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'Appalling Betrayal': New Report Details Dozens of Trump Rollbacks Perpetrated Under Cover of Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/appalling-betrayal-new-report-details-dozens-trump-rollbacks-perpetrated-under-cover

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While most people’s attention is on the Dancing Orange Bear in the center ring, few are seeing the theft from America and the negating of 50 years of environmental progress in the other two rings of the Trump Circus.


Man, would I love to shove that pen up his…

I don’t think that pen would give the satisfaction many are seeking. It would have to be a lot larger to equal the fucking he has given us.Perhaps a baseball bat.

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It’s said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

I’d use the baseball bat second to knock some sense…nah, that would be a wasted effort.

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Pen? Shit. I would strap him to a log and spray his butthole with something that would make a bear rape it. - and that only partly covers Trump university, nothing else.


Meanwhile, his lies and cover-ups as expressed to Bob Woodward have faded with his denials.

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Now there’s a thought. Bravo Nacho!

But, the denial of “Murder by Mistake” don’t cut it when you’re talking about 100’s of thousands Standish.

He’s now becoming a lone wolf, separate from the pack.

Murder is murder. This is going to stick.

He’s a fucking danger to even his GOP enablers now.


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It isn’t hard to notice that every position trump fills, or refills, leans to the corporate side in preference. Shrub was good at it, but trump is far more destructive.

It’s been four years and trump still doesn’t realize every word of his has been recorded in some fashion.
Or is this the Roy Cohn approach. Deny, deny, deny, and hope it sticks.

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Dude, I hope you’re right. He has plenty of blood on his hands just from getting up in the morning.

I’m still waiting for him to pay for “grab 'em by the pussy.”

Such a repellent, fecal, human being.

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Happy anniversary.