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Apple CEO Lambasts Government, Facebook Over Civil Liberties 'Attacks'


Apple CEO Lambasts Government, Facebook Over Civil Liberties 'Attacks'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In what has been described as a "blistering" attack, Apple CEO Tim Cook lashed out against government spying and the "gobbling up" of information by Silicon Valley rivals Facebook and Google during an award ceremony on Monday evening.

"I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information," Cook said in a remote address before Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) 'Champions of Freedom' event in Washington, D.C.


Our next computer will be an Apple. Hopefully you mean it and can follow up with real results.


Actually, the more chaos and conflict between the merely crooked and the entirely crooked corporate moguls, the more prospect of daylight falling into the crevices between criminal corporate behavior and the rest of us.

Meanwhile, remember to send your senators and congress members thank you notes for their criminal neglect of our public interests.

After all, they may be so ignorant they have no interest in our public interest. The need our thank you notes to remind them it is okay to have some interest in the public interest because the public interest in the interest we share with them and their children and our children.


There is an alternative and it doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

I am in process of migrating from the well known social networking sites to less well known sites that offer true privacy protection for their users.

Alternatives do exist. Check out seen.is for example.



Big data collection has lead to big data breaches. A friend used to work IT for the Air Force; now he does computer repair on the side. He does not use anti virus. He says computers w/ AV get viruses.
I wonder if the coders who write AV write in back doors to hack on week ends?
The NSA has 30,000 employees just in cryptography. I wonder how many are hackers. I wonder if their supervisors are IT literate enough to even know what they are doing. If Snowden could walk away with all the info he did, how much data could an NSA black hacker steal; the 100,000 IRS identities, the Sony hack, the Fappening??

I would like to defend myself from private hackers, corporate hackers, US gov hackers, Chinese hackers, Russian hackers. Maybe all citizens of planet earth should encrypt everything to protect ourselves from all corruption from all state and private sponsors of hacking.

When encryption is outlawed only outlaws will use encryption?


yes, when encryption is illegal only outlaws will use encryption, that’s the point being made here and it is a good point. But corporate and gov spies don’t want the plebians to be encrypting b/c it makes their profit margins that much more difficult to widen. Poor babies… I got a big stick to show them some sympathy with but for now, I’ll speak softly.


This the CEO of a company that makes billions off the backbreaking labor of Chinese that are paid slave wages. I guess Chinese civil liberties don’t count to Cook.