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Applying for a US Visa? Better Watch What You Post


Applying for a US Visa? Better Watch What You Post

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the president continues to go to bat for his Muslim ban, the Trump administration has put in place a new questionnaire for visa applicants, which critics say will enable discriminatory profiling and chill free speech.


Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft is not happy about this BS nor are any of the tech giants CEO’s who rely heavily on foreign professionals in their industry.

And I thought that Alberto Gonzales was bad…McGahn beats him by 8 furlongs!


Big Brother is watching you, and recording you. Anything you have ever said or done will be used against you.


Are they counting news/opinion site or newspaper website commenting sections as a “social media platform”? I’d sure be sunk if I had to list those!

In the old days all a visiting foreigner had to do is simply swear that they were never a member of any communist or other such “un-American” organization. Of course many visitors (including a local Leninist activist I know on a H1B visa) simply lie.


We have finally crossed the line into a police state. We can actually blame the flaw in our arcane election system.
POPULAR VOTE: Clinton 65,844,610 other 7,804,213= 73,648,823…Trump 62,979,636
The argument is over. The electoral college system is flawed and has served its purpose by destroying our Democracy. I once heard a supreme court justice say that: "Democracies can’t survive stupidity". We are there.


I think the whole system was set up to prevent one state (like CA) to elect the :President Clinton had 3mill extra votes. 4million + were in CA.


I bet you didn’t know about this:


Just in case there’s any confusion: the USPS takes a picture of every piece of mail that’s being delivered to you.


If they ask for my posts, fine, let them kick me out. I’ll move to France. This f**cking country sucks anyway. I can’t wait to get kicked out. So come and get me!


Future HUAC?


I didn’t know about this, but I was informed quite a while ago that USPS took pictures of all packages which then were forwarded to NSA, I think it was.


More crap to load up your inbox that will need deleting if you accept the service.


I’d imagine that anything truly subversive would not be said on social media anyway - the question then is what is considered subversive in an overwhelmingly passive and obedient population? That is what scares me.

This is just another drop in the cascade of security state harassment . We all know deep down that it has nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with slowly tightening the screws on the civil rights of American people and utterly doing away with the human rights of foreigners. These things have to be done incrementally in order to maintain the illusion.

I left the US three years ago. My biggest fear is having to move back and having to raise my son there.


Get out if you can. It was the best decision I ever made. Once you step outside of it, you begin to really see how bizarre, scary and out of control things have become.


Just as Hitler enabled Germany’s brain drain that gave the US many top scientists, part of Trump’s killing geese that lay golden eggs program is the exodus from the US of many scientists and other intellectuals who know that the Goebbels playbook Trump has adopted includes ever expanding persecution of people who value evidence over faith.


This is Big Brother!?! This is a police state?

You’ve obviously never applied for an advanced security clearance in the US. 15 years, every address and every job. Plus the contact information of someone who knew you at each address/job. Medical information, including mental health treatments. It can take days or weeks to fill out the damned forms, and then you get to do the interviews.

So what, you say. Getting a clearance is a voluntary thing. No one is forcing me to go through this soul-baring and brain-wracking process.

Getting a resident visa for coming to the US is also completely voluntary. Getting a visa, like getting a clearance, is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t want to give the required information, then stay where you are.


That said, I receive so damn much junk mail from groups with their hands out begging for donations in just a week that the data would take up a large chunk in a cloud! Thankful that it can be recycled.