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Applause as Warren Shows Support for Green New Deal—the Plan 'Every Serious Presidential Contender Should Embrace'


Applause as Warren Shows Support for Green New Deal—the Plan 'Every Serious Presidential Contender Should Embrace'

Julia Conley, staff writer

After garnering some criticism from progressives for leaving her plans to combat the climate crisis out of her announcement regarding a potential 2020 presidential run, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) indicated Wednesday that she broadly supports the Green New Deal.


The young people in these new Movement are putting to shame the old guard. It’s time for them to step down en masse and let the youngsters take over.


I like the fight in these two ladies.


An unnamed staffer makes a statement on something this important, not Warren, herself? Let’s at least wait till Warren steps up and publicly makes her own statement. Haven’t we had enough of staffers trying to cover for their bosses?


Step #1: Run on overturning Citizens United. Without this action we are totally lost to corporate power. And both parties know it.


A “Green New Deal” is not going to work — or not work as well as it could — unless fundamental aspects of predatory capitalism which are entrenched in our system are changed. It’s not the 1930s any more.


How about letting the most capable take over, regardless of age and looks?
Ageism is a detrimental force in any society. Americans have a fascination with youth not unlike the fascination Islamic societies have with bearded males. A pretty face doesn’t necessarily translate into a working brain.


Information on a clean future is being suppressed by politicians. 100% clean energy (not just electricity) is doable with existing technologies. Do not deny the possible. Whole cities can be heated day and night, summer and winter, peak and baseload, cheaper than natural gas by using borehole seasonal storage, district heating, and solar concentrators. Clean energy competition is being disrupted by dirty energy industries and their corrupt politicians. This disruption is real.


Assuming it isn’t too late already, the only way to save the Planet is to have a Global Green New Deal, using global tax policy to subdue the most pernicious aspects of Capitalism. Unless Capitalism happen to have some hidden ability to adapt by foresight, something that is precluded by what we know of Economics and Finance.
How likely is it that global action can save Earth? I am not smart enough to answer this question, but I know someone who is. Stephen Hawking estimated the time horizon to Hot Earth to be about 200 years. It seems it would take a miracle to change capitalism in time.


Before jumping on Warren’s Duopoly wagon (she was a long-time Republican), consider this.

Warren named Anne Reid as her chief of staff. The elite media are all agog because. Reid is an African American woman. Reid is also a long-time staffer in the House and OB administration official who worked in HHS helping to jockey Romney/OBCare and she is considered a health care expert in Dem circles.

Worse, after Trump took over, Reid and other OB officials created an organization called Concordis: Strategy and Analytics in 2017. One of the co-founders is Bobby Clark, also of OB’s HHS. Clark was a drug company lobbyist (Director of Federal Affairs, Teva Pharmaceuticals) according to LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-clark-9346494/#experience-section

Curiously, the Concordis weblink does not work. https://www.concordisstrategy.com

So when Warren speaks about “Medicare for All,” it should be clear what she actually means. And when she says she supports a “Green New Deal” it would be smart to look behind that curtain That’s true of the other 20-or-so Dem horses in the race.

Here’s where they should be starting:



Excellent point! Ever since Warren treated Bernie with contempt and backed the Wall Street walker in 2016 I have lost respect for her. From my perspective, she is just another phony progressive, Democrat. But I would love to have my perspective proven wrong!




Take a look at this: https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/01/02/communism-fascism-and-green-shaming/


I see us as having a fascination with old white people. If we’re so youth-obsessed than where are they represented in the political arena? I don’t think your statement is relevant to this discussion. It’s dividing and damaging. Frankly, our fascination is with wealth. Both the old and young are being marginalized due to economic status. I won’t be distracted by your shiny object. Otherwise, I agree with you. I just don’t think your assertion makes sense. As a culture we do deify youth and looks. But we are represented, politically, to a disproportionate degree,
by white, mostly older male, millionaires. Why is there a minimum age for president? Especially one set at many years above drinking, voting, driving and military-service ages? Are none of our best possible choices in that pool of youth?


I love Senator Warren’s rhetoric and believe she sincerely wants to fight corporate corruption and the corporate exemption from prosecution with the ability to avoid jail time for far, far, greater crimes than the general public is incarcerated for.

I remind you dear reader, that her position is absurd. The congressional and corporate level of corruption is so extensive that he idea of fixing that as a senator is like saying “I’ve become a member of the mafia, so I can make it an honest institution.” Corruption will NEVER legislate itself out of existence. It will take a movement outside of the institution to effectively address the corporate takeover of our government.

A vote for Warren is a vote for the status quo, despite her wholesome messaging.


You’re right, and there’s more. The staffer is unnamed in the Axios article, and that person’s position in Warren’s office is not mentioned either. The staffer could be Warren’s Chief of Staff or an unpaid intern opening envelopes for the holiday season or, most likely, someone between those two.

The statement itself is not that impressive. Here is the first half:

“Senator Warren has been a longtime advocate of aggressively addressing climate change and shifting toward renewables…”

This is a generic enviro statement that we’ll hear from every Democrat running for President this year, including Uncle Joe and Aunt Hill. If he decides to run against Trump, we’ll hear it from Rex Tillerson, too.

Here’s the second half of the statement:

“…and supports the idea of a Green New Deal to ambitiously tackle our climate crisis, economic inequality, and racial injustice[.]”

This half contains the lovely weasel words “supports the idea of”. These words allow the politician to sound pro-green while opposing any or all of the concrete proposals that are part of the Green New Deal.

The Axios article also reports that

“Warren has a 99% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters.”

I leave analysis of the LCV score for another day.


TomJohnson, let’s be careful not to resort to a religious view to combat a religious view. What does precisely mean “addressing the engine of global destruction?” Does it mean dismantling it? The far left would say it means wrecking it until it no longer determines the course of history.
We don’t know what can happen with that engine as the reality of climate catastrophe becomes more clear to people who don’t have the right background. At this time, for the first time since the dark ages, the world is dominated by ignorance, spearheaded by none other than the United States. Amazing but true. But this could change and reverse course, we don’t know.
What we do know, however, is that the engine of capitalism cannot be stopped. Either capitalism develops a survival strategy (we don’t know that that is even possible), or our descendants are doomed.


In so many aspects of human thinking and judgement and skill, there simply is no alternative for life experience - and age provides that experience. This is proven in everything from engineering to medicine to air line pilots to astronauts to carpenters and coal miners. The youngest person to walk on the moon was 36 1/2 and the average age was 40. And workplace fatalities in dangerous occupations go way down over the age of 35.

Politics is a similar occupation that required an accumulation of experience and skill. It is not enough to simply have a good idea. You need the skills to navigate that idea through a complex deliberative and procedural process with 535 other people to make that idea into reality.

This is why this peculiarly USAn notion of “term limits” for elected representatives (totally aside from it being undemocratic) is such a bad idea. It has not been considered in any democracy in the world.


There are two kinds of old sailor: the one with 25 years of experience, and the one with 1 years’s experience 25 times in a row.

(Agreed that term limits are undemocratic)


I love how we have an age requirement for president but literally NO other qualifications. I think age-related experience is a valid thing, but the lack of other standards nullifies the argument. In a lot of ways you are more heavily vetted for a job at frickin’ McDonalds. That makes no sense. I mean shouldn’t the experience be applicable, as well? We ended up with Trump. Pro move America. Unlimited terms a fine idea in theory. If campaign money is taken out of the equation then may the best person win. But what we have now? Are you serious?