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Apple's $38 Billion Tax Payment Less Than Half of $79 Billion They Owe


Apple's $38 Billion Tax Payment Less Than Half of $79 Billion They Owe

Jon Queally, staff writer

Instead of praise, critics suggest, tax payment should generate outrage over "huge tax windfall" corporations have been given


I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!


This, among other factors, is why corporate charters were originally time limited. The “immortal” corporation is an immoral corporation.


Corporations are chartered by the Secretary of State of their respective State of registration. We need to start challenging and removing corporate charters from those who abuse the system.

A corporations’ ability to do business is still technically under the control of We the People.


The statement by Apple’s CEO was standard patriotic boiler plate.

Apple’s biggest responsibility is to its shareholders.

It doesn’t make its products here because American workers don’t like sleeping in factory dorms where they can be awaken at 2am to work 12-hour shifts to catch up with the latest design changes that came in from California.

So Apple can talk pretty, but it manufactures ugly and stockholders reap the rewards off the backs of wage slaves.


Not easy to do. First the very politicians who would administer a revocation are already in the pocket of the corporations. Second, corporations have 4th Amendment search and seizure rights making on the spot inspections impossible, and making proof of wrong-doing hard to obtain. Lastly, from the moment a corporation is chartered, it goes from being a legal document to an actual person with equal protection under the law, in the eyes of the law.

How I wish we could just revoke Exxon’s charter, but it isn’t going to happen. A Constitutional amendment is required to overturn a century+ of Court rulings granting corporations constitutional rights, which clearly articulates that corporations are not people and not entitled to constitutional human rights.


You are correct: Not easy to do.

But not impossible, either.

A relentless pursuit of the Constitutional Amendment that you suggest is necessary. It won’t be easy and it will take time but it is imperative for the survival of our republic.


Sign seen at Occupy Wall Street:

“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

—and they wonder why they were beaten, tasered and tear gassed…


That’s “priceless.”


Anyone here think that Apple product junkies will ever give up their IPhones or MAC’s?

A boycott on Apple could be “Yuge.”

We the People must bring them to heel.


“We have a deep sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who help make our success possible,” declared Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s CEO, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Isn’t it curious that Apple says “give back”? The giving that Tim Cook is talking about is voluntary, up to Apple and its sense of right and wrong.

Paying taxes is involuntary. It’s a legal requirement. It’s the patriotic duty of every American citizen and corporation.

Of course, if you can influence the government you paid for to write laws to eliminate and reduce your taxes, and you find yourself drowning in historically high profits, perhaps you have the luxury of “saying” you are thinking “deeply” about “giving” back, and better still, according to what you and you alone decide is right and fair.

Apple knows: corruption works best when it’s legal.


No, no, no, no. Apple’s greatest innovation of late is not it’s ability to avoid taxes, it is its ability to con an entire population of sheep to keep paying through the nose every 9 - 12 months for nominally useful bells and whistles.


Although I own neither, I have used both droids and I phones.

Owning a droid is tantamount to having a car that you can drive on any paved road while I phones are tantamount to having a car that you can drive only on roads the manufacturer allows you to drive on, in addition to the outrageous price for the “bells and whistles”.


I’m shocked at the reported low lobbying amount of $2 million. That’s nothing compared to the $40 billion tax cut.


A $40 billion tax cut from a $2 million lobbying investment makes lobbying the Murkin gubmit one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) in history.

Recall that “lobbying” is a euphemism for legalized bribing.

The mainstream media coverage of this issue during the past day has gloated on the stock buybacks, stock dividend increases and acquisitions of other corporations the GOP tax cuts will enable Apple to proceeds with.
Historically all off those activities have reduced jobs for Murkins and there is no reason it will be any different with Apple.


The Corporate Democrats and Republicans never should have allowed corporations to offshore profits in the first place, whichever “sandwich” was used, in whatever sheltering country.

Corporations based in the US get the benefit of taxpayer paid infrastructure, courts that enforce intellectual property rights, “regulatory” agencies that work in their favor, market expanding efforts and protection by the State Department, market expanding efforts and asset protection by the Pentagon, CIA for market development and protection utilizing torture and murder and the rest, and the list goes on.

But they don’t want to pay for any of that. Many corporations effectively pay nothing in taxes.

Of course any tax paid would not absolve corporations benefiting from market expansion and asset protection that oppresses, tortures, and kills human beings for their fucking profits.


Absolutely. This is long overdue.


“…corruption works best when it’s legal.”

Fortunately for all of the beloved household names, that is entirely true.


Lobbying - the gift that keeps on giving!


“Apple’s $38 Billion Tax Payment Less Than Half of $79 Billion They Owe”

That is a false statement.

Actually, under previous legislation their tax burden was 0 (zero) unless they brought the foreign earnings into the country. New legislation makes them pat 15% whether they bring it to the US or not. Nobody seems to focus on that.