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Applause for Pete Buttigieg as 2020 Hopeful Strays From 'Trite Script Most Politicians Cling To' During Town Hall

Applause for Pete Buttigieg as 2020 Hopeful Strays From 'Trite Script Most Politicians Cling To' During Town Hall

Julia Conley, staff writer

Many viewers of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's town hall on Sunday were intrigued by the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate's thoughtful remarks and intent on making sure they're able to hear more from Buttigieg throughout the campaign.

I’m glad I read through to the bottom where I see:

  1. He is for a public option before pushing for Medicare for All.

  2. He is for regime change in Venezuela.

I could care less if he is a good speaker, doesn’t equivocate on other points, or whatever other desirable qualities he has. He is completely disqualified from my short list (Sanders, Gabbard, Warren).


With apologies to all of the decent citizens of Indiana, this state has wrought some of the worst political baggage we’ve had to put up with.


We’re seeing the advent of the “idea hero”. Anyone who has a bold policy idea becomes the next hero who should be elected president. And every voter has some pet idea that ties them to whatever candidate: the green new deal, the real-deal Medicare for All, a wealth tax, abolishing the electoral college.

Sheesh, I must sound like Hillary, here. But I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t vote for them because the ideas are pie-in-the-sky unrealistic, just that maybe we should examine how we vote and see that when we vote for someone because he/she is an idea hero, we aren’t only fragmenting the field to the point that guarantees a nomination for Biden, but we’re also failing to see the big picture of what a president should be.


It will be beneficial on many accounts if he is included in the debates. But it is especially important to include young people and their perspectives, and especially so with well educated and intelligent young people.

Sorry to the nay commenters here, but the world is not black/white. There is an interview with him in book span that I found interesting.

So many of our would be progressives fall down when it comes to foreign policy. The irony is that the solution to our domestic problems lies in reining in our military budget to fund the solutions to our domestic problems.


Actually he said he was for supervised fair elections not forcible regime change thru troop invasion.

And he is for Medicare for All one way or another he will not leave anyone out.

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Mayor Buttigieg gave a very impressive performance last night on the CNN Town Hall.

This guy is extremely intelligent and a humanitarian.

I like him a lot and I think he already outshines the other candidates with the exception of Bernie.

From my perspective this is a young Bernie and I truly believe he will be a force to be reckoned with in the Democratic Party.

He is genuine unlike the phonies we now have competing for the White House.

Welcome Aboard Mayor Pete.


We get a puff piece on this self proclaimed pragmatic centrist who is for the American Imperial Project and is against Single Payer all because he’s ‘fresh’ and ‘young’ and gay? (I’m LGBTQ myself)

Yet Tulsi is ignored when she had a town hall too?

This is beyond disgusting.


This poster boy of shallow Identity Politic is no more progressive than his heroine Hillary Goddamn Clinton who also said what he says, “I’m a pragmatic progressive.”

The establishment will do whatever it takes to fool us.


Though he is a longshot, I really like what Pete has to say and how he says it.

No one expected Leicester City to win the English Premier League recently, but they did. You never know.

Just look at the father & son “team” of the Bayhs.

Too bad his policy stances are pretty much in line with Joe Biden’s.


Keep in mind that all of them lie. The system is broken, corrupted beyond repair.


I like his ideas of abolishing the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court. The rest is mostly standard fare, except his attractive demeanor. Somewhat disgustingly, that last one could be what 50% turn out to vote for. We’re always looking for a savior within our cult of personality.

Sorry - no more amateurs in the White House. Mayor of a town of 101,168 is NOT prep for President of the US. NOt even VP kid. NOw take a cookie and go to your room

He is for regime change via sanctions (as is unfortunately Warren who may be leaving my top 3 - http://inthesetimes.com/article/21697/democrats-president-donald-trump-coup-venezuela-juan-guaido-nicolas-maduro). I am 100% against that unless we are going to sanction a whole lot of countries worse than Venezuela with Saudi Arabia near the top of that list. He may not support military action now but he is enabling the people that do and to a lesser extent so is Sanders (who at least doesn’t support sanctions). Really only Tulsi Gabbard gets this issue right of all the candidates I’ve heard comment on it.

On Health Care, if he is willing to primarily support the full effort but let us know that he predicts we need a transition by 55+ first (I disagree - this is an expensive age group to add and I’m in this group) or by buy in first (I’m just as opposed to this idea for similar reasons), that’s one thing. But for someone to lead with these bad ideas (like Sherrod Brown) is a deal breaker for me.

I didn’t catch this guys town hall and I don’t think I’m going to bother. I will watch the Tulsi Gabbard one though which I hadn’t heard about (thanks @LibWingofLibWing). So I got something out of this thread anyway.


Ah, have you actually listened to this guy? No disrespect meant, but he’s NOT a centrist by any stretch. His ideas on single payer are complex, but mostly sounds like he’ll support it. Overall he’s WAAY more of a progressive than a centrist.

In any case, there are a shit ton of people trying to get up on that stage - many of whom will clearly crash and burn as they are SO out of touch - and they are not getting the DNC’s nod.

A few will get a decent listen by the American Voter, and unfortunately he/she that is bequeathed the president-ship will be anointed/selected - as was miss H. I hope I’m wrong about the last comment regarding the DNC’s thumb on the scale. But I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t for a minute think the powers that be have ANY interest in putting up the best candidate for the people.

Bernie is either profoundly naive when he says “We’re going to win this time!” or he’s got some other issue. I think we all know the DNC is in charge and won’t give up that power. Sure, they made some superficial changes but have retained ALL capacity to be the decider in this upcoming primary.

Our best energy would be put forward in trying to kill the filibuster (without which NONE of the urgent things that are needed will EVER be done) and also in pressuring the DNC to give up ALL control and leave it to the people. Without either of the above, we’re liable for a 2016 repeat of the orange turd.


I have thought about this issue often. I voted for Ralph Nader twice and I would have kissed the ground had he actually won which I knew wasn’t going to happen but I also knew he’d do a fantastic job if it did happen. But if I were setting up the US political system would I require a perquisite for President? I think I would. But what prerequisite really makes sense other than at least 1 full term as a governor? (I’ve heard the arguments that in some states even governor might not be much experience). Some have said this puts Democrats at a disadvantage (I guess there are less Democratic governors or ex-governers) and obviously it rules out any third party challenge for president (until one wins governor somewhere). Should mayors of very large cities (NYC, LA, Chicago, …) also be viewed as enough executive experience? Should Senators be considered enough federal government experience even though it wasn’t an executive position? Should enough terms in the House qualify you too? (Gabbard is definitely my number 1 or 2 candidate, but I’m aware Presidents rarely come from the House, but of course we live in crazy times now).

What are you thinking of to meet your bar?

I did not watch the Town Hall but have listened to Mayor Pete’s interviews on various podcasts. His centrist policies are not to my liking but it is refreshing to hear someone speak who doesn’t make my ears bleed and trigger my gag reflex like the incoherent ramblings of our current WH resident. I hope candidates quoting philosophers instead of Hannity is a trend.