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Appalachia’s Front Porch Network Is a Lifeline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/10/appalachias-front-porch-network-lifeline

See it not “The Free market” under the auspices of Capitalism and “self interest” that getting these people through this crisis the most effectively. It is the COMMUNITY and social interaction and people helping people. Working people care whereas those politicians that passed the CARES act to bailout the rich do not care for anything but money.


You are exactly right.
The citizens along the Gulf Coast know very well this feeling of community coming together to support one another, it happens every time a major storm makes landfall here. Sadly it seems to disappear as soon as life gets back to normal. Here’s to hoping it becomes contagious, here and across the country. TPTB and the current administration want to continue their plan of divide and conquer with the masses, even during this pandemic, coming together, helping your fellow citizens, is the first step in defeating them and their deadly ideas.


Thank you Alison Stine for sharing the story of how your community is responding. Ginormous hugs to all the kids and their families … heck, to everybody! The more these narratives are spread and shared, the greater the recognition of our humanity and potential to rise to the challenges.

Good health, energy, joy and communications. Essay on!


While it’s inspiring to hear of these acts of communal solidarity, a comment like “While much of the country might fall back at this time, Appalachia has stepped up in ways both official and grassroots” has an air of parochialism about it, as if to insinuate that this sense of community is a rare thing outside of the region, which is belied by countless efforts nationwide to help each other in that same spirit.