout all human history have insanely been claiming — that every effin thing an EMPEROR (like EMPEROR TRUMP) is doing, has done, and will continue to do — is to loot, steal, fuck, and slaughter ‘we the people’ and our children regardless of how insane, deranged, and sick an effin EMPEROR is because —- well just ‘because’ an EMPEROR IS WHAT AN EMPEROR DOES. (Period, full stop).

But what ‘we the American people’ have to do is merely a refined version of what our founders, framers, and farmers did 244 years ago, and go ahead and fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally Non-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite our essential Second American people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social(ist) Revolution Against EMPIRE”