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Appluading Progressive Champions, Congressional Scorecard Highlights "People's Platform" Backers

Appluading Progressive Champions, Congressional Scorecard Highlights "People's Platform" Backers

Jon Queally, staff writer

Applauding Democratic members of the U.S. House for their support of a slate of bold and progressive bills, a coalition that mobilized a grassroots campaign is calling their "Summer for Progress" a success in terms of pushing an agenda that goes beyond simply saying "no" to the agenda of President Donald Trump and the Republicans who control Congress.

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For any real change in the DLC corporate wing of the DINO Party (as it now stands) the quislings, sellouts, and DINO politicians must be weeded-out.

The last two mid-term elections were evidence of the failure of those policies and supposed leadership. The Obama admn was likewise a failure and sellout to banker/wall street profits above people, the for-profit “healthcare” industry, and MICC “security” state - a return to the DLC Clinton self-interest triangulation scam/corruption. That was finished-off by the party coronation of HRC and sabotage of Bernie Sanders (and our future) with the obvious consequences.
Yes, applaud true progressive champions but rid the party of sellout “centrists” and neo-liberal failures. The future is (had better be!) the Sanders Wing and issues, and not continuation of the Bill & Hill - Obama show…


In order to achieve that, the scorecard provided in the article here…: “Releasing a scorecard of congressional “champions” on Friday” …gives you an excellent tool to look up how your Rep. performed and it enables you to act accordingly.
It is not a subjective judgement of your Rep’s performance, but simply an accounting of which people’s initiatives they supported and which not.
As well it is very effectively presented and should be kept as a reference.
Because it is not ‘clickable’ directly from my quote in this post, here is the link:


I didn’t see that in any wording of the bills, but certainly climate change remediation and adaptation would be legislation the Progressives would acknowledge must be addressed now. And, permanent global war is absolutely linked to man-made catastrophes and climate change.
The $15 an hour minmum wage could be adjusted by region. It is tied to a yearly COLA, which itself needs to be revisited and revised, to help those living on SS, et al. That is all tied together in a new progressive tax code and with new tax laws, too.
The MIC spending/budgets on preparations for endless global war, and the Police and Security State spending here at home, are certainly linked. We’d need a certain type of political critical mass with any party/organization to dramatically alter the trajectory of those giant gov’t slush funds.
Keeping score now requires constantly getting a larger score card, as well. So it goes…

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Even as centrist as most of the bills seem to be, there are only 25 dems who could bring themselves to sign onto all of the bills in the Summer of Progress litmus test. Sad.


Just what the hell is “Progressive”? The corporatists of both duopoly parties are letting this question pass without scrutiny. Just why so? BECAUSE? BECAUSE! No fear! This word “Progressive”, garners no fear from the greed-head bankster class. Why so? When no one stands-up and defines what the hell “Progressive” means and catapults it over and over again - makes it invisible. NO ONE, except once, Paul Jay (The Real News Network) over a month or so ago, on a round-table discussion with colleague Aaron Mate, Paul when pressured for a definition said, “All in. No one out” - I use it all the time, since! I LIKE IT. I’ve never heard him say again. Has making crystal clear what our words mean gone toxic? Election 2020 needs a clear “20-20 Vision” or We the People will be in shackles or worse - living in a climate catastrophe future that we just let happen because a few morons with authority and cash told us to shut-up and we did.

“Progressive”: as in “All in. No one out” - SAYS IT RIGHT! But alas I never hear it uttered again! We the People really want N.I.M.A., “National Improved Medicare for All”. Will someone please, next time, elucidate, when using “Progressive”? Use quotation marks.

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I’ll gladly “Appluad” (sic) progressive champions when and as they arise. But my bar is a lot higher than those who are pushing the “People’s Platform”. A 100% score on this slate should be a minimum achievement for anyone calling themselves a Democrat.

But what really irks me is the suggestion (in its name) that this modest set of bills somehow constitutes the “PEOPLE’S” platform? It’s seriously limited in its scope and some of the bills offer the typical modest incrementalism instead of any systemic change. When, for example, will we address American imperialism and militarism, the driving of national trade policies by private interest groups, the subsidies of fossil fuels and the destruction of democracy by concentrated capital that sets up all the conditions that necessitate these reactive bills?

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The list should include Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill to abolish the Electoral College. We can’t afford to ignore the EC during the off season only to have it raise its ugly head again during another election.

In the last election (2016) the Electoral College gave the presidency to Trump based on less than 80,000 votes in 3 counties east of the Mississippi before California’s votes were even counted.

In other words, the nation’s most populous state with the world’s 6th largest economy had no say in who their President would be. That’s neither a democracy nor a republic no matter how one defines them.

It’s time to abolish the undemocratic, divisive, archaic Electoral College.


When using the word progressive to define political policies I’d offer this: is a $15 minimum wage more progressive than a $10 minimum wage? Is Sanders’ Medicare-for-All more progressive than Obama’s ACA? Is LGBTQ equality more progressive than Focus on the Family’s discriminatory and bigoted attempt to criminalize those legal rights? And, on and on, it would go…
From there it’s pretty easy to get to your " All in, nobody left out " moral and progressive cry in the current political wilderness.