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'Apologies... But the Farmers Are Coming'


'Apologies... But the Farmers Are Coming'

Jon Queally, staff writer

"My apologies to the Parisians," said Sebastien Louzaouen, a member of the Young Farmers' Union in France, "but the farmers are coming."


Non violence works every time. People see the numbers represented and 1500 tractors is a lot of slow moving vehicles...lol.

The people around the world are awakening. The corporate world model is opposed. Each time that people see protests such as this, others elsewhere see and learn.

The revolution against the power of corporations is beginning everywhere.


I love it.

Especially the dumping manure part. I think all our small farmers should do the same thing at the White House. (if there are any left after Big Ag and Mon-Satan monopolized the markets.)

We, should do the same thing with our cars. A General Strike is the only way to hurt Wall Street's bottom line and demand the stolen Bankster Bailout Trillions back.


I guess we won't be seeing this group of farmers at the Paris Climate Conference. All of these tractors, unless I'm terribly mistaken, operate on fossil fuels. And the sectors of agriculture represented by these protesting farmers are beef and dairy cattle, and the grains grown to feed these cows. Hmmmm. Not exactly Earth friendly vocations!

What this picture does is reinforce just how difficult and painful it's going to be to find balance on a planet with 7.5 billion plus human beings all needing food, fresh water, shelter and some way to survive. I get that these farmers need to earn a living. But what they farm (beef and dairy) and how they farm it (tractors) are certainly not commensurate with ways to heal an ailing planet. (C02 and CH4; the two worst greenhouse gases.)

We add approximately 70 million new human beings to the planet every year. Does anyone really believe this is going to get any easier when we reach a human population of 9 billion? We're already well into the Sixth Great Extinction. Climate refugees are doing what refugees do: trying to find more hospitable places to live. And in the meantime, the natural world goes down the toilet.

I long for the day when I see a picture of hundreds of thousands of people marching non-violently for zero population growth.


FNSEA is a neo-capitalist union that is hugely criticized in the country for its actions and the model it advocates. They are promoting an agriculture based on chemicals and large productions and are well know for their "non violent" demonstrations that cost millions to the state because of the damages to the public infrastructure.

The French agriculture has a problem, obviously, but the solution won't come from the FNSEA.


The actions of these French farmers should show the way to American small/family and organic farmers to rise-up and fight against corporate domination of our food supply, and GMO's it's about time. International corporations have worked for decades to dominate agriculture from seed to market with increased chemical poisons used, GMO and hybrid seeds that cannot be saved year to year, but must be bought annually from MonSatan and others. A sustainable and healthy food supply begins at home at local small farms, with varieties high in nutritional value, far less or zero pesticide and non-organic fertilizers used, and clean water. Bravo to the courageous French farmers!




Thanks Flo, that is informative and not part of the piece. there is always something hidden.....


At least the french government has set a goal of reducing the use of pesticides (and Neonics) by 50% by 2025. What is the U.S. government (run partly by Monsatan and big agro) doing to reduce our use of these poisons??? Are they going to wait until there aren't enough pollinators left to do an all too familiar "let's do a study to see what happened?" Our kangaroo courts mostly seem to exonerate big buck corporations anyway. Perhaps the'll try to import Chinese pollinators.

I wonder if our family farmers should mount up and load their trailers with manure and head to Monsatan's corporate headquarters on the way to D.C.? How many trailers of manure would it take to bury Monsatan"s corporate offices?


FNSEA doesn't "fight corporate domination of the world's supply", it is part of the said corporate domination. They constantly fight regulations for air pollution and bee-killing pesticides and clashed against the anti-GMO movement.


I applaud those small French farmers for objecting to being crowded out by big corporate factory farms. I wish they were growing fruits and vegetables instead of meat and dairy.


Don't know what you're on about with no warming for 17 years and an icebreaker having to rescue an Arctic ice-bound ship in Summer?


September 19, 2015 - Chicago, IL, "Farm Aid" brings the plight of small U.S. farms to the the Windy City. Salute to France's Best! Gmos must go. Corporate, big ag lies, must be aired and the humans telling them prosecuted. Poor farming practices must be called out and farmers allowed to grow what they wanna grow! AND MAKE A LIVING!


Cites please. I know the "no warming" one is wrong, and I can't find anything about an icebreaker doing a summer rescue.


Your expertise in weather study? As a Rtd Airline Training Capt I studied and applied meteorology, study of the weather. Weather = climate.

See all the Daily Telegraph climate-gate exposes.

h t t p etc wattsupwiththat.com/2015/07/22/arctic-expedition-to-study-global-warming-put-on-hold-because-of-too-much-ice/


Oh, are you one of "Thomas Jefferson"'s sock puppets? Did you get your pilot's licence from Microsoft Simulator too?

If you really had even minimal expertise, you'd not say anything so silly as "weather = climate". I think even grade-school kids know that's not true.