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'Appalling Criminal Conduct': California GOP Accused of Operating Fake 'Official' Ballot Drop Boxes


I wanna see the perp walk with full cameras on this one


Like fish suffocating out of water these republican thugs, feeling their power slipping away to those who are honest citizens, are gasping for their last breath. May they finish taking their last breath of power and fade away forever.


And to republicans trump’s lies are not lies. We couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s too crazy.


Postal Inspectors should be involved in this, and likely are. Tampering with the mail, which ballots are, is a felony I think. Some of trump’s other friends could use the company in jail.


Amen, Carol. Thanks for saying that. It’s time for Uncle Sam to start taxing all these churches.


As someone who grew up “behind the orange curtain,” I’m not too surprised to see Orange County Republican slimeballs pulling this kind of nonsense. On the other hand, it’s heartening to see the OC Register turning into a real newspaper, with its fairly forthright reporting on this – when I lived there, the Register was such an organ of the most conservative Republicans, they would have been cheerleading the shenanigans, not reporting on them!


Amen! We the People are hungry!


Just slightly OT, but I’d like to thank the poster here who recommended Sebastian Haffner’s memoir, “Defying Hitler”. It’s proving to be a breathtaking book.

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With the GOP now ready to give the Catholic Church a seat on our Supreme Court –

We should remember that BOTH the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church here
campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment with tax-exempt dollars –

I wonder if and how much CHURCH money also may be getting into GOP coffers
because it is the GOP which is kicking Separation of Church & State in the shins – isn’t it?


Some smaller churches barely get enough donations to keep up with maintenance and pay the preacher and family.
Tax them according to what they bring in, with the smaller churches paying little or nothing. In other words do it fairly.


gand –

We’ve had W Bush and now Trump turning over taxpayer dollars to Churches –
that has always been against the law –

As for Church and tax-exempt status – you’re right – it’s always been A RICH CHURCH
and a POOR PEOPLE – but they will continue ask the congregation no matter how poor
for their pennies –

A Church and its surrounding property should certainly be tax-exempt - and its soup kitchens.

But a Church’s other real estate, land holdings, Stock holdings and similar wealth should not
be tax-exempt. This relates to real estate being turned over to the churches – private property.
At the moment I’m not up to date with all of the challenges to church –
but with the brazenness of the Trump administration, I think we need investigation into whether
there is a stream of wealth coming into the GOP which is doing exactly what other businesses
are doing – looking to influence government to improve their financial outlook.

Male Supremacist religions need to find a way to re-attach themselves to government – to be
able to influence it on their own behalf – and to authenticate themselves –
being pushed out of our public schools but a huge loss for them –
members leaving the churches by droves is a huge loss for them –
paying pedophile lawsuits is a huge loss for them –

W Bush overturned regulations which barred the US government from extending financial
support to any “faith-based” religious organizations – the Catholic Church has the majority of them.
That happened at a time when Bush wanted to attack Iraq and didn’t want Church criticism.
At the same time, the Catholic Church needed money for pedophile lawsuits.

Trump has now overturned regulations which would have barred Churches from getting any
part of the STIMULUS – yet the Catholic Church got $1.4 BILLION to $3.5 BILLION of the
STIMULUS intended for workers. There’s a FORBES story on that –

How much did the GOP get from the Vatican/RCC here to overturn Roe?


Arrest them at once! Then shove one of their “Official Boxes” up Sean Hanity’s


No matter what good others do, it is the greed based republican party that wants to overturn those things. Too this country can’t seem to find a way for capitalism to work for everyone.
I guess it would be something like democratic socialism that would work for all.

Amazing how republicans are always thinking of ways to screw the public out of one thing or another.


They know they can only win by cheating. Mr. Mango even said it out loud on TrumpTV:



Orange County CA Repubs are no better than their OC FL colleagues, or those elsewhere. Dems are horrible too, when it comes to many policies especially including war.

This is still unusual for the OC Register, which I indirectly subscribe to digitally (the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in my case, but subscribing to one newspaper in the Southern California News Group gets access to all in the group). These papers all are very local, with very limited coverage of events outside Southern California.

I’d pay money to see that.

Simple solution: nullify all Republican votes on all California ballots!

Agreed. See my comment below.

Hanity is such an a…s, it would immediately fall out