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Appeals Court Reinstates Torture Case Against Infamous Military Contractor


Appeals Court Reinstates Torture Case Against Infamous Military Contractor

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

An appellate court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit against a private military contractor accused of torturing detainees at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, reversing a lower court decision that dismissed the case and rejecting the defendant's claim that the issue of torture was beyond the court's jurisdiction.


All of the oligarchy's plans are beginning to crumble into dust.
They don't appear to be able to hold the line anywhere anymore.
Their political system is crashing.
Their trade deals are imploding.
Their capitalist economic system is coming undone.
Their energy system is under attack.
And on and on it goes.
The 99% is winning on every front
We need to keep up the pressure.


These people are relentless. We have been through this before. In the mid 1800s (robber barons) and again in the 1920s (gilded age). These people never stop in theif quest for empire. They cannot just be defeated, they must be separated from their wealth. By any means legally possible


Everyone who was involved, from Dick Cheney down to the actual Torturers and the contracting company Executives should be arrested and sent to the Hague for War Crimes trials.


The truth is that justice will not be done until both Bush and Cheney are behind bars!


A cornered neoliberal can be very dangerous.


This is good news and it makes me feel hopeful for a more just nation.


These lawsuits to nowhere, but drag out for years, often decades. Torture is illegal--nationally and internationally. Obama admitted openly the US tortured "some folks" (how freaking cute!) but no one was held accountable which made him an accessory to war crimes. No one is going to be held accountable in any of these torture cases (or deaths under torture). This outfit can change its name (look how well that worked for Blackwater), leave the US, go bankrupt, and guess what? End of story.

The US doesn't prosecute our own war crimes just like it won't prosecute our financial cannibals for crashing the economy over and over. Wells Fargo. How about them since they are the most recent. Anyone going to jail? Epipen? Bridge-gate and that fat fu** in NYC--is he going to jail? Hardly.

This country has been riddled with scandals for decades over war crimes, financial corruption, etc. and I don't see any of them in prison. Bush 2. Cheney. Rumsfeld. Reagan. Carter. Rice. Kragan. Powell. Obama. Clinton (both), JFK, Nixon (well, he was impeached but lived long and prospered), Kissenger--Add to the list, there are hundreds. Calley. Tiger Force. Let's be real here. The US loves to go after all those others, even heads of state (regime change is popular) but no one is ever held accountable for those thousands of deaths (past and very present). Hell, the refugee problem right is somebody else's problem, not the US and we have been the worse offender and creator.

Good luck with that lawsuit, people.


Thanks to CD for keeping this issue alive; and, thanks to the Center for Constitutional Rights for continuing to defend people against such horrors perpetrated on them. I am sending a contribution to CCR for their work. Hopefully, this will eventually lead to Bush, Obama and all responsible high government officials to have their day in court, as equal justice under th law demands.


I wish this was all true. But you are feeling what a lot of us are feeling and I hope the so-called elite are feeling it too! There is definitely change "blowing in the wind." We all need to keep at it.


And there is good rationale for this. When money is allowed to control government and almost every aspect of the lives of the vast majority then that monetary advantage is wrong and must be disassembled. That time is now.


That would be a very good start.


Injustice allowed to fester uncontrolled is far more dangerous. The elites are well aware of that.


What more is to be added to this admission! Obama, who I now ashamedly admit I voted for (but only once!!), stands accused of being a fraud (for what he claimed to stand for) and a coward ("remember what they did to MLK" statement at that White House dinner). Obama forever claiming to be looking forward while in reality is looking over his shoulder in fear. He did to Libya what Bush and his murderous administration did to Iraq; and he is now attempting to do to Syria. This time, however, he just might be picking on the wrong folks with some pretty strong friends. Guess we might just as well bring out those old backyard bomb shelters. The insanity of these people in DC is beyond belief! The greater insanity is that "we the people" continue to allow it.


So true Archie, and thanks for that ...