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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Ditches Facebook Over User-Data Profiteering


Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Ditches Facebook Over User-Data Profiteering

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid continuing fallout over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and revelations of the vast reach of Facebook's data-mining, Apple co-founder and privacy advocate Steve Wozniak said that he's ditching the social media site over its profiting off of users' personal information.


How does this differ from consumers buying and wearing clothes having corporate names or logos on them ?

The corporations should be paying wearers to wear their branded clothes.


For openers, your clothing doesn’t report back to HQ on your butt size.


I hope many people follow Wozniak on this. The business model of Facebook and Google and many other social media companies is in conflict with important values such as privacy. Between using these social media cites, the tracking of location through cell phones, and data generated offline through purchases using credit cards and rewards cards this really is becoming a surveillance society. Not to mention all the public cameras and facial recognition software and license plate readers.


Seems to me the whole social media fake news and spying thing was the manufactoring of consent to regulate.


Just like the Florida election fiasco was the cover for “Help America Vote” and the subsequent black box voting?


Sadly, millennials are perfectly happy to trade privacy for convenience.

Just yesterday one told me that he has nothing to hide.


The picture of him looks like a bigfoot was captured and interviewed. lol


I’m shocked Wozniak fell for the facebook BS.
Is Apple really better ? Fitbit users better hope so.


You raise a good point, but my understanding is that, for example, Facebook is almost essential to any organization, profit or non-profit, needing to make a presence and attract eyeballs. This seems to apply to individuals as well.

This is by no means an endorsement. In fact, I have never even used Facebook (or any of its antecedents), and based on recent events, I’m hardly going to start now. But the number of discussion forums I used to comment in has dwindled because I have to use a Facebook account (or other social media I don’t use) to log in now.


I heard some apologist back when the paranoia of Total Information Awareness and the Patriot Act was being raised during the Bush Regime. This person said - “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” Thing is - who the hell is determining what is “wrong”? This fool demonstrated just the kind of acquiescence that governments, especially authoritarian ones, like to see in their people.


I have also had to quit websites that chose to align themselves with FB and wouldn’t allow you to make comments unless you had an account.
BTW, I enjoyed the SNL “Weekend Update” segment where they had “Mark Zuckerberg” on and he basically admitted that he stole the idea of Facebook from those fellow students at Harvard. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie “The Social Network” it gives a good account of Zuckerberg’s early years and what a weasel he was and remains. The cast member playing The Zuck even mentioned his “shark eyes” and, of course, he was wearing his gray T-shirt.


It seems to be the theme in the dotcom world, with Wozniak being one of the few to benefit from his own invention.


That is true but their choice, my Dad through away the little yellow ball Sunoco placed on his cars antenna and said he was not on their payroll.


Zuck said today that security would cut into profits, good enough for the Ferengi Congress.


Boy is that a perfect description for what passes for politics in the USA.


Second the vote on The Social Network, which I thought was as much about social Darwinism (a passe term I guess) as about social networking. Or are they simply synonymous?