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Apples and Oranges? GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against Sandy Aid Want La. Flood Relief


Apples and Oranges? GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against Sandy Aid Want La. Flood Relief

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As residents of Louisiana this week struggle to recover from "one of the worst floods in modern history," there is a chance that federal aid may not be so forthcoming thanks to a trio of Bayou State Republicans, who back in 2013 voted against helping victims of another storm: Sandy.


The concept of GOP encompasses a fairly pure form of evil these days. It would not be surprising to see the states begin to block benefits to each other based on the Republican prime directive of greed. Repugnant.


This is what centrist corruption looks like.
Voting center makes one an accessory to . . . . .!!!!!


First, Commondreams mispelled my crappy homestate. Its Lousy-ana. Second, I will guarontee that some of that money will line politicians pockets before it even enters the system. There is one of many reasons I left the armpit of the south.


Hasn't Lousy-ana assassinated or put in prison more politicians then the rest of the country combined.
Something must be in the oil, gas and petrochemicals. Like dollar bills.


Vote them out of office! They do not represent the people of Louisiana


Apples and oranges eh?! You three like apples? How 'bout them apples?!
I say: No fruit for you!
Let your constituents drink the tea!


Being a conservative means looking out for #1 and screw everybody else.


Tell them to stick their heads under water and count to a thousand. Then repeat after me: This is what climate change looks like!


Louisiana is close to, if not already a failed state. Louisiana's criminal justice system is non-functioning at this time. The people of Louisiana should be helped; however, the lawmakers who voted against Sandy Aid have to be punished. They won't, and that is the problem.


Those 3 Tea Party Poopers want flood relief for Louisiana & voted against flood relief for the Northeast when Hurricane Sandy struck there. Most people in the Northeast vote Democratic & most people in Louisiana vote Republican. That's why. Anyone from the Northeast including conservatives should be upset with them.


For the doctors: What happened to "Do no harm!"??


Denying relief as a form of revenge - or for political gain - would be as heartless as what these bastards did with Sandy.

Now, if it was their personal losses that were in question, I'd have no qualms about hoisting them with their own petard, but the victims shouldn't suffer for the sociopathy of their representatives, should they?


This is simple. Make federal emergency aid contingent on Louisiana GOP lawmakers signing an oath that they accept climate change and the responsibility of humans in such change. Also, that signed oath must be published in every newspaper in Louisiana, and posted on the web sites of said lawmakers.


"Remarkably, both Fleming and Cassidy are medical doctors. "

That does not make them scientists who can think critically; and they are also politicians.


If all of the people, every single adult among those impacted by these storms in LA were to vote against these disgusting NeoCons and get them out of office, they need to make sure they vote FOR someone of ethics. That is a hard thing to find in most states right now. But we have to keep searching for them. We have to find a way to get out of this horrible situation the GOP has maneuvered us into. Gerry mandering just one tool they've used, is also used at times by the dems. We the People, have to become louder and stronger. Just look at our own so called progressive President who seems unwilling to deny any request from a rich corporate manager. Any request at all, and he hands over his signature. It is too much!


Obviously they DO represent the people of Louisiana since the people of Louisiana put them in office to represent themselves.


To wit: Ben Carson.


"Remarkably, both Fleming and Cassidy are medical doctors. "

There's nothing remarkable about it. So many medical doctors who become legislators have been complete idiots. One of them, Bill Frist, even became head of the Senate. Then there was that idiot from Georgia, an OB/GYN, who doesn't believe in embryology.

It just may be that the reason that they go into politics is that their little minds can't wrap themselves around something as concrete as science.


Since many of the victims voted for these cretins and share some of the blame, there is a reasonable argument that they should at least suffer a little more than the people in NY did after Sandy. While totally denying aid is wrong, making it difficult to get and not totally sufficient may not be so out of line.