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Applauding Senator's Commitment to Putting 'Power in the Hands of the People,' Rep. Pressley Endorses Warren

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/06/applauding-senators-commitment-putting-power-hands-people-rep-pressley-endorses

Pressley might be a member of “the squad,” but she’s clearly not a true progressive. Probably angling for a Cabinet office if Tin Lizzie is elected.


Could’ve been a beautiful thing, all four members of the squad endorsing the next President of the United States of America, Bernie Sanders.

Don’t be cruel Ayaana.

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" One good turn deserves another. " This is called a political courtesy and even The DSA or The Greens would make this kind of political jesture. Hardly a thing to keep you up at night.

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I used to like Liz. But when she refused to endorse Bernie, I knew she wasn’t a true progressive. Sigh. Now I dislike her almost as much as I dislike $hillary.


Well no big surprise here. I remember she was criticized for endorsing Hillary too. Don’t know why she is grouped into “the squad”, as she appears to be a little out of step with those other progressive women.


This article contains a misleading snippet.

Warren, in her default “gutless” mode, did not endorse Pressley in her primary fight last year against Mike Capuano, who was pretty much just as progressive as Pressley. Liz hedged her bets, like the good little windsock she is.

And, in true windsock fashion, she’ll pivot considerably to the right if she wins the d-party nomination. But sometime down the road, like maybe when climate chaos is ruining the third wheat harvest globally in a row, progressives will notice the d-party pattern of using them then abusing them for what it is – the perfect reason to split into a third party. Sure, sometime…

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I wonder if Ms. Pressley has gotten any death threats from the white male “alt-left” over this decision…

I am old enough to have voted for George McGovern against Richard Nixon in 1972. McGovern was a liberal democrat who was against the Vietnam war. Nixon won 49 out of 50 states. Hate to say it but in the general election you have to move somewhat back to the center if you care to win a majority of the voters. There were many of us liberal voters back then and we got taken to the woodshed. It doesn’t hurt for Warren to say she’s a capitalist who wants to reform the economic system and enforce the new rules. That she doesn’t care to throw the baby out with the bath water.

So you’re supporting Warren?

Update your calendar. It’s not 1972 or 1984.

You ran the ultimate centrist in 2016. She lost to the “outsider” the public still clamors for.


I do support Warren. She grew up a republican because her family supported republicans. With time she came to realize they were in bed with the corporate elite and she became a democrat. Trust me, I would be very happy with either Bernie or Warren. Both grew up in the lower middle class and did menial work to get by. Both never have forgotten where they came from and their struggles. Far too many politicians born with a silver spoon in their mouth win the election and enrich the rich elitists who supported them. This is not the case with either Sanders or Warren.

Liz will pivot far more rightward than Bernie who may not pivot at all.

And to each his/her own but you sound like an enabler blue-no-matter-who LOTE voter.
Which is why your party is in its current position – moving rightward and losing members.

You need to win 50% plus one to win the election and there are key battleground states that often decide the outcome. I truly don’t believe you have enough voters that embrace Democratic Socialism yet. Capitalism that works for the middle class…Yes, they can grasp that.

Bernie’s theme – Not Me. Us. – will do him just fine.

But sure, dwell on the boogieman of Democratic Socialism. All the cool centrists are doing it.

Let me begin by saying loud and clear : I am not a centrist. Also, if you either listened to any of Warren’s speeches or read things she has written you would know she is not a centrist. Rest assured, next year you will hear the voices of every Republican in chorus falsely calling Bernie a radical, extremist Socialist. That he wants to take money from hard working Americans and give it to the idle slackers here illegally. What he advocates is a revolution and unfortunately much of the country isn’t ready for a revolution. They want reform. They just want our economy to work for everyone and not just the rich. Warren gets us there.

The RNC is running ads here in MI against centrist Dem Senator Gary Peters.
And everything you say they’re going to fling at Bernie, they’re flinging at Peters.
That’s what they always do, Bevin was doing it against centrist Beshear in KY.

Bernie beat Hillary in the Dem primary here, BTW, a proven win.
He polls miles ahead of Trump here head-to-head.

What I know about Liz is that she uses weasel words, is too cowardly to be direct, and that she passes muster with Third Way. No thanks. I prefer straight talk, courage, and making corporate interests nervous as hell – and yes, Trump ran on a revolution of sorts – and won.

And frankly, after watching the Dems contort themselves into incoherence trying to court whatever they think the country is ready for, I’m for nominating a candidate who can excite millions to get off their couches on election day and bother to vote. Again, dwell on the socialism boogieman all you want. That ship sailed.

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for what Bernie has accomplished and what he stands for. I think Warren stands for many of the same ideas that he does. I just believe she is the better candidate. Matter of opinion.