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'Appalling. Inhumane. It Needs to Stop.' Trump Policy Has Ripped 2,000 Kids—46 Per Day—From Parents in Just Six Weeks


'Appalling. Inhumane. It Needs to Stop.' Trump Policy Has Ripped 2,000 Kids—46 Per Day—From Parents in Just Six Weeks

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the six weeks that President Donald Trump's "heartless and cruel" family separation policy has been in effect, nearly 2,000 immigrant children have been separated from their families, according Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data obtained by the Associated Press and published on Friday.


And when those “tent cities” are erected in Texas and elsewhere…we will see babies, toddlers, young children, older children…wandering around in the stifling heat, looking frightened and lost as they are supervised by big (often obese) men with guns. And the jackals will foam at the mouth and roar that the parents “brought it down on themselves…” Sessions will piously quote the Bible (mostly Paul, the self-proclaimed disciple who hated women and was apparently a freak about the so-called “law,”), Trump will ramble incoherently and lie through his teeth…I dunno. This is so sick it’s become bizarre enough for a horror movie.


Yes, it’s Nazi Germany starting over here. First it’s the immigrants, then it will be all progressives…Then other countries will come over here to drop (&F(*(((s on us.


Trump lies with impunity.

If I were the D-party, i’d call him a “damned liar” every time I was in front of a camera.

But I have a spine, the D-Party doesn’t.


obomber did the same thing and the trumpster has ramped up the program. Sad little country we have become.


The Fourth Reich is alive and well in the White House. As to those “tent cities”, they remind me of the Nazi concentration camps or, maybe the Joe Arpaio gulags in Arizona. This is MAGA???


That may be our only saving grace since we are unable to take care of it ourselves. Our guvmint is M.I.A. on so many levels it most likely will take outside intervention. Damn disgusting!


It is becoming clear that the Trump supporters will never draw a line on going too far when it comes to keeping Hispanics out of the US or deporting them . They basically have decided to ignore morality and humans rights when it comes to their problem with the large number of Hispanics in the US. The more extreme Trump supporters want the US to return to a white European culture which is a myth since there is no such culture. There are various ethnic cultures but no white European culture. Trump certainly will continue the inhumane policy because it is shores up his political support and for Republicans that is now what counts. Sadly, the party that was once the party of Lincoln has abandoned all morality and human decency in its unending pursuit for votes. It has now gone after votes by taking children away from their families. It has found a man who can bring out the worst in Americans and is trying to ride this to more election victories.


No spine? They’re helping Trump on multiple despicable issues. They’re also supporting his cabinet picks and hey, they gave him way more war money then he asked for. The DNC/RNC is the same corporate monster. If either gets in again we’re screwed, and, the immigrants continue to keep getting treated worse.

That said, this whole thing takes sociopaths to do and support it. I’m glad its keeps being in the news even though I know the immigrants have only ever been used for DNC postering.

When the Dems are in they DON’T fix it. The fix is to grant everyone full citizenship and quick locking people up. Guard the border if they don’t want more. Make anyone who makes it across and stays over 5 years, citizens, as a human right to deflect abuse that non-citizens will get.


Mexico Deploys A Formidable Deportation Force Near Its Own Southern Border


Unable to come up with any real and legal reason for ripping children from their families, The Dept. of Homeland Security, will apparently try to reconstruct the Pied Piper of Hamelin story, and blame the disappearance of children on Russia, or North Korea-----or Syria, or Iran------------and sadly some people will believe this. : (


Child Abuse by the government of the United States.


Loathsome Donnie and his cronies will go down in history as the most vile, inhumane, soulless, empathy-devoid administration ever to occupy the White House …the worst of all time.


Not since the internment camps which housed Japanese families after Pearl Harbor, has such an inhuman act been perpetrated by the United States of America government.

He’s totally lost his mind.

I wonder if I could get 100 million people to sign a petition online, demanding Trump be put in jail for being a corrupt, thieving, inhuman prick.

What do you think?


Never ceases to amaze me why Americans call this nation a Christian nation.

It also never ceases to amaze me how the leading Jewish organizations like the ADL, and even AIPAC sit silent as we slow walk to NAZIism.

I guess those who cried incessantly about the need to NEVER FORGET have conveniently forgotten, now that they think they’re with the winning team.


When Oregon Senator Merkley was denied access to the Texas children’s detention center, gut feeling is that something very cruel, and evil was occuring to the children inside. A children’s gulag with all the blessings of most of Washington D.C.


Or maybe just blame the process on Muslims anywhere. And sadly people will either believe it or just be happy because it is the fault of the parents who are illegal anyway.


When a US Senator is denied access to a CHILDREN’S DETENTION CENTER, my first question is “What Crime Did Each Commit?” My second question, considering what a shithole our Government has become, is "How do we KNOW you haven’t ground them up into pet food that some of you Congressional Republicans then sell for added wealth?


It’s worth a try! I just noticed another post where apparently Twitler is trying to pull the troops out of South Korea and the Dems are trying to put through a bill blocking that.
*“There will be no peace in the world, it drops profits.” Remember, the blue and red sock puppets both work for the Oligarchy.
*We the People are going to have to learn to put our egos in the closet, then work toward one goal, to reclaim our Constitutional Republic and ensure that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are again in that government, intact and functioning. You won’t get any of that from a fat old elephant or braying jackasses. It must come from We the People!


Good point. The US is behind the deportation campaign in Mexico too. Truly despicable of the sociopaths in charge in the US.