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Apple Privacy Push Faces First Big Test From US Government


Apple Privacy Push Faces First Big Test From US Government

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the latest development in the battle for privacy rights, Apple has rejected a court order to hand over to the U.S. Department of Justice a series of text messages sent between two iPhones, citing encryption safeguards that prevent the company from accessing communications data.


Go Apple and Microsoft. All the gov't. need do is convince Ireland to issue a warrant. In Apple's case, get a U.S. warrant. That's what used to happen most all of the time.

Apple, please do NOT compromise or negotiate. Protect our rights. Make them get a warrant. the FISA Court always gives them one anyway, so what are they worried about? I'd like to see them have to get a regular warrant.


The DOJ says it needs to see the text messages for a criminal investigation. Nuts

The DOJ feels the need to hear every conversation of every criminal conspiracy.
(except those police shooting statistics)

So why not require a microphone on everyone and we all turn in our recorded conversations.
Same request as turning over text messages.

Criminal investigation is not hard, quit being lazy in thought and action, do the leg work, get a warrant, and quit trying to dragnet the whole world's activities.