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Applauded for Stances on Social Issues, Poll Highlights Silicon Valley's Disdain for Unions and Regulation


Applauded for Stances on Social Issues, Poll Highlights Silicon Valley's Disdain for Unions and Regulation

Julia Conley, staff writer

While the tech industry has recently taken credit for taking progressive stances on key social issues, a new survey shows that the political views of Silicon Valley's most influential players are not as clear-cut as they may appear—with many showing hostility to the rights of workers and and taking a dim view of government's oversight role.


Republican mentality, found in the richest, coolest companies everywhere.


The Republican brand has always sided with business, both big and small, in opposition to unions and the working men and women of America.
The rightward leap of the current Third Way/ DNC Democrat Party is peopled by these wealthy professionals, be they Silicone Valley entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, academics, or any professional stockpiling their wealth in a 401k or property.
Their first and foremost priority is safeguarding their investments.
Anti union and anti labor are stances they adhere to in protecting the market and stocks they are invested in.
Policies advancing cultural or identity positions cost them relatively little and serve to keep the working classes and people divided and struggling against other.
Democrat, Republican, doesn’t really matter anymore. It is the wealthy vs the rest of us.
Rule of thumb;
Anyone wearing a suit and tie are our enemy.


My experience has been that managers who oppose unions are too lazy or inept to do the documentation to get rid of bad employees. It is not the case that unions are bad, it is the case that management is bad.


No news here. Techies - both very rich to only just-plain rich, are Ayn Randians to the core.

Remember that techie who was so mad about having to pay taxes that he suicide-flew his plane into the IRS offices - killing two government workers? Oddly, nobody in media, ever called him a “terrorist” - but that’s another subject.


Did we really need “researchers” to “find” this?

And it’s hardly surprising that someone like Reich considers “a major backer of Hillary Clinton” to be on the “left”, or could come up with a singular oxymoron such as “a giant left-leaning corporation”, is it?


$15 an hour and unions for fast food workers, yeah like a snowballs chance in hell of not melting. Strange that when you get a lot of money it is never enough.


Get money out of elections!
End Citizens United.
Ban gerrymandering and voter suppression.


Anti-union is anti-democracy. Freedom of association is a fundamental right.


Another reason for a third part, the Peoples Party. See more at DraftBernie.org


I asked a union leader once about bad employees staying on the job and he said exactly what you just stated.


They’re also white male supremacists, too. They think that rich young white males are the only people that matter, the only people that deserve chances for good jobs in tech, and the only people that deserve to have a good life.

It’s no accident that women, blacks and anyone from generational poverty remain shut out of opportunity and tech jobs and that the overwhelmingly rich, white and Asian male technologist gang are largely the ones driving the human trafficking crisis - and this is the status quo that these spoiled, selfish overprivileged manbabies want to maintain. More money, opportunity, privilege and power for rich white males from Silicon Valley, and more poverty, oppression, and misery for everyone else.

These rich nerds aren’t the underdogs and victims they claim to be - they’re greedy and downright evil. They oppose equal rights and equal opportunity for poor women and minorities. They oppose any real safety net for people who’ve been pushed out of the economy due to age discrimination who are unable to economically provide for themselves. They’re opposed to human rights for anyone NOT a young, spoiled, selfish rich white or Asian male. And make no mistake about it, it is nearly only affluent males that get to be rich techies, and they want to keep it that way. Everyone else can just starve to death or die from poverty and homelessness.


Yes. In my rapidly gentrifying rust-belt city, the lines of privilege and class and age have become quite stark. And the just-plain snobbishness of the young techie-yuppies taking over Pittsburgh’s working-class neighborhoods is unbearable.


And of course, the whole “gamergate” scandal awoke me to a whole ugly culture I never know existed.

And what the hell is “tank flying”?


Disdain for Unions and Regulations are the title-
Reich was A strong supporter of NAFTA under Clinton- NAFTA was the nemesis of Unions- Reich certainly has no skin in this game!


There certainly is plenty of discrimination against women in Silicon Valley!!


Actually I believe that was A case of the IRS driving him to some very bad choices…They rode him pretty hard…


I’m not sure what you mean. Do speed limits drive people to break the law?


Reich was not a strong supporter of NAFTA. As Sec. of Labor, he was not even in a position to influence the content of the agreement aside from politely asking for labor side agreements that went nowhere.

If NAFTA was such a nemesis of unions, why has Canada not seen any decline in unionization rates after NAFTA?

Why is the left in the thrall of so many fake made-up facts? Why does the left know nothing about the functions and organization of the US government?


As is freedom to not associate…