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Applause for New Zealand 'Wellbeing Budget' That Dedicates Billions to Mental Health Care and Ending Child Poverty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/applause-new-zealand-wellbeing-budget-dedicates-billions-mental-health-care-and

Hey, I now know where I’m gonna move to. Check out additional info on Wikipedia.

Why in the fuck can’t the US guarantee their citizens any type of services like the majority of industrial countries in the world?

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Did anyone tell the 50,000+ NZ teachers who went on strike today over continued cuts to education in favor of more bombs?

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How novel. Instead of America’s non-approaches to solving the problem of too many gun deaths, which are mental health and gun ownership, NZ has opted to tackle both. The U.S. up until now has done neither.
I’ve began checking into the idea of moving abroad. The hitch for us is healthcare. We have to find out if our VA care can be matched in some way.
2nd choice Ireland, and third either France or Spain.
Then there are Fiji and Costa Rica. They all sound good right about now, as retirement haunts.

Hate to rain on your parade - sure our government is better than the craziness in the USA (or the chaos in the UK) but they are doing NOTHING structurally to dismantle the neo-liberalism that creates the need for the mental health services and is causing climate catastrophe. This is just well-intentioned rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic

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I wish Canada did the same. How could we do it? Easy…return the Federal Rate of Corporate Taxation to 1948 percentages or 49% over $250,000.00 of profits and stop all wealth and profits from leaving the country to “illegal Tax Havens” . http://www.umanitoba.ca/cm/cmarchive/vol16no4/revbehindcloseddoors.html
Mr. Blair M. Phillips


But we know the fight that would ensue when the well-to-do are left with only one big boat instead of two. Two extra homes instead of three etc. etc.

My Nephew has lived in New Zealand since 2003 and he tells me he loves it! Good luck!

I was being facetious since I’m 72, but it seems like a pretty decent place to live. Your Nephew, how old is he and what kind of work does he do? That would be the big thing for someone moving there, is JOBS.

He is in the high tech industry. He moved to New Zealand when he was in his early 20’s about 15 years ago.

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