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Arara People of Brazilian Amazon 'Very Worried' as Vulnerable Tribe Faces Highest Known Covid-19 Infection Rate in Region

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/arara-people-brazilian-amazon-very-worried-vulnerable-tribe-faces-highest-known


The western powers have marginalized incredibly successfully, so successfully in fact that, now faced with the consequences, all that has been “marginalized” so that you DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT, is precisely what is needed. All of the peoples who have been marginalized for plunder, ARE OUR TEACHERS.

Work to support and protect Indigenous Peoples.
In Lah’ke = I am another yourself
Ubuntu = I am because you are

Wade Davis | The Forest Within



Wade Davis is a good story teller. Thank you

There are many ways to form a conversation of plant and earth information. The earth is the source. Finding a place that is not disrupted is beneficial. Being still in an ancient forest is more information than a lot of people can process. Probably like being in NYC for the first time would be but in a different way.

“We are in a daily battle to survive, not only Covid-19, but the dismantling of laws; the halting of the demarcation and protection of our territories; the targeting of our lands and our lives; the assassinations of our leaders; the anti-Indigenous legislative measures of the federal government,” COIAB added."

How can these people fight all these atrocities?

The lungs of the Earth have antibodies,
they are the indigenous humans that have evolved with the worlds richest biodiversity.

The lungs of the Earth have a cancer. This cancer has metastasized in every level of life it could extract profit from.

A virus that wants only one thing, everything.

Genocide is happening NOW - in addition to the murder of “The Lungs of the Earth” - Amazonia! The right-wing scum bolsonaro’s plan is to destroy the Amazon as a critical world heritage natural reserve - to deforest and exploit, giving crony corporations advantage. The burning is out of control as is the ethnic cleansing - murders, death by Covid-19 - perhaps intentionally spread.

Why doesn’t someone whack that rotting scumbag before he destroys Brazil and Amazonia and the Arara, as well as all other First People’s who have lived for millennia in Amazonia! ALL tribes must have title conferred to protect ancestral lands - bolsonaro is committing Crimes Against Humanity!