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Applause for All Who 'Never Gave Up This Fight' as US Postal Service Agrees to Reverse Changes That Slowed Mail Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/applause-all-who-never-gave-fight-us-postal-service-agrees-reverse-changes-slowed

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If you believe that the republicans will honor their word you are not paying attention.


As Charlie6 points out – “agreeing” and actually following through are two different things. This needs any pressure that the Montana state government can muster.


Just another indication we are not a nation of law and order. The lawlessness of DeJoy, the damage has been done, the sorting machine I heard were parted out? So 19 days before the elections they will stop delaying the mail, how long will it take for this to be engaged?

Thank you Steve Bullock Democrat Governor of Montana.


This is not just a Montana problem, it is a nation’s problem i.e… all states.

To all the dems who have been in Congress the last 40 years “WTF has you been doing”? How in the hell did our laws have no teeth? under both dems and repugs?


That is no shit!

Steve Bullock’s tweet:
“Postmaster General DeJoy has agreed to reverse the changes that were harmful to Montanans’ access to the post office.”

Are you kidding me!!! “DeJoy has agreed”, well isn’t that sweet of him. Where are his GD handcuffs? Charges for the many, many felonies that we know of? This jackwang has destroyed millions of dollars of government property, earning him a felony charge for each expensive machine destroyed, they are beyond repair, destroyed.
So Bullock, how about you, and others, stop this dam dog and pony show, and do your job, calling for Dejoy’s arrest and the dozens of felony charges against him.


As Charlie said above, “A leopard never changes it’s spots, and a hardened criminal will always revert to crime.”

This criminal’s declaration is a little too late and doesn’t forgive him for the damage he has inflicted on our Post Office.

Investigations into his part in the conspiracy to blow up the Post Office so that privitization can take over must continue.

The one big problem I’ve seen over the years is the ratcheting effect that takes place between the two parties. Elephants take over and push their far right agenda. Followed by the politically frightened, spineless, donkeys, who then fail to restore things back to the way they were. Click, click, click, soon we find ourselves so far to the right by this one step forward, two steps backward, back and forth, people begin to accept the bs as the new normal. The good ole USPS no more.

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I make sure my post office knows how much I appreciate ALL they do - love to buy those fab stamps - seen the Frog ones ? or the vegetables ! being a market gardener I bought lots of those - & the woodstock ones - hoping to piss off the bill collectors- Daughters informed me they pay bills on line - sad. I’ve never given gifts to postal delivery people but might be leaving a little something for them this year ~ I’m saying Thank You to all delivery people now - even w/a mask on people know you’re smiling - so do it !

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Yes, restoring services should include removing lackey DeJoy.

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DeJoy is no more than corporate style Pinkerton. A hired thug.

Yeah, we’ll get right on that - starting November 4.

Actually, no. Pinkertons themselves were working class. (“I could hire half the working class to kill the other half.” - Jay Gould). This guy is far from working class. (For example, he arranged a $600K donation to Trumps re-election.)