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Approval of GMO Imports Moves EU 'Closer to Monsanto'


Approval of GMO Imports Moves EU 'Closer to Monsanto'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The European Union's executive body on Friday approved the import of 19 genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sparking criticism from environmental advocates who say the action is a gift to corporations and a slap in the face to democracy.


At a time when the health and ecological harms of GMOs are becoming ever more clear after years of outright lies, FUD and stonewalling, and the economic harms are becoming more obvious with experience. (concentration of wealth and more concentrated control of the food supply, destruction of small farms and farmers, destruction of rural communities and economies, destruction of democracy, swelling of the flood of refugees to cities and rich countries and more) what’s the excuse for this? We know what the reason is, but for the corporations, captured agencies and owned governments to admit that would end the industry.

With no upside–no benefits in the arenas that were the excuses used to push GMOs through the door people have strained to shut, such as the lie of “feeding the world” this is an act of madness. Everything good GMOs can do, sort of, organic permaculture does better and with more resilience, healthier democracy, fewer harmful inputs and more carbon sequestration.


All domesticated plant and animal species are genetically modified organisms. If you have a pet dog, it is a genetically modified wolf. Do you actually think the fact humans domesticated plant and animal species thousands of years ago has harmed the environment? If you don’t want to eat genetically modified organisms, you will have to hunt wild game and collect wild plants to eat.


It’s a very old and hundred thousand-times-debunked lie to equate profit-motivated corporate gene splicing with the slow, patient and careful work of hundreds of generations breeding plants and animals. It’s a despicable post and you should retract it and apologize.


All domesticated plant and animal species are genetically modified organisms. If you have a pet dog, it is a genetically modified wolf.

Domestication was a process of hybridization. Hybridization happens naturally too, and is not the same as genetically modifying organisms in laboratories. Europeans have made it pretty clear a number of times that they don’t want Monsanto’s GMOs in their food, which should be the end of the story. This commission just overruled them.

Democracy cannot function in a capitalist state where it is next impossible to make corporations accountable and responsible for their actions. The conclusion of this article hit the nail on the head. This is only a taste of what we can expect if the TPP and TTIP pass.


It’s not the fact that the organisms are Genetically-modified that’s the problem, it’s that they are patented by Monsanto! If they replace naturally-produced, unpatented foods, then we are giving big business control of our food supply!!!


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Goofar is either a complete idiot or a shill for GMO and Monsanto. Oh I am repeating myself!! No-one with even a modicum of common sense could make such an asinine post. Big money lobbying and behind the scene payoffs (there I go repeating myself again) are the only reason such decisions are made.


I totally agree with Goofar. In fact, the breeding of the different classes of dogs, although considered as natural, is horrible. People say that is a slow process and, that’s why there’s no matter. But, that process has caused important illnesses in dogs, even there are dogs that are not able to give birth by themselves alone but need the help of a veterinary surgeon. How can be this explained by natural selection?

I don’t think GMO are harmful, I mean, depends on the gene that you introduce. But if you do a survey, an important percentage of society will tell you they don’t eat genes. So a part of the people who is against GMOs will say that by simple populism. But I don’t want to say that all GMOs are bad. Generally, there are important constraints to vend a GMO, specially in Europe, and it’s needed to do a lot of experiments to ensure that the product is sure. A lot of experiments that are not needed for selling common products that can be obtained in supermarkets, but that can contain a lot of preservatives, colourants, etc.

And also, people complain about GMOs, but insulin is made by genetically-modified Escherichia coli, because this permits to obtain it massively and cheaply, instead of extract it from animals. Other example is plants that are genetically-modified to express antibodies proteins, for example, antibodies against ebola. In addition, genetics has been used for genetic therapy, for example, for replacing mutated genes in ill childs, like bubble children. And recently I heard about a CRISPR-based method to cure HIV illness, so…

I think that we have to carefully manage the GMO and do the appropiate tests to ensure that it’s healthy or at least, so healthy as common products that we buy each day, but I think that we have not to be against GMOs.


The big problem is economic: TTIP will allow Monsanto and others to claim patents on european seeds,
even on species that are cultuvated from ages long before America was discovered…
So, farmers that will select their own seeds, a thing established by all European laws, could be heavily fined
How we shall deal with that ?


Do you wish to know what future is prepared for GM imports in Europe? Familiarize yourself with this curious information
h t t p s :// www . indymedia . org . uk /en/2015/05/520372 . html
Thus, I’m fully with those, who call for EU-wide ban on GMO sale and use (in particular, products of such US biotech giants as Monsanto and DuPont) in the EU as a whole
march-against-monsanto . com