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Applauding Release of Prisoners in Ohio Due to Coronavirus Threat, ACLU Calls on Officials Nationwide to Do the Same

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/16/applauding-release-prisoners-ohio-due-coronavirus-threat-aclu-calls-officials

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Every prison is a coronavirus bomb. If you let the prisoners out and find housing and food for them, the bomb is scattered about and defused. If you let the bomb go off then great numbers of prison guards and staff are going to take the coronavirus home with them, maybe a nursing home chain will catch the virus next, and the state will need to stay down on lockdown for an extra month or two.

Elderly Ohio residents need to ask themselves, do you want to pay the ultimate human cost in order to uphold some principle of American conservatism, vengeance at all imaginable costs? Further, do you also want to take your friends down to the grave with you in order to satiate your belief? I’ve heard of the last vengeful hand from the grave but I’d never heard of anyone who would plot it out so early.

Death isn’t going to wait forever for you to make a choice, dude.


If Iran can do it?

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Meanwhile in brazil:


Ohio’s governor rocks. He is leading the way. Governors of America forced Trump to wake up, at least on this CV issue.

If we bump the primaries down the road what happens to the general election? Must it follow that the general be bumped as well?
The dem. candidate gets no time to run against the incumbent otherwise.

Would it be possible to separate new prisoners from present ones?
Do we really want let the white collar rip-off artists back on the streets?

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