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'Appalling Criminal Conduct': California GOP Accused of Operating Fake 'Official' Ballot Drop Boxes

Of course you are right, but, what the civilized people around the world need to know is WHERE ARE THE POLICE?


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Yes, because they are in a perverse opposition to the First Amendment of the Constitution. For purposes of taking freedom away from Americans, the media, (propaganda machine}has spun the meaning of the First Amendment from the original concept that government has not got the right to establish a religion.

Like the “hanging chad” George W Bush election of yesteryear?


They’re messing with California ballots? Really? California is a Blue state to the max, with only a handful of Red counties. I guess they’re proving that ballots can be messed with, but in CA? Boneheads.


Yes, but that is what I thought after the bogus Iraq war.

So, the’ll be back, like in the movie “Halloween.”

And a strong new party with new and innovative ideas at the national level, not allowed by those who control the direction of peoples thoughts.

That maybe the only state (so far) that has caught them.

Yes, likely decided by the SC or if Biden wins, followed by widespread acts of violence by Trump turds.

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Three of the same actors have been hired by the theocrats: Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all worked on Bush v Gore together.

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Forbes and AP. Roman-catholic-church-received-at-least-14-billion-in-taxpayer-funded-ppp-loans%2F
Where’s SEPARATION of Church and State. And they never contributed a dime in taxes!!!

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Christine – in case of W Bush and “faith based” religions, the SC actually
ruled it was OK - - I didn’t read the ruling but hope to some day.

In the case of Trump, he was allowed to overturn the regulation … whichever
one it was – perhaps based on the prior ruling for W?

THINK of all the questions they could have asked this religious robot today!!

My husband told me that Diane Feinstein HUGGED Graham at the end of the
session today!!


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I’m so disgusted and dismayed. Yes. Feinstein hugged the racist Senator from my state. I feel as though we’re living inside a bad movie. Tom Clancy can’t come close to any of this.

We need to stop the bleeding and tgen hopefully, people will be ‘awoke’ and actually work for real changes to our entire government…including expanding the court.